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Offered by: Danielle Maroney – Thollot Diamonds & Fine Jewelry

Summer means jumping into new things; revamping your wardrobe, getting out in the summer sun, and finding new ways to express yourself. At Thollot & Co. we understand both the desire for new methods of expression and the devotion to maintaining the memories of your family heirlooms. In the name of combining the two, Thollot & Co. has already helped many people to repurpose their older treasures into new pieces, while maintaining the heart behind those unworn pieces and honoring the memories they represent.

Thollot Diamonds & Fine Jewelry

At Thollot & Co., our unique custom jewelry process allows you to combine the experience and knowledge of our many qualified jewelry designers with your own particular vision for a new piece. Using your older heirloom pieces or unworn jewelry, our team can help you bring a modern style to the treasures of your past. It all starts with a consultation which allows you to talk through your ideas for revamping your treasured jewelry and come up with a plan for your new piece. Our team then develops a 3D digital CAD model of the piece which you can see from all angles and edit to ensure that your exact vision is coming to life. Next, we create a wax model of your piece which you can try on to further certify your satisfaction with the end result! After that, our unique “Pour Your Heart Into It” experience allows you to pay true homage to the emotional value of your original piece by casting the new piece yourself. Pictures and videos of this powerful moment are encouraged as you bring your vision to life with your own hands under the guidance of one of our expert jewelers. Nowhere else are you able to create such a special memory to honor the memories of your precious heirloom and refurbish it with a modern style you’ll want to wear again and again. If this part of the process does not appeal to you, our expert jewelers will cast the piece for you and provide you with an unforgettable “unveiling” when you come in to pick up your beautiful new piece of jewelry.

Thollot & Co. knows that the heart and soul of your old pieces are very precious to you, and we also know that many people don’t wear their family heirlooms because of their outdated style. We believe the true memory in jewelry is experienced through the wearing of the pieces, so our team absolutely loves being able to help you capture the spirit of your outdated jewelry and bring them up to date with a modern makeover that ts your style and allows you to wear them as you continue to make new memories.

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Thollot Diamonds & Fine Jewelry