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Offered by Raegan Clemens, Majestic Materials

Summertime is here and the products are hot at Majestic Materials! Since opening our doors a few months ago, we have expanded our selection and refined our displays. If you haven’t made it by to visit, you are missing out on great deals. Our competitive prices will be sure to put a smile on your face. We not only stock your landscape materials, but we now carry various accessories to make your trip to Majestic a one stop shop. We have adhesives, landscape fabric, pins and edging in numerous sizes and styles.

Some of our top selling products are high in quality and low in price. Mulch is one of the most widely used landscape material available. The variety of mulch colors complement our other product nicely, making the perfect addition to any space, large or small. The best part is, mulch is low cost and easy to install. Our Majestic Mulch colors include natural, light brown, dark brown, and red. Mulch, in any color, is a great choice for retaining moisture in the soil that lays below. This promotes plant growth where you want it, while suppressing weeds in those places you need it most.

Another popular choice among our customers is our ¾”- 1 ½” Red Rock. This decorative rock is so versatile, it can be used virtually anywhere. Many customers prefer rock as opposed to other landscape materials, due to its minimal maintenance factor. Decorative rock is a natural accent that can withstand all types of weather. Living in Colorado, we all know the weather can change in the blink of an eye. Red Rock is a durable and classic choice. Be sure to check out our other options including the Majestic Blend, for a more colorful accent.

Needing some soil? We have that, too! Our planter’s mix makes a popular choice for raised garden beds and planters. Combining 50% compost and 50% topsoil makes the perfect nutrient- dense all-purpose mix. Our other soils include topsoil, screened topsoil, amended topsoil, and compost. Ask our sales associate for suggestions if you need to know what the best choice is for your project.

Majestic wants you to get the materials you need when you need them. Whether it’s rock, soil, mulch, or recycled asphalt, we can deliver it right to you. Call for the delivery fees in your area. Need help figuring out how much you need? Refer to our coverage chart on our price list. It can also be found on our website:

Remember we are here for any and all of your landscape material needs. Go Majestic for variety and value!

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