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Offered by Dr. Jim Campbell

We’re all anticipating spring, wearing a bit of green for St. Patrick’s Day, and hoping our land has enough moisture to turn green. The time change, “spring ahead”, for all our clocks happens now, too. And with that change there is more light to get outside and enjoy all that Colorado has to offer.

Of course fun in the mountains, at parks, campsites, and golf courses depends on how much pain you are in and how well you feel in general. It’s common to start the New Year with good intentions to change how you are feeling. By the time we are into this third month of the year, many of us have been distracted by Life and it already seems impossible to stick to The Diet, The Exercise Program or any other resolution we may have made on New Year’s Eve.

After 33 years of working with thousands of patients I’ve seen that the only away to make progress on any change you might want is to take a step in the right direction. Some people think you have to be lucky but I was brought up to think that we each create our own LUCK.

The word LUCK can be translated into Laboring Under Correct Knowledge. When it comes to your health and well-being, correct knowledge of natural healing and pain relief is in short supply these days. Everyplace we look we are bombarded with advertising that touts the latest and greatest drug that will help you get relief from whatever ails you. But have you listened to the long list of possible side effects, including increased risk of death?! WHAT?

If you’re frustrated with trying to get results with pain relief or fat or weight loss, sleep problems or digestive issues, we’re here to help you. The right time is NOW! The right place is our office! Our goal is to help you feel good, look good and live better, without drugs or surgery. We combine a number of therapies to address your individual needs and concerns. From Chiropractic and Cranial adjustments to Cold Laser Therapy, Nutrition and the ZeronaZ6 non-invasive fat melting laser, we tailor make treatments to help you feel better, look better and get back to enjoying life again.

Relief and Results are our specialty. Call us today for a better tomorrow!

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