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Offered by Brighton Attorney Gregory R. McMahon

Summer is in full swing and there are many things happening in our community right now, including a lot of highway construction. These speed limits are as I write this article in late July and based on my own personal knowledge having driven these roads and defended clients charged with speeding.

  • School will open soon. The speed limit in almost every school zone is 20 MPH and fines double. How would you like it if someone was speeding in a school zone knowing that it could be your son or daughter in danger?
  • As mentioned, there is construction work everywhere, you must pay close attention to the speed limit signs as fines also double for speeding in a construction zone. For now, the speed limit is a strict 35 MPH for those of you heading on Sable Highway/Route 2 towards Commerce City in either direction.
  • Many of you use the E-470 exit. The speed limit is 35 MPH the entire time you are on the exit until your enter E-470 or Highway 85, depending on which way you’re heading. However, that is being widely ignored and too many drivers are showing no regard for the safety of others. I can say that I’ve been tailgated, passed on the interchange when there was no room, and been a victim of road rage simply because I was obeying the law by NOT speeding. Not only is this dangerous, but it’s foolish. Is it really worth it to injure or kill someone to save a few seconds? And that’s all you’re accomplishing. How many seconds are you willing to save if it means that you may kill an entire family?
  • If you are you on E-470 and exit Pena Blvd eastbound to the Airport, the speed limit drops immediately from 75 to 50. The police are waiting and it you are caught going over the speed limit by 20 MPH or more that’s 6 points on your license.

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