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It can be difficult getting kids away from the video games and television, especially during the summer. I know in my experience, sometimes my own kids don’t even know what to do when I send them outside to play: “But Mom, there’s nothing to do outside!”

It seems technology has been doing a lot of the thinking for us. Have our kids lost the ability to use imagination? When I was a kid, I’d eat my bowl of cereal and be out the door until it was dinner time. I’d check in with my Mom here and there and stop in to get a snack, but otherwise, I was outside. The neighborhood kids and I would ride our bikes and play all sorts of games all day long. Now, it’s so boring outside!

No way! There is so much to do outdoors! Here are some fun suggestions to get the kids outside: create a nature scavenger hunt, pitch a tent in the back yard, draw with sidewalk chalk, go on a nature hike, cool off with water balloon fights, have kids design and set up a good old fashioned lemonade stand (hint, make the lemonade free and ask for tips!), create an outdoor obstacle course (you can even create a bicycle obstacle course!), do some backyard nature painting, have a neighborhood parade where kids can dress up and decorate their bikes.

Activity in the summer months is so important. Not only does summer activity cure boredom, but it also encourages imagination and promotes a healthy lifestyle. We live in one of the most beautiful states in the country.

Encourage your kids to go explore it!

Kyra Arnold
Colorado Karate Club

Colorado Karate Club

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Colorado Karate Club