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Offered by Susan Kline

Susan KlineAs we head toward December and the Holidays, there are many things to celebrate and ponder. The years pass quickly and we find ourselves dealing with a world that has multiple screens to watch. We wake up with plans that could quickly change as there seems to be a symphony of catastrophe that comes from a variety of sources: weather, violence, terrorism, politics. I, for one, often hope for peace…That the unsettling forces causing all of these ill-fated events decide to go back to a place where peace is more important than the cause that’s being pursued. What a gift that would be for us all! The only recourse I can see from my limited vantage point is to try to bring peace in our individual areas of influence and create that as a backdrop for our everyday lives. That individual effort could produce resounding results if repeated often enough. So, that’s my Holiday wish for our readers… A moment, an hour, a few days of peacefulness!

The December issue is always a favorite one as our advertisers move their focus to bringing joy and good bargains for their products and services to our distribution areas. You can feel the season in the air and the beauty that it brings. Today’s 65 degrees seem untimely, but, it does help in the process of decorating for the holidays as well as getting some early shopping done. Please read through our pages and look for resources when preparing for your Holiday celebrations. I’m sure there are many things that will spur your interest and be more than helpful to your life. Plan to attend some of the events that make this Holiday Season so very special as well!

Below, we would like to express our wish for you at this important time of year.


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