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Offered by Susan Kline – The Brighton Buzz

Susan Kline

It’s amazing that we’re already putting together the March issue! Time waits for no one. These first few months of 2020 seem to have sped by and we’ve gotten many reminders it’s still winter with our sporadic snow storms that happen more often than I’d like. A friend stopped the other day to say that this winter has seemed like an unfinished conversation when one more thought arises. That put the next flurries in perspective for me! Let’s hope the final word comes soon!

I’ve decided to share a March happening that may make a difference in how we view the month of March. It could be a turning point for us!

Daylight Saving Time will begin at 2 AM on March 8th and end at 2 AM on November 1st.

One drawback…
When the clocks move forward in the spring, you’ll be robbed of an hour of sleep. That night, you may not be able to fall into your normal sleep rhythms an hour earlier than you’re used to, and you won’t get as much quality sleep as you need.

But the urge to Spring Forward not only happens with how we view our days time-wise; there seems to be an infusion of growth and excitement awaiting warmer weather and the outdoor activities we all enjoy so much. We have seen an influx of new advertisers and are happy to share them with you in this issue. There are a number of activities coming up that also get us in the mood for Spring. Those are shared as well on these pages.

We are sending our St. Patrick’s Day Good Luck your way in many of the coupons the advertisers have chosen to offer. Take time to read about all that’s happening in this “Buzzing” Northeastern Metro Area!

Have a wonderful March,