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Offered by: Kelly Fausey, CPNP- Brighton Pediatrics, P.C.

As nice weather is approaching and we are starting to prepare for the upcoming summer months, many families are thinking about getting a healthier lifestyle.  is is especially important for the pediatric population due the rapid rise of obesity in children. By maintaining a healthy weight during childhood and adolescence it promotes good growth and development into adulthood.

Healthy eating habits are a good way to start maintaining a healthy weight for your children. Start with encouraging plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low fat and nonfat milk/dairy products, lean meats such as fish, poultry and protein sources like lentils and beans. As a family, try to avoid sugary drinks such as soda, pops, juices, Kool-Aid, sweet tea and limit sugar and saturated fats. (CDC. gov). Instead promote plenty of water.

As a family, staying active and limiting screen time is also beneficial in maintaining a healthy weight for children. By staying active, children develop bone strength, have a decrease risk for high blood pressure, stress, and anxiety, and boost their self-esteem ( It is recommended that children are active at least 60 minutes per day and limit screen time (video games/tablets/phone time and TV watching) to 2 hours per day. Encourage family walks or time at the park each day with your children. In addition, getting an adequate amount of sleep helps maintain a healthy body weight for children. It is recommended that school children get at least 10-13 hours of sleep at night and teens 8-10 hours per night ( Enjoy the springtime with your family and working towards maintaining a healthier lifestyle of nutritional eating habits, increased activity, and plenty of sleep to promote a healthy weight for your children.

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