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Offered by Scott and Laura Nordby, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

As we all know, home is where the heart is – whether it’s a cozy little casa or a sprawling mansion. Here are five ways to show your home some affection:

  1. Add some color. Use flowers to brighten a main room or split them up among tiny vases placed throughout your home. You can go for the classic red roses, or any bouquet (pro-tip: simple bouquets tend to last a little longer). A throw pillow or a stylish vase can add some color too! If your pocketbook can accommodate something a little bigger, consider replacing a piece of furniture or splurging on a dramatic new piece of art.
  2. Do a makeover. Rearrange your living space. Take your photos down and put them back up in a different way. Even your furniture can be adjusted to freshen up your perspective. You could end up feeling as if you have a brand-new home.
  3. Brighten it up. A tried-and-true way to spruce up your home is to switch out the color palette. Paint a bathroom if you’d like to start small, or go for a whole room or even the kitchen cabinets if you’re feeling brave. They make do-it-yourself resurfacing kits for kitchen cabinets and counters if you’re looking for a weekend project.
  4. Get to know your humble abode. It’s worth knowing the value of your home. Call your REALTOR® and ask for a home valuation. This free, no-obligation report will give you a excellent snapshot of the health of your financial investment.
  5. Start on your spring cleaning. Do a room-by-room purge. File paperwork, and shred paperwork you don’t need any longer. Clear out things that weigh down the space, you don’t use, or are broken/worn. Donate what you can, and toss what isn’t valuable. Without pulling out even one single disinfecting wipe, you can empty the clutter and give yourself more space to breathe.

Showing your home some love is as good as showing yourself some love. If you’re not sure what your Home is worth, call us! We can offer you a home valuation that’ll show the financial health of your home, without any obligation. Call us today at 720-371-6733 and get your questions answered!

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