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Susan Kline

The moment we’ve been waiting for is now here! Steps are being taken in most states to lift our Stay At Home connement and restart our lives during this all encompassing Covid-19 experience. The weather is getting warmer and the feeling of breaking out and enjoying life seems imminent. Hurrah for us! Admittedly, it will be wonderful to expand our horizons, but, there still needs to be caution in how we do it. We can welcome our summer with a focus on staying healthy and embracing safe activity!

This past weekend, many of our seniors were celebrating their graduation.
Such a wonderful time in their lives! I could see a parallel as to how perilous it can be to enter another phase of their lives as it is for many of us to sort out how things will progress coming out of this pandemic. As a graduating senior, so many possibilities lie ahead and it’s often difficult to think through them and know what direction to take. Those of us further along in our life experiences have taken numerous paths and often ll our days with accomplishing as much as we can. Our schedules frame non-stop motion from one meeting to the next nding there never seems to be enough time. Those activities determine our feeling of success.

The “slowing down of the universe” of the last few months has caused us
to review how we do just about everything. Some of the normal processes for work environments, education, sporting events, social gatherings, etc., are being evaluated largely for safety reasons, but, we’ve found many of our life’s activities could be simplified in a way that might prove better in the long run. Through the ages, such times have altered how generations approach their progress and this surely seems like that kind of opportunity to learn. It’s interesting to me that we’re all in this growing process together! Congratulations to our seniors and best wishes to us all in how we approach our new world!

Enjoy A Safe & Healthy June!