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Susan Kline
Offered by Susan Kline

The vibrations around us are a result of many happenings that seem to be signaling change. Change in weather, change in political views, change in people’s understanding of present day turbulence in our society…..It all adds up to an opportunity to make things better and the possibility that it could get worse. So, what do we do as individuals to ride through this storm and stay sane?

It seems to me that it always helps to go back to developing further our own values, goals, and designs for our lives. While we’re a collective whole, each one of us has unlimited possibilities just waiting for us. I guess it totally depends on how much you want to find out what those possibilities are that you open door 1, 2, 3, or 4. This is the perfect time of the year to rally your strength and passion for learning and get ready to take on new adventures.

This issue has been exciting for me as I’ve not only met new advertisers, but, have been introduced to new services, products, and ideas from existing advertisers. My awareness has definitely been expanded and with Spring/Summer around the corner we’re happy to bring many of these new products, services and ideas to you in The Brighton Buzz. It’s soon going to be time to plant gardens, buy some flowers, and prepare for more outdoor activity.

Not only will plants start growing, but, the revitalizing feelings from all of this month’s Easter services and activities will bring the lift we need to move forward with our plans for the future. With the real estate market getting ready to explode soon, planning for a variety of children’s activities this Spring and Summer, and remodeling/redecorating our homes to make them the place you want them to be, there are many reasons to read through this magazine and find new possibilities for your life. There are many people in these pages that can make a difference in how you live. Give them a call and find out more.

The best to you this March,