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Offered by Jim Vincent

The Brighton Elks have begun their annual big game hide collection to benefit Our Nation’s Veterans. Local hunters have the opportunity to lend a helping hand to Veterans in need. The Elks have begun their annual collection of deer, elk, and other animal hides which will be tanned and made into fingerless wheelchair gloves that will be given to Our Nation’s wheelchair bound Veterans. The Elks also have a program in place where tanned leather is made into craft kits that are distributed through the VA Hospital and Clinic system. The drive is part of a nation-wide leather program that the Elks have been operating since 1948. The motto of the Elks National Veterans Service Commission is: “So Long as There Are Veterans, the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Will Never Forget Them.”

Once donated, volunteers clean, salt, fold and stack the hides. They are then transported to tanneries for processing. After cleaning and tanning, a portion of the leather is made available in craft kits to Veterans to make wallets, clothing, belts and moccasins for personal use or to enter in arts and crafts shows. The remainder of the leather is made into fingerless wheelchair gloves for disabled Vets and distributed through the VA system by representatives of the Elks. The program is funded by the Elks at no cost to Veterans or the government. Hides can be dropped off at the Brighton Elk’s Lodge, 101 N Main St, Brighton, CO. Please place the hides in the hide container next to the metal building in the Elk’s parking lot behind the building. For more information, contact Jim Vincent, Chairman of the Colorado Elk’s Leather Program at

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Farmers Insurance

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Offered by Right Fitt Nutrition @ The Platte

Your local “Fitt Coaches” are excited to introduce their first full service nutrition bar – RightFitt Nutrition @ The Platte! Our convenient location will provide healthy and delicious smoothies, teas and protein snacks that assist in weight loss and energy! Brownie Blast Shake…Thin Mint Cookie Shake… healthy Caramel Frappuccino? Who would have thought eating healthy could taste so good! Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner – we offer a high energy, family-friendly, cozy, coffee shop hangout ambiance!

While you can stop in any time for your go-to meal, Fitt Coaches also focus on personal relationships with their clients and coach individuals one-to-one to help them achieve THEIR goals! We provide a FREE PROFILE for everyone who stops in to help educate you on your bodies nutrition and fitness needs. We can help you lose weight, gain muscle, increase energy, lose pants sizes and FEEL GREAT!

In addition, RightFitt offers FREE workouts daily for all levels, ages and sizes! We provide motivating challenges and accountability tools that will get you moving in the right direction. Our goal is to bring our community together to find the support you need to get REAL RESULTS. Real Nutrition, Real Fitness, Real Results!

We can’t wait for you to come by and check it out! Take a break from your stressful day and stop on in! Your friendly Fitt Coach will greet you with a smile and be your local GO-TO coach for all of your nutrition and fitness questions!

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Right Fitt Nutrition

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Offered by Ruston Webb, MS, CSCS, Kinetafit

The best way to maximize your workouts in the gym is to focus on perfect form and solid technique with your lifts. Most people believe that more weight and heavy lifting is the key to faster results but this quickly leads to injuries and pain. Focusing on perfect form throughout your lift not only creates a more functional movement pattern but it builds better coordination, burns more calories and generates higher strength output. In other words, by focusing on the right things in the gym you can get the body you are looking for and avoid getting hurt. Over time your strength levels will improve to lift heavier weights but in the meantime develop a strong core, gain those intrinsic stabilizers you need to lift heavier and start getting results without having to go to the doctor for x-rays.

At Kinetafit our personal trainers are determined to see our clients get results without getting injured. Come check us out

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Offered by Brian Margolis

It’s football season, but professional players are not the only ones who can score this time of year. If you have been a patient Buyer, now may be a great time to make your way down the field into the end zone, and get a great deal on your new home.

Last month I hinted at the cooling market and the numbers out now confirm it. Values of homes in the five county Metro Denver area have actually declined in the past two months, according to ReColorado (MLS). They’ve gone from an average high of $414,755 in June for a single family home, to $404,187 in August. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, don’t be worried. I am confident and still very bullish for our local market and here’s why: believe it or not, it’s good that we have slowed down. The affordability index for a first time home buyer was starting to get out of reach.

