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Offered by Dr. Jim Campbell

There are several answers to that question. The first is that here in Brighton at Beyond Basic Health we are known for Relief and Results through Cold Laser Therapy and Chiropractic. You don’t have to take that from me, just go to our website, and read the many reviews that keep coming in from our patients.

Fast relief from pain and personalized one-on-one care are our hallmarks. Your health is not a commodity to us. After 33 years as a Chiropractor and over 2,000 hours of post graduate education, it is clear that I love what I do and strive to be the absolute best at it.

The second answer to the title question is that in the last 13 years of continuing my education into specializing in the remarkable healing powers of Cold Laser Therapy, I found the astounding power of non-invasive “liposuction”, or fat emulsifying with the use of the Zerona Z-6 laser (see the April issue of The Brighton Buzz).

A close cousin to the red/violet laser I use for all types of pain relief and healing for humans and animals, the Zerona Z-6 non-invasive fat-loss laser has proven to help you shed an average of 3 ¾ inches of fat from your body in just a few short weeks – with No Pain, No Bruising, No Downtime.

People tell us that the best way to see the results of non-invasive fat loss laser treatments is in the way their clothing fits better. So in a way, Pain led me on the path to the Beach Bodies we are helping to create!

Summer is coming, let us help you enjoy the fun!

Here’s What We Can Do for You at Beyond Basic Health

  • Truly Listen to You and Discuss Your Specific Health Needs and Goals
  • Provide You with Relief from Pain (for You and Your Companion Animals- dogs, horses, etc.) with gentle Chiropractic and Cold Laser Therapy
  • Speed Up Your Healing with painless Cold Laser Therapy
  • Get You into Your Beach Body with Non-Invasive Fat Loss, Pain-Free Laser Treatments
  • Guide You with Proven Weight Loss Methods (my wife and I lost a combined 100 pounds 11 years ago this way!
  • Provide You with Expert Nutrition and Supplement Consulting
  • Help You Feel Good, Look Good and LIVE BETTER this Summer

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