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Offered by Susan Kline

Susan KlineWell, we’ve made it all the way to February in 2018! For some people I know, the year has started with their experiencing loss. Others are picking up where 2017 left off and aren’t totally energized yet to find a path for success in the new year. Each of us clearly have our challenges, however, finding something positive, humorous, ironic or memorable each day seems to make the next day a better experience. February is the perfect month to put fresh thoughts in our minds/ hearts and inspire ourselves to make 2018 the best year ever! We can build on our successes and make plans to eliminate those things that drag us down. Being present in our daily activities at work and at home with loved ones brings gifts of many descriptions. T o accept giving less of ourselves equates to living only a part of our lives. For Valentine’s Day, a perfect gift for everyone would be to “be present!”

SweetheartsThis issue has a many ideas if you’re searching for another perfect gift or place to celebrate the holiday. We have a good number of upcoming events you can put on your calendar, job fairs for summer jobs for our youth, and a lot of new businesses for you to check out. Brighton has a continual flow of new businesses and I’m always pleased and honored to work with those that want to be a part of The Brighton Buzz. We hope you’ll visit them and see what they have to offer.

As a side note, we’re including some brain teasers for adults and kids in the magazine. We hope you enjoy them. If there’s something along those lines you have fun doing, share them with us. We want for you to find a number of reasons to read The Brighton Buzz!

Wishing You The Sweetest February,