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Offered by Home Helpers Home Care

All too often people make decisions based on what they think or believe instead of what they know. A home assessment can be helpful and they support informed decision making. Here are four easy steps that can be used to determine if someone may need more help living independently at home:

  1. Physical Appearance: How is your loved ones’ personal hygiene? Do you notice any significant weight gain or loss? How is their home— is it consistent with how they have always maintained their living space?
  2. Memory: Is your loved one remembering things accurately? Is your senior alert and actively involved in conversations?
  3. Motor skills: Do you notice your loved one struggling with tasks that are usually simple to execute? How is their balance? Are you aware of any falls?
  4. Mood: Does your loved one seem happy? Do you notice any drastic mood swings? Do they have enough interaction with others to keep them happy and engaged?

If you are noticing changes, it may be time to get a professional’s opinion and Home Helpers can help start this process. We can provide the help you need with one of our licensed and trained caregivers.

Please call David Caughey at 720-442-8156 for a no cost assessment on how we can help you or your loved one.

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