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Puppies for ChristmasSo you got a puppy for Christmas, well now what do you do with it? Sadly they don’t come with instruction manuals. So you’re asking yourself multiple questions about this new member of the family but the most often missed question is, “does my puppy require grooming?” The answer is YES!

All dogs do require some type of grooming, while some is less than others they all do need grooming. In general they should get a bath, good brush out, toenails trimmed, and if needed, a haircut every four to eight weeks. This schedule will keep all the long haired kiddos looking top notch and slow the shedding of the shedding breeds.
Keeping toenails trimmed is also an important part of the grooming cycle. If the nails grow too long they can alter the bone structure of the foot and they can grow into the pad of the foot which is very painful for the dog.

So with Christmas right around the corner, please consider paying a visit to your local groomer for your furry friends both new and old. If you have any questions about grooming and upkeep or need an appointment call Gypsy Rain Salon.

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