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Offered by Susan Kline

Susan KlineWell, we’re moving our way through 2017 and have made it to February! The largest distinction for this month, of course, is Valentine’s Day. February is also a good month to get your feet placed firmly on the ground for the new year. The dust has settled and we have more of an idea about what might be important for the months to come.

This issue is full of ideas for Valentine’s Day for our readers. If you’re wondering where to go or what to get your special someone for a gift, read through the magazine. There are plenty of great answers to your gift giving quandaries and places to celebrate. We’ve also been pleased to meet a number of new advertisers who will become additional resources for all of your needs. I’m excited that we have several job fairs in the magazine this month as this is a good time to explore job possibilities. From our vantage point, our business community is certainly busy with a lot of activity in established and newer enterprises. As always, we’re appreciative of being a part of the growth of the area’s commercial base.

When thinking about this month’s Letter from the Editor, I was wanting to talk about how passion for what you do can bring purpose and love to your life. Celebrating love on one day of the year is a good idea, but, what about the other days? Following your personal passion can spread that love throughout the year. The more you are involved or passionate about your work, life, etc., the more love and purpose you can feel for your existence. I would have to say that our entire team here at The Brighton Buzz enjoys what we do and bringing this magazine to you monthly. Our purpose is to provide you information that will brighten and enhance your life. We wish you the best in all that you do this month of February!