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Offered by Debra Campbell, D.O., Premier Pediatrics

Sleep issues are a common complaint with children. The main concern is usually the time it takes to fall asleep. Most sleep initiation issues are resolved with good sleep hygiene. It is important to keep kids on a good schedule, having a set bedtime that does not vary much from day to day.

Parents often want to let their children sleep-in on weekends and vacations, but for children with sleep issues, that may negatively affect their ability to fall asleep at night. The other main problem we see is too much screen time close to bedtime. Screen time includes tablets, phones, computers, video games and TV. Children may need up to 2 hours without screen time prior to bed for good sleep initiation. Normally, starting with 30 minutes and then increasing as needed, is a good approach. Having wind-down time is also important. Reading in bed is often the best method to fall asleep quickly. Playing soft music or white noise may also be beneficial.

Sleep Concerns in Childhood | Premier Pediatrics

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