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Offered by: Susan Kline

Susan Kline

This Summer has gone by so quickly and we’re already nearing the time when the kids in the area will be Back to School. Between vacations, camping trips, sporting events, and generally enjoying being outside, it seems like there’s never enough time for all our summer activities. A good thought might be to think about making the most of August. Whether you make a list of new things to do or just enjoy more what you are doing, you can cherish these remaining summer days.

Our North Eastern Metro area just continues to grow. There is such possibility for all of us in that growth. Read through this issue seeing what’s new on the horizon and how our resources have expanded with the growing population. We appreciate the new advertisers we’ve gained and hope that you use them for all of your needs.

Our amazing Farmer’s Markets are coming into Harvest time so don’t miss the opportunity to have outstanding produce on your table every night. Palizzi Farm, our cover advertiser is having their Corn & Chili Harvest Event from August 30th – September 2nd. Stop by and enjoy the delicious food, entertainment and fireworks on Sunday, Sept. 1st. Most of all, treat yourself to some Summer Fun!

All The Best To You This August!