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Offered by Cherry Gutierrez

Hi! My name is Cherry Gutierrez, Realtor specializing in the communities of Brighton and Lochbuie. I’m fortunate to live in the borderline of both wonderful growing neighborhoods and also knowledgeable of these areas. What sets me apart? Putting clients needs first, while delivering excellence in real estate, has always been my cornerstone belief system. As a retired military Officer, and a current business owner for IPSN Public Services, I offer a strong professional experience in negotiations, public relations, contracts, and discipline that proves a proactive attitude, dedication to customer service, and attention to details. I proudly served our country at a larger scale, and think about how much more excitement and hard work I will offer to serve you! Together, we can exceed your real estate goals.

If you are thinking of selling, or buying a home, I am here to help. Call now for a free market report. I also work with a great mortgage team that can help you pre-qualify for a loan and make the entire process simple and less stressful from start to finish.

Don’t delay, I have the resources and stand ready to serve you. Call me today at 303-304-9822 or email me at

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Offered by Jim Vincent

This time of year brings with it the many thoughts of family and plans for the future. We begin the New Year with positive thoughts of endless possibilities and new beginnings. As time progresses frequently something unexpected comes out of nowhere to shake our confidence in our plans. How can you handle those unexpected happenings with the knowledge that you and your loved ones are protected and your dreams can become reality?

Buying insurance, many times, seems like you’re paying for something that you never use. That thought challenges the concept of paying insurance premiums until there’s a car accident or hail storm that damages both your car and your home or maybe something even worse. Then the purpose of having insurance becomes crystal clear. This is when you want to have an agent that is going to be there to answer your questions and help you work through these events.

This is the perfect time to make your plan for the upcoming year and take a look at your insurance for your Life, Home Auto and Business. We encourage our clients to set up a yearly checkup on their insurance with us so we can customize each policy and their coverages to fit your current needs while making sure we are protecting the things that bring you the most joy in your life. We wish You and Your Family a very happy new year.

Please call today, 303-558-0653 to schedule a yearly check-up of your insurance policies and needs to protect you and your family in the future.

Thank you and we appreciate your business and the opportunity to be of service to you and your family in the future, Jim Vincent

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Farmers Insurance

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Offered by Amy & Jeff Mitchum

With our commitment, and dedication to fantastic food and service we are connected by a common desire to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. It is this commitment to hard work, and years of service that has allowed us to achieve a lifelong dream that we now get the honor and privilege of sharing with you.

Daylight Donuts Urban Eatery is a full service breakfast and lunch eatery that also features a from scratch bakery with daily made baked goods, and fantastic coffees.

LOCAL SUPPORT: We are dedicated to Colorado businesses and support locally by sourcing the ingredients we use from local meat, produce, roasters and more whenever possible.

QUALITY: We strive for organic, cage-free, GMO free, antibiotic free and hormone free.

Our mission is to create a unique experience, and fantastic food using locally sourced ingredients and homemade recipes. We strive to provide a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and promise you won’t walk away hungry.

“Born and raised in Thornton, I have watched this city evolve, and am excited and proud, to be a part of its economic future,” says Amy.

Located near I-25 and 144th, stop by the next chance you have and experience the good food and wonderful atmosphere. You’ll be glad you did, and make this a regular place to enjoy a breakfast or lunch meal.

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Daylight Donuts

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Offered by RightFitt

The new year is full of resolutions! 40% of us go after a new goal . . . But only 9% of those 40% accomplish their goals. RightFitt is here to help! Long-lasting results come from support and accountability groups… As well as the knowledge and tools that MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Join us in 2016 for one of our many challenges! We will have a weekly nutrition class on Tuesday nights as well as a weight loss challenge where you can win money!

In addition we will have a habit changing challenge and an abs challenge you can complete from home – we are here to help you get RESULTS that last in 2016!!

