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Offered by Dr. Jim Campbell

NOW THAT MEMORIAL DAY is passed, summer is underway. By the end of this month half of 2017 will be over. Is anyone else feeling that their “To Do Lists” aren’t keeping pace with the time that’s racing by? That feeling is the most common reason for being overwhelmed in our lives. Stress is rampant. We have so much to accomplish all the time. We rarely take the time to put ourselves first.

So many of us have waited through all those cold Colorado months to get to this warm part of the year when we can peel all the layers off and enjoy being outside in shirtsleeves and shorts as we go about getting things “done”. It’s also the golden time of the year with opportunities to enjoy the sunshine and make plans and accept invitations to barbecues, reunions, corporate parties, family get-togethers, hike, bike or go to a pool to relax.

It’s easy to stay indoors when the weather is bad and it’s easy not to accept invitations then for the same reason. But now, is anything holding you back? Do you FEEL like going out and taking part in Summer Fun? Do you have pain that holds you back? Do you wish you had gotten in better shape for your summer clothes?

The name of our clinic is Beyond Basic Health and true to the name we chose, we go beyond ordinary solutions as far as your health and wellbeing are concerned. We are a Cold Laser enhanced Chiropractic healthcare office specializing in using painless, non-invasive leading edge technology to help you feel and look better so you can enjoy your life more.

We are passionate about helping you get out of whatever pain you are in. We have over 30 years in practice, 2,000+ hours of post graduate study and an open mind toward brand new solutions to help you feel and look better.

GOT PAIN? Our Violet/Red Cold Laser can help with that!
GOT EXCESS FAT? Our Zerona Z-6 whole body laser can help with that! (See our Zerona Z-6 ad in the June edition of The Brighton Buzz)

Both are completely painless and non-invasive with no cutting, no bruising, no downtime.

Call for your FREE CONSULTATION with us. You are unique, we don’t do “cookie cutter” treatment plans. We decide about treatments WITH you not FOR you. DON’T LIVE WITH PAIN

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Beyond Basic Health