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Did you know that much like other insurance coverage, it can be beneficial to review Medicare coverage annually?

  • Make a note, October 15 – December 7, Annual Enrollment Period
  • Update your medications, your costs next year depend on the formulary for your plan.
  • Make a list of questions you have about your coverage.
  • Check the benefits of your current coverage –
    • Schedule preventive care soon to avoid delays near year end.
    • Are you maximizing rewards and benefits you get with your current coverage? (often benefits are left unused or unclaimed)
  • Is there coverage you are missing or may want for the coming year?
  • Watch for the Annual Notice of Changes – (For Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans) – Review changes in coverage or costs
  • Did you have a surprise that you were not expecting after the last Annual Enrollment Period, plan to avoid that this year!
  • If you have Plan C, Plan F or High F, Colorado regulatory changes offer you options you may want to learn about for 2021.
  • Just simply want to gain knowledge and understand Medicare better?
  • Schedule a one-on-one visit, no cost and lots of great information available.

Call today, 303-887-8584, request a no obligation review of coverage! Lisa Asmussen is an independent Medicare Broker. Find Lisa on Facebook and online at:

Socially distanced appointments are available in person, by phone and virtually.