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Ahh, October – A great time for leaf peeping and pumpkin spice lattes. To add to your fall checklist, it’s also prime time to check your home for potential breakdowns before winter. Here are a few things to look out for:

  • Check for cracks in walkways to prevent a trip or fall. Small cracks can be fixed with epoxy. The City of Brighton recognizes that in some cases, such repairs can be costly to homeowners. Take advantage of Brighton’s 50/50 Sidewalk, Curb & Gutter Replacement Program and have the city pay for 50-percent of the replacement cost. Read more and sign up:
  • Clean and repair siding to prevent mildew. How? Bring out that pressure washer to clean it up. Use this time to also check for rotten areas and inspect caulking.
  • Inspect faucets for leaks in the kitchen and bathrooms. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a faucet that leaks at one drip per second can waste more than 3,000 gallons per year. How to check for a leak? Turn on the faucet, turn it off and then watch for dripping. Check out Brighton’s Water Conservation and Efficiency web page for tips on how teflon tape and replacing equipment with WaterSense products can help – And don’t forget – Shut off exterior faucets and store hoses for the winter.
  • Cover or store outdoor furniture and grills. Doing so will protect them from the elements.
  • Change air filters. Try and do this regularly. According to the EPA, if a filter is dirty or overloaded, it won’t work well. The benefit? Lower energy bills and a longer-lasting HVAC system.
  • Check safety devices. Test smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors (batteries may need to be replaced). Also, check the expiration date on your fire extinguisher.
  • Maintain your wood stove or fireplace. Make sure they are serviced before lighting the first fire of the season.
  • Service yard equipment. Change your oil and filter and install new blades if necessary.
  • Remove leaves before the first snow settles in. By removing leaves, not only will your grass be preserved, you’ll avoid having to reseed next spring to replace grass killed by snow mold. Doing so will also remove any wet hazards. Also – trim any dead tree limbs. Brighton has a free tree limb drop off site – Click here for details: .
  • Clean gutters after most of the leaves have fallen. Inspect for cracks and loose parts in need of repair.
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