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Offered by Willy Strohmeier, Colorado Karate Club

It was the 9th grade at my all-boys school many years ago. I don’t remember many things, but this one incident, I remember quite well. A classmate was returning to his desk from getting his graded paper from the teacher. A confident young man, good in sports, but who happened to walk pigeon toed. As he walked back to his desk, some boys blurted out jokes about his “funny walk”. I thought it funny too, so I joined in, repeating the things I heard them say.

Although he ignored everyone else, he stopped by my desk and said calmly: “Willy, I have no problem with you, why are you bothering me?” At that moment, I was embarrassed, ashamed of myself, and never forgot the moment. I realized that I was acting like a bully, even though I never thought of myself as one. I thought that I knew better, but I guess I had forgotten, just to be part of the crowd.

Many of our children encounter situations like this every day, either as the bully, the victim, or as a bystander. It is our duty to help them choose what is right. Or just as with me to remind them…

As an adolescent I was glad to be reminded:

  • “Don’t be a bully and never join them”.
  • “If you see someone being bullied, don’t stand by, stand up for yourself and for others.”

There is always something you can do when you see bullying! Together lets end it!

As member of Martial Artists Against Bullying, our school will host a Free Anti-Bullying Community event September 24th to reserve your spot call (303)659-9200. Space is limited.

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