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Offered by Chris Fushimi – A Mattress & More LLC

Whether you are spending hundreds or thousands on your mattress, it is a long term investment. Experts say you should replace your mattress every six-eight years, but we all know that some of us push it to 10, 15 or 20 years. What dictates how long a mattress lasts and what can we do to protect that investment?

Just like a house, a good foundation is key to protecting the structure above. If you are using a 20 year old box spring, you may not be providing the strongest, flattest foundation. The springs used in the old “box springs” will start sagging as well as the wood frame surrounding them. Most of the new box springs don’t actually have springs in them. They are just constructed of wood, surrounded by fabric. The new term for these are “foundations.” How fitting. So, if you are buying a new mattress and are considering using your 20 year old box spring, think again.

Another problem is the lack of wood slats in the bed frames. Make sure, if you are using a frame with slats and no box spring, that there are no more than 4” between slats or else the mattress will start to sag between the slats.
Other good foundations to use are platform beds, adjustable bases or even just the floor although I don’t necessarily recommend the latter.

Another variable that stresses a new mattress is body weight. Even though the standard warranty for most quality mattresses is 10 years or more, even the best mattresses may start sagging after two or three years for individuals 250 lbs. and up. One thing you can do to help with this is to rotate your mattress occasionally so you are not sleeping in the same spot every day of the year.

The final variable that I will be discussing today is the uncomfortable issue of perspiration. Perspiration accelerates the deterioration of most mattress foams. We know it is inevitable, but we can help prevent perspiration from penetrating into the mattress. The new mattress protectors help prevent perspiration, spills, allergens and dust mites from entering the mattress while still being breathable, soft and quiet. No more plastic covers with which to deal.

Hopefully by following these suggestions you can enjoy that new mattress for many years to come.

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