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Offered by Tax Smart, LLC

aae_solar_logoHave you ever heard of a Win-Win-Win-Win situation? Well, this is it! Very few people have taken advantage of the HUGE 30% Federal Tax Credit for installing a solar energy system on their home. You may have thought it was too expensive, but the truth is that it is too expensive NOT to install one. A properly installed system can save you thousands of dollars over buying electricity from the power company.

AAE Solar, located in Boulder is offering a high quality system with 0% down that will offset your current electric bill. You’ll also get a 30% tax credit and a rebate from your local power company if installed this year (WIN)! You will actually SAVE money over the life of the system (WIN). It will increase the value of your home (WIN). And the power company is required to buy back any excess energy you create (WIN AGAIN)!

Tax Smart recommends finding out more about this valuable commodity which can help off set your tax liability. Don’t give all your money to the IRS and Power Company.

Call us today to find out more about the tax credits at 303-731-1021 or to find out more about how a solar energy system can save AND make you money, call Nicole Moore at 720-641-3031.

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