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Offered by: Janine Lechleitner, CPNP. – Premier Pediatrics

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for spring and healthy kids again! Unfortunately however, according to the Children’s Hospital Colorado Bug Watch we are still seeing high volumes of influenza A, Influenza B, and RSV. In an effort to make it through the remaining sick season, here are a few reminders to help keep our children as healthy as possible!

Keep your child home from school and/or daycare if they are sick. Handwashing, handwashing, handwashing! You can never reinforce this too much with children! Remind children especially to wash hands after coughing or blowing their nose, before eating, and after using the bathroom. Cover those sneezes and coughs. They can use a tissue to cough or sneeze into when available. Keep the fingers out of the mouth and away from the eyes and nose. Reinforce no sharing of food or drinks, and to not touch the spout of the water fountain with their mouth.

At home, step up that disinfecting effort! Respiratory viruses can remain on surfaces for minutes to hours! Focus on disinfecting surfaces and things that your sick child uses the most, and don’t forget items like door knobs and refrigerator door handles. Increase the frequency of laundry, focusing especially on bedding and towels. If you have other healthy children at home, try to limit contact between them as much as possible. Limit not only physical contact, but also items such as toys or books which are often shared between siblings.

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