Knowing how to price your home or how to put an offer on a home is one of the most critical pieces a professional Realtor can provide for you. When looking for a Realtor, check out their track record. Do they know the market (numbers) or are they just someone you happen to know who has a real estate license and offers to help you out? Don’t get stuck on the wrong side of the curve and overpay for your home or list too high and then have to sell for less.

The Margolis Team has been helping Brighton Buzz readers for over 12 years and clients in our area for over 16 years! Let us put our experience and knowledge to work for you. Text/call Brian Margolis at 720-352-0454 or email

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Margolis Team

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Susan KlineThere’s something about the leaves turning their beautiful autumn colors and then falling that makes seasonal changes seem very real and natural. It’s like there’s a marvelous color palette for us to look at and then the beautiful leaves fall, bringing on the cool, crisp, white winter. Below are some quotes about this amazing season by people more famous than I. It may give you some perspective about enjoying Autumn 2015.

“Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower.” Albert Camus

“Spring passes and one remembers one’s innocence,
Summer passes and one remembers one’s exuberance,
Fall passes and one remembers one’s reverence,
Winter passes and one remembers one’s perseverance.”
Yoko Ono

“I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house.” Nathaniel Hawthorne

This October there is much to be happy about. Locally, our advertisers are working hard to put together great offers for our readers and that always amounts to prosperity both for the businesses involved and those who take advantage of the opportunities offered. Our real estate market is still moving very quickly and many new businesses are coming to Brighton and the surrounding areas. It would seem that 2015 will move through its last quarter on a high note. For that we can be very grateful!pumpkin-217087_1280

For those parents that like to help their children celebrate Halloween in a fun and safe environment, the Historic Downtown businesses are putting on a Brighton Harvest Festival that is sure to be an amazing event. To our excitement, Halloween is on a Saturday, and this event will be held from 12-4 p.m. in Historic Downtown Brighton. Your children can come and garner candy for any or all of the over 30 vendors and 20 local businesses participating. The parents will receive coupons that can be used in the local stores either that day or in the future. There will be many fun activities and we ask that you put this on your calendar and enjoy this very special event. We hope to see you there!

The Best of Octobers To Everyone!

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Offered by Innovative Real Estate Group

Innovative Real Estate Group has captured the lion’s share of the real estate market in the Brighton area for the period January 1, 2015 through July 22, 2015, according to data compiled by BrokerMetrics. The company’s Brighton office, which opened late last year, posted total sales volume of $22.5 million during the recorded period to firmly establish Innovative Real Estate Group as the leader in the Brighton area among the top 10 real estate firms serving the area.

Innovative Real Estate Group recorded a total of 75 real estate transactions with an average price of $300,164 in the Brighton area. The company’s market share was nearly double that of the third place company and more than four times more than the 10th place firm. Innovative Real Estate Group has a total of 17 Broker Associates in its Brighton office and over 130 overall. The Brighton office is headed by Mandy Dosco, Managing Broker.

“We have recruited an amazing group of real estate professionals who share a sincere dedication to superior customer service,” Said Dosco. “We strive diligently to find a balance between business and our personal lives that results in great success in the highly competitive real estate business. The majority of our agents live in the Brighton area, so they know the market, the neighborhoods, the schools, and the complexities of our industry. I’m very proud of our team.”

BrokerMetrics from Terradatum is a tool of discovery that allows users to query key MLS statistics in ways not available through MLS systems. Used by thousands of real estate offices daily, BrokerMetrics includes the tools needed to recruit agents, analyze market share, market growth, and market trends.

Last year, Innovative Real Estate Group was recognized by the Denver Business Journal as Denver’s fastest growing company in a category of companies with annual revenues of between $10 million and $23.9 million for 2013, numbers which have since been surpassed significantly. For more information on the Brighton office and potential career opportunities, contact Mandy Dosco at 720-371-6733, email

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Offered by Pinnacle Gardens

Mums are notorious for saying ”Fall is in the air and the seasons are changing”. You can find Mums everywhere you go, however once you get them home they are very easy to kill. Mums will dry out quickly and need to be watered at least once a day, the stress from repeated drying out will just send them to the compost pile!

Here are a few tips to keep them alive and beautiful for the entire fall season.

  • Re-Pot- This is the most important thing you can do to increase the longevity of your mums. Most mums are completely root bound when you get them, which makes it hard for the soil to retain the water and nutrients for beautiful blooms!
  • Lots of Sun – Mums are sun lovers! 4 hours of direct sun a day is needed, with the fall days being shorter the place you have your mums may not be in the sun as long as you think!
  • Water, but not too much- Mums do not like to get dry, try to water before the leaves get to a droopy state. If it has dried out put the plant in a bucket with a few inches of water to rehydrate.
  • Deadhead- Some love to do this and some don’t! Deadheading is worth the time and will prolong the blooming and look of a healthy plant.
  • Choose a strong plant- Look for plants that have deep green, healthy leaves. Find plants that have a lot of buds and not too many blooms…YET !

Enjoy the colors and beauty of your mums this fall!

At Pinnacle Gardens we have a variety of healthy mums to change the seasons with you, we will be here throughout the fall season and through Christmas trees for your gardening needs! Happy Fall !

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Pinnacle Gardens

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Offered by Cynthia LeFevre

Numerous studies extol the value of piano study for children, adults and seniors. Here are a few of the many study results:

CHILDREN: A Canadian study finds that musical training for children exercises parts of the brain used in mathematics, spatial intelligence, language studies and boosts general test scores. A paper published in Nature Reviews Neuroscience determined that children who have had music lessons tend to have a larger vocabulary and better reading skills than those who haven’t had any musical training. Schellenberg’s study found that children put into an afterschool piano lesson program gained an average of 7 IQ points over the year as opposed to those not taking lessons. Children who take piano lessons demonstrate increased focus and concentration, sharper motor skills, coordination and self-confidence.

TEENS: Children who continue their lessons through their teenage years average about 100 points higher on the SAT. In 1994, research revealed undergraduates who majored in music had the highest acceptance rate into medical school, at 66%. In Hanna Pladdy’s 2011 study of adults 60 to 83 years old, those who had taken at least 10 years of music lessons scored the highest in nonverbal and visual-spatial memory, naming objects, and taking in and adapting to new information. Those with no musical training had the lowest scores. These results demonstrate that musical training can have a “profound” and lasting impact on the brain, creating additional neural connections in childhood and through the teen years. Additionally teens studying music demonstrated an increase in work ethic, concentration and focus for school studies, diligence, creativity, self-reliance and perseverance.

ADULTS: Mitchell Gaynor M.D., in his book Sounds of Healing, demonstrates that music has therapeutic physical effects including reduced anxiety, heart and respiratory rates; reduced cardiac complications; lowered blood pressure; and increased immune responses. Barry Bittman, MD produced a study which showed that 45 stress-related genes showed a significant reversal in adults who used piano playing as a means of relaxation. Playing the piano can also help reduce job burnout and improve your mood. A 2003 study by Harvard neurologist Gottfried Schlaug found that the brains of adult professional musicians had a larger volume of gray matter and white matter than the brains of non-musicians, leading to an increase in brain plasticity.

ELDERLY: Piano lessons and musical study has been shown to improve the physical health of the elderly. Playing music, according to Dr. Harvey’s research, “activates the cerebellum and therefore may aid stroke victims in regaining language capabilities.” Additional research revealed that keyboard lessons had a significant effect on increasing levels of human growth hormone (HGH), which is implicated in slowing the processes of aging and decreases conditions such as osteoporosis, alzheimers, low energy, wrinkling, low libido, muscle mass, and aches and pains. Older musicians don’t experience typical aging in the auditory cortex that leads to hearing decline. The Michael Roizen, MD and Mehmet Oz, MD.

Taking piano lessons offers proven benefits for everyone including many, many hours, days and years of personal fulfillment and enjoyment. What are you waiting for? Start your lessons today.
Call me to get started: Miss Cynthia’s Piano Studio, 303-659-0356.

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Offered by Kristine Waters Ray, MD, CAQSM, