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Offered by: Mackenzie Reshew, CPNP – Brighton Pediatrics, P.C.

During this time of year, many kids spend more time indoors instead of playing outside due to the colder weather and earlier sunsets. With increased time spent indoors many families may find their time spent on electronic devices increasing. It is important for kids to have limits and supervision with their screen time. Parents should be aware of what shows or movies are watched, what internet sites are accessed, and what information is shared on social media.

One way to monitor these is only allowing screen time – TV, computer, tablet, phones to be used in common areas like the living room or kitchen. Parents should become familiar with the shows, games, and social media sites before allowing their child or teen access to them. Electronic use in the hour prior to bed can also negatively affect a child’s quality and ease of sleep. Instead, this is a good time to encourage relaxing activities such as reading, coloring, journaling, stretching or talking with your child to catch up on their day. It is also recommended to set limits on the amount of daily screen time. For school-aged kids it is typically recommended to limit screens to 2 hours or less.

If you have any questions or concerns about screen time please feel free to reach out to your child’s primary care provider.

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