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Offered by Dr. Jim Campbell

It’s been a wild ride for all of us Denver Broncos fans this year. By the time you read this article, hopefully they are the World Champion Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning is wearing his new Super Bowl ring. It takes great players, coaches and a tremendous amount of practice and conditioning to make it through the season injury-free. The players are fortunate to have a team Chiropractor to keep them functioning at the top of their game.

One of the healing tools used to treat professional athletes is Cold Laser Therapy. I was introduced to Cold Laser Therapy eleven years ago in New York City by a top doctor on the pro cycling circuit. Since then it has taken my practice to a higher healing level. Cold Laser is one of the top three, pill-free pain relief solutions that has been highlighted on The Dr. Oz show and is a great modality to get you out of pain without using pills or medications.

Reaching for a pill to relieve your pain is a quick way to mask pain but it does nothing to help correct the underlying cause of your pain. Bad sleeping patterns, poor posture, repetitive stress from your job and all your time spent on computers, smart phones and other devices all contribute to inflammation, poor circulation and pain. If you have had accidents, falls and old injuries as well, you are probably living with chronic pain. That’s no way to live.

Headaches, arthritis, low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, knee pain and plantar fasciitis are just some of the issues that are relieved with Cold Laser Therapy and conservative Chiropractic treatment. Check Dr. Oz’s website and search for Cold Laser Therapy to see for yourself what it does and how it works. Cold Laser Therapy is noninvasive. It reduces chronic pain and infl ammation and reduces the need for pain relievers.

Are you tired of living with pain? Are you ready to explore a different approach that could give you relief? Give me a call! I integrate over 30 years of Chiropractic practice experience with the latest advances in technology like Cold Laser Therapy to help you get out of pain FAST! You don’t have to be a professional athlete to get the benefi ts of cold laser therapy. Call me today and let’s get you back into the game of life!

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