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Right Fitt Nutrition

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Offered by Tax Smart, LLC

According to the Colorado Lottery website, the odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 5.3 million. Wouldn’t it be great to win the jackpot? What is the secret to coming up with the winning combination of numbers to wake up a millionaire one day? I’m not sure what the magic is, but evidentially some of our clients do! In the past couple of years we have had 3 of our clients win the jackpot and walk away with more money than they could have dreamed of. Right here in our little town of Brighton. Now, we are anxiously waiting to see who will be number 4!

To help speed things along, we are going to be giving away a Colorado lottery ticket with every tax return that is filed with us this year. I can’t promise that you’re going to have the next winning ticket, but I can tell you that the odds seem to be stacked in favor of our clients. You’re going to need to file your taxes anyway. Why not file them with Tax Smart and see if you will be our 4th winner!

Along with your chance to win the Colorado Lottery, you will be getting the help of our very experienced tax professionals. Doreen worked for the IRS for over 12 years and knows how to save you as much as possible on your taxes. And, our prices are typically much lower than those of the other “Big Name” companies in town.

Call us today at 303-731-1021 to schedule your appointment and see if YOU will be our “Number Four”.

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Offered by Brian Margolis

Did we reach our peak for our local real estate market? Should we make the big move this year or wait? The reason to move now is that interest rates are going to continue to increase, which will decrease the value of your purchasing dollar.

This means that the chances of having double digit growth again for real estate values is going to be a lot more difficult this year. One of the reasons: we have had double digit increases the past three years in a row.

Values will still increase but just not as much as recent years. I am still very bullish on our local real estate market because there are still advantages to both buyers and sellers. Low interest rates, over 50,000 people moving into our great state each year and our strong economy will continue to keep our real estate market strong.

In February, I will have a recap of 2015 numbers once all of the figures are released in January.

The Margolis Team of Keller Williams Preferred Realty has set our goals for 2016. Have you set yours? Writing down your goals increases your chances of actually achieving them. We hope you do and if your goals involve real estate please call your local hometown professionals, The Margolis Team 720-352-0454.

Have a great 2016!

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Margolis Team

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Susan KlineWelcome to 2016! We all approach the New Year with different thoughts. The most popular is New Year, New You. We’ve been given an opportunity with the turn of the calendar year to start over. I’m thinking I’d like to take a little different twist on this adventure.

The longer I live, the more I understand that we’re here on this earth to learn what we can about life…..and, hopefully, our lives in particular. The opportunity we have daily is to have at least one ah-ha moment when we can say that something becomes more clear through an experience or other means of learning. That adds to our wealth of knowledge and we begin to find a path toward a more comfortable existence. On the heels of our biggest gift giving season, I suggest that we give ourselves the permission to open the door to opportunity in 2016. That’s the best thing you can do to enhance your life in the coming year. It’s not the sweeping change that New Year, New You promotes, but, it gives you the ability to change your life as things pass your awareness and by taking advantage of those opportunities, you’ve found a way to make your life better and more full. We also can make the year better by making good choices…i.e., being happy instead of sad….being glad instead of mad…. Those two choices alone can make a world of difference and are a great way to help keep that door of opportunity open.

Happy New YearI bought motivational calendars for my advertisers this year and was intrigued myself by the perspective imparted on each month of the calendar. Broadening our perspective with new thought can make our hard tasks easier and make the path toward growth something that’s just straight ahead. The purpose of our magazine, from the beginning, has been to bring resources and opportunities to our readers to enhance their lives. We look forward to 2016 with excitement to find out what’s ahead and keep bringing you ways to make your living easier.

We wish for you a magnificent 2016 full of growth, positive happenings, and many ah-ha moments!

– Susan

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Our Gift to You!Our Gift To Our Advertisers……It’s our constant goal to help our advertisers experience the best return possible from their advertising. Below are some ideas that may help you direct your next advertising campaign. Our able staff can offer creative ideas as well as graphic design to enhance your next promotion.

Let us help you experience a prosperous 2016!

  • Know Your Best Customers

Contrary to what a lot of business owners think, your advertising doesn’t have to appeal to everyone to be successful. In fact, it doesn’t matter if most people ignore it, so long as your very best potential customers – the men and women who are likely to buy the most of your products and come back to you time and time again – notice and respond to your messaging. Find out who your best customers are, and what they have in common, and then target your advertising towards others who are like them in the same way.

  • Give an Incentive for Fast Responses

Most of the people who respond to your advertising are going to do so quickly. After a bit of time passes, people will have forgotten about your offers (unless of course you market to them again, which we’ll discuss in a moment). The best way to take advantage of their immediate interest is to get them to take action right away. Give them some kind of incentive to respond quickly – like an extra discount for the first 50 people to buy, and so on – and you’ll see response rates soar.

  • Test Different Themes and Locations

Even profitable ad campaigns can be improved upon, so don’t be afraid to test new things. Try running different ads based on a new theme, or placing ads in different parts of the publication. You might even experiment with new sizes and visual ingredients. Over time, you’ll develop a sense for what works best for your business, which will help you to make the most of every advertising dollar you spend.

  • Don’t Give up Too Soon

Often, it takes a few different exposures before the public will notice a new advertiser, much less respond to them. This is especially true for smaller ads that are placed in specific sections of a publication. To truly tell whether your advertising will be effective or not, let it run for a few months. After a while, buyers will become more comfortable with your company and start to pay more attention to your messaging.

When you’re looking for an affordable way to reach customers in the North Denver area, try advertising in the Brighton Buzz! Click here for more information!

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Offered by Innovative Real Estate Group

According to Dave Ramsey, reduced competition, motivated buyers and a warm and cheery holiday home, you can sell your home faster and for more money during the holiday season.

Here are 7 reasons to take advantage of the unique opportunities of the holiday selling season:

  1. While there may be less buyers out there, people who look for a home during the holidays are serious … they are ready to buy!
  2. There are fewer homes for buyers to look at during the holidays which means less competition for you … less competition equals more money!
  3. After the holidays the supply of listings increases substantially which lowers the demand for your home … more competition equals less money!
  4. Your home shows better when decorated for the holidays!
  5. Many buyers have more time to look for property during the holidays as opposed to a normal work week.
  6. We will restrict the showings on your home to the times you want it shown. You remain in control.
  7. You can sell now for more money and not have to physically move until January or February … as opposed to just starting the whole process at that time.

Have questions about selling your home? Call today and speak with one of our agents to get the answers you need!

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Innovative Real Estate Group

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Offered by Advanced Urgent Care

It can be frightening when a sudden illness or injury occurs, especially if your regular doctor is not available. When you need care right away the emergency room may seem like a natural choice. However, if it is not a true emergency you might save money and time by going to an Urgent Care Clinic. Plus, you can still be treated by a doctor or physician assistant. True emergencies need emergency room care, but with non-emergencies you have choices.

Nearly 33% of ER cases are not true emergencies. If more people saved the ER for true emergencies the emergency room staff could focus on the individuals who truly need their attention. Urgent Care clinics can treat conditions that should be looked at right away but aren’t as severe as emergencies. Advanced Urgent care, located at 2801 Purcell Street in Brighton, is staffed with physicians, physician assistants, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, radiology technologists and medical assistants. With this qualified staff you’ll still get the same quality care, plus, Advanced Urgent care is open every day from 10am-10pm, including weekends.

Urgent Care can often save patients money and time, which in this day and age is invaluable. The average ER visit can cost a patient a substantial sum depending on your health insurance plan. As a result urgent care clinics have gained the support of most major insurance companies. Private insurances have backed Urgent Care facilities by offering lower copays for an urgent care visit, only about $30-$60 on average. According to the Centers for disease Control and Prevention, the average wait time before you can even get seen by an ER doctor is 1 hour. Wait times can be much shorter at an Urgent Care clinic. Sometimes the emergency room will be the right answer, sometimes it won’t. But knowing the difference can save you time and money without sacrificing your quality of care.

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Advanced Urgent Care