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Sick season is in full swing. Kiddos are back at school, vacations seem to be wrapping up, and the holidays are right around the corner. Are you and your family prepared for sick season? While we can never be completely prepared, we can make sure we are utilizing some of the available tools to help.

Flu SeasonStarting October 1st, all three of our Advanced Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine locations; Brighton, Northglenn, & Fort Lupton, will be offering flu shots. Our flu shots are FREE with most insurance plans. No appointments are necessary. Flu shots are also available on the weekends, stop by our Brighton or Northglenn locations between 8am to 8pm. Flu shots for current Medicaid patients are only offered at our Platte River Medical Clinic in Brighton.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the best way to combat against the flu season, is to get the annual flu vaccine. They also recommended getting vaccinated before the flu begins, which is by the end of October. If you or your family miss getting your flu shot in October, don’t worry! It is still beneficial to get the shot during flu season.

In October, we are simplifying the process even further, by offering flu shots on our new mobile clinic. This is a fun way to tour our new clinic as well as prepare yourself or family for the sick season. To find out more information about our Mobile Clinic Flu Shot Events, please visit our website at: Medicine | Advanced Urgent Care

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