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Offered by: Heidi Anderson, Zing Specialist at Brighton Clinic of Chiropractic

My entire life I have had seasonal allergies, some in the spring but mostly in the fall. Every autumn as the trees turned colors and the beautiful shades of orange and yellow emerged, so did the horrid sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes begin. For me, it took a very hard snow to end the cycle of Kleenex grabbing. Even a light snow would not do it, until the ground was frozen solid, my allergies persisted.

Then, I met Dr. Anderson. I met him in the winter of 2012 so the following fall when it all began again, he suggested I try supplements. I was skeptical. I wanted the fast acting, caffeine induced fix that my over-the-counter stuff would give me. Besides, it was what I was used to. Nothing works permanently, right? Or we would all know about it, wouldn’t we?

Well, I am a fan of alternatives that don’t have side effects and decided to give it a try. He had me take two different supplements 3x a day. Which I also was not used to. That season went on and I battled the daily sneezing, watery eyes, and red nose, but it seemed better.

It was the next spring, and especially fall, that I discovered a miracle had occurred! Autumn arrived and my seasonal allergies did not! I was not miserable, I was not single handedly supporting the tissue industry. I didn’t have horrid fall allergies that year.

That was 9 years ago. To this day, I only have light or no allergies at all. I continue to marvel over this when I think of how bad my fall life used to be. I continue to take much smaller doses as needed of the supplements he suggested.

Right now, our beautiful Colorado springtime is full of blossoming plants, trees and grasses with aggressive pollens that attack our immune systems. There is help! Dr. Anderson does more than spinal adjusting chiropractic, he addresses many other health issues, like seasonal allergies. Give Brighton Clinic of Chiropractic a call to schedule a consultation to discuss how supplements can help what may be ailing you.

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