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Offered by Dr. Ian Paisley, Bromley Park Dental

Ever visited a dentist for the first time and felt overwhelmed by the extent and/or cost of a proposed treatment plan? Sure, it may have been a few years since your last visit, but how could so much have happened in your mouth?

At Bromley Park Dental, we take pride in the fact that we strive hard to give our patients options when it comes to their dental treatment. We take a conservative approach to diagnosing dental problems and focus our efforts on prevention of cavities and gum disease. Now of course there are times when there is a need for dental treatment. Here is where providing options to our patients is really great because there is usually more than one way to solve a dental problem.

We take time to discuss these options with patients thoroughly so you truly feel like a part of the decision-making process. Then, if treatment is necessary, we provide excellent financing options especially for the more involved treatment plans that arise. We have found that by taking these steps it significantly reduces fear, anxiety and frustration for our new patients. So, if this sounds like you, I happily invite you to come in and see us. You won’t be disappointed.

Bromley Park Dental

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Bromley Park Dental