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At our Karate school, just as with most Traditional Karate dojos, students recite the Dojo-Kun, or “rules of the training hall”, at the end of class. The Dojo Kun begins with the phrase “Seek Perfection of Character.”

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So this past week I asked our newer students what did it mean to “Seek Perfection of Character”? The discussion went as follows:

Me: What does it mean to seek perfection of character?

Students: To be good, to do your best, to be kind to others.

Me: Well, those are positive things, but who knows what is Character?

Students: It’s a person…. It’s who we are.

Me: Very good, you see, character are the qualities, habits, how we act, and all the little “things” that make us who we are. Now, are these character qualities, these habits, always good?

Students: No, they can be bad too.

Me: That is correct, we can have parts of our character that are good, and some that are not so good, and some that may be bad. But, can we change our character?

Students: Yes!

Me: That’s right, we can always get better, and be better. But is this only for Karate?

Students: No.

Me: Correct, of course we must get better at Karate, but where else can we get better?

Students: At home… At school… At the grocery store… With our friends…

Me: That’s right, we must try to improve and be a better person everywhere we go. And little by little our character, who we are will be better. That’s what it means to seek perfection of character.

Even as adults, sometimes, we forget that growth does not end when we stop getting taller, or that learning is not finished when we graduate from school. So we like to remind our students of all ages that in the martial arts, and life in general, it is like pushing a cart uphill, we are seldom sitting still, either we are moving forward, or we’re sliding back.

Therefore, having the mentality to always look for ways to do better and to be better, will keep us consistently moving forward. That’s what I wish for our students and for you.

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