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Selling your home is a big deal. More than likely it was your biggest investment when you purchased it, and now you are letting that go and more than likely making a larger investment. Whatever the case may be it will be emotional. That is why I have joked with many of my agents that often your job as a Realtor is to be a good therapist. So, what are these emotions:

EXCITEMENT = Hooray! We are selling our home and moving to our dream home.
ANXIETY = Will anyone want our home? Are we asking too much?
DELIGHT = This is our house? Who knew staging could make it look so great.
DISAPPOINTMENT = Nooo! This is all someone thinks our house is worth? Will we get a better off er?
ELATION = Hooray! We have accepted an off er. We’re going to move!
WORRY = What if it doesn’t appraise? What if the inspection goes bad?
RELIEF = Sold! Phew! The selling process is behind us.
SADNESS = Our time in this home is really over. We’re walking away from so many great memories.
JOY = It’s really done! On to our future!

All I can say is enjoy the ride. Selling your home and the emotions it brings is very much like life. . . . the ups and the downs.

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