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Offered by Geoff Nelson, Brighton Family Counseling

It is pretty easy to determine the cost of a divorce add and subtract the dollars and cents and there you go right? Not at all! How do you put a price on the emotional drain or even the guilt and shame associated with divorce. Or grieving the loss of the relationship and its impact on your career or your life overall. Yes, the costs keep on mounting up and we have not even begun to count the cost of the toll on children in families that encounter divorce.

So before you throw in the towel on your marriage consider finding a good therapist that has a proven track record. Someone that knows the ins and outs of conflict resolution – and not just some theories that have been thought-up. At Brighton Family Counseling L.L.C. we pride ourselves in finding results that work for you in your particular situation. We listen to both sides and seek to find a way through the mess. Yes, sometimes there is no resolution. But in those cases there is no need to be mortal enemies or combatants over the children. Realize that whether you divorce or not, when children are involved, you still have to come to some agreements.

And when counseling works, it is amazing. A new relationship is found, new trust developed a new intimacy found and your dreams of a life together are realized. This is real and it is our focus everyday. So give Brighton Family Counseling L.L.C. a call today and let us go to work for you.

Brighton Family Counseling

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Brighton Family Counseling