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With Halloween just finished, parents are likely still working through their children’s bag of candy. Sweet treats are fine if they are only given once a year. Unfortunately, our American diet has become saturated with sweets. They are offered in every gas station, grocery store and vending machine. We crave them after most of our meals. Sweet treats have had an especially detrimental effect on children’s weight. A child’s weight is almost entirely dependent on what they eat. Sweet treats are very calorie dense and have almost no other nutritional value. Sweets are fine every once in a while, but we recommend that they be saved for special occasions. Please throw away that leftover bag of Halloween candy and give your children fruit if they have a sweet craving. Also, don’t buy sweets or have them in house unless it is a special occasion. If you have any questions or concerns about your children and obesity, please make an appointment and discuss them with your pediatrician.

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