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Offered by: Scott & Lora Nordby – Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Most people think Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season. For many, the holidays begin with Halloween. With costume parties, fun decorations for trick or treaters, autumn and Thanksgiving themes, and Christmas coming up, check out these tips for listing your home during the entire holiday season!

Don’t Scare Home Shoppers

Let’s face it, the list of phobias range from the obvious to the more obscure. When you list your home around Halloween, focus on more treats and less tricks. Pumpkins, happy witches, and even cute little ghouls are appropriate. Avoid any decoration that may spook your buyer. Remember, less is more!

Clear a Path

Whether it’s pumpkins, hay bales, or Christmas trees, ensure a path to your home is accessible. Remember that while snow may delay its appearance until December (weather in Colorado can be unpredictable!), it may also fall mid-October. Make a good impression by keeping the walkways clutter-free and safe in any condition.

Be Timely with Your Decor

Each holiday has an expiration date. While you can certainly decorate before each holiday, be timely in taking down any decorations after the holiday ends. Coming into a home that is still decorated for Halloween in mid-November may lead the home shoppers to think more about your décor and less about the home you’re selling.

Don’t Skip the Staging

During the peak buying season, competition is fierce and tight between buyers. Things can sometimes move at a slower pace during the off-season. Talk with your REALTOR® about staging and how to include your holiday decorations in the staging strategy.

Take Your Advice from Experts

REALTORS® have seen it all, so they know exactly what to do to get your home sold as quickly as possible to the best buyer. There are a number of things to consider when you list your home. Talking to a real estate professional gives you the best chance to reach your goals.

There are still plenty of home buyers in the marketplace at the end of the year. If you want to get your home listed, or have questions about the process, call us at 303-638-6229. We can answer your questions and help you plan what’s next for your home and your family.