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Offered by Tim Roberts, Edward Jones

Edward Jones - March 2018

We’ve enjoyed a long bull market. But when it starts losing steam, you, as an investor, need to be prepared. Consider these ideas:

First, you may want to think about fixed-income vehicles, such as bonds, which can help reduce your portfolio’s vulnerability to market downturns.

Second, look at international investments. When the U.S. markets are down, others around the world may be up. Of course, international investments carry some special risks, such as currency fluctuation and foreign political and economic events.

Finally, develop a strategy that could help you capitalize on short-term market drops. For example, if you invest the same amount of money in the same investments at regular intervals, your money will buy more shares when prices are down. However, this technique won’t guarantee profits or protect against all losses, and you need to be willing to keep investing when share prices are

By making the right moves, you can keep moving toward your goals – even when the bull market has taken a breather.

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