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Offered by: Mackenzie Seibert, CPNP, – Brighton Pediatrics

With the colder temperatures of winter, many kids and teens are spending more time indoors. This often leads to more time spent in front of the TV or other electronics. It is important for parents to monitor and limit the screen time that their kids have. Parents should be aware of what shows or movies are being watched, what internet sites are being accessed, and what information is being shared on social media. One way to be aware of this is by having TVs, computers, or tablets only used in common family areas such as the living room or the kitchen. Since smart phones provide easy access to the internet, parents should also routinely check their child’s cellphone activity.

Parents should become familiar with the shows, games, and social media sites before allowing their child or teen access to them. Screen use in the hour prior to bed can also negatively affect a child’s quality and ease of sleep. Instead, this is a good time to encourage reading or talking with your child to catch up on their day. With increased screen time, many kids and teens are not as active as they may be during the warmer seasons. It is recommended to set a daily screen time allowance, such as 2 hours or less, for school-aged kids and older. Limiting screen time can also help promote less sedentary activities and make sure other responsibilities are taken care of.

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