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Spring has arrived and for most families this means enjoying more recreational activities outside. April is also the start of many outdoor sports and recreational time for children. In gearing up for spring sports, parents need to be aware of ways to prevent sports and recreational injuries for their children.

Teaching bike safety and having their child wear a correctly fitted bike helmet is a good start in preventing head injuries. For team sports ensure proper gear is fitted correctly such as wrist guards, knee and elbow pads and helmets. Incorrect fitting (such as loose padding or clothing) can increase the risk of injury. With the changing temperature outside ensure that children are well hydrated and protected from extreme temperatures such as cold Colorado mornings and the hot afternoon sun. It is important to have a discussion with your child’s coach on what action plan is in place to lower concussions and risks for other injuries.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention Heads Up program provides coaches with education on head injuries and concussion action plans. This can be found at . Brighton Pediatrics would like you enjoy the spring sports with keeping safety in mind for your children and families.

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