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Offered by: Dawa Sherpa, Publisher, The Brighton Buzz

As we continue to transition into 2023, here at The Brighton Buzz, we are thankful and truly appreciative of our advertisers who are committed to their success and to the communities we both serve.

As we face today’s new challenges, we can all find positive, humorous, and memorable moments – through those close to us and whom we love – that will make each day a better experience. February is the perfect month to put fresh thoughts in our minds/hearts and inspire ourselves to make 2023 the best year ever! Check out a few of February’s Valentine event offerings on page 41.

We can build on our successes and make plans to eliminate those things that drag us down. Being present in our daily activities at work and at home brings gifts of many descriptions. Valentine’s Day offers the perfect opportunity for everyone to recognize those around us what their gifts of love, appreciation and support offers us.

As Brighton continues to grow, The Brighton Buzz is honored to have bestowed upon us the gift of working with all the businesses in our communities, and to help them in achieving their goals. We hope you’ll visit them and see what they have to offer.

Celebrate your gifts this February,