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The new year is upon us, and with it, your newest bundle of dental insurance benefits! If you didn’t have a chance to maximize your plan’s benefits last year, be sure to do a little planning this year so you don’t lose a single dollar!

Many people aren’t aware that a defined benefit amount is given at the start of every year, and that it’s lost at the end of the year if not used. Your best course of action is to plan ahead. So, here are three simple steps to help you capture all your benefits this year!

  1. Make your first cleaning of the year sometime in the first quarter.
  2. Should you need to follow-up procedure, be sure to schedule it early in the year.
  3. Speak with your dentist about procedures that may require wait times in between the work, so you can plan accordingly. Sometimes, it may make sense to straddle your visit across two years to fully realize your dental benefits.

By starting the year off early, and working with your dentist to develop a solid plan of action, you won’t leave a single dollar on the table this year. Good luck!

Wishing You A Wonderful Year, The Entire Team at Mountain View Family Dental – Brighton

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