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Offered by: Ewing Hardscape Supply

Paver patios, driveways and other hardscapes add value and beauty to your property, but they are subject to the stresses of weather and repeated use. Their aesthetic value can diminish as they fade or become stained and discolored. Sealing hardscapes can help reduce the wear and tear that occurs over time.

Sealing pavers protects them against stains, harsh weather conditions and general wear and tear. It also makes maintenance and cleaning easier because stains stay on the sealant rather than penetrating the pavers.

How to Apply Sealant

  1. Stain Removal: Remove all stains from oil, grease and rust. Apply a cleaner, scrub and rinse clean.
  2. Surface Preparation: To get optimal results when applying a sealer, you should first prepare the surface by removing ground-in dirt. Using a primer allows the sealer to better penetrate the surface of your pavers.
  3. Application: Before applying the sealer, make sure the surface has been cleaned and is dry. Sprinklers should be shut off, there should be no rain in the forecast for 24 hours, and the temperature should be between 50 and 80 degrees.
  4. Selecting a Finish: There are four basic options when choosing a sealer, each with a different aesthetic value. Working with a local landscape contractor can help you choose the best finish and complete the project.
    • A wet look with a satin finish
    • A wet look with a matte finish
    • A natural look with a satin finish
    • A natural look with a matte finish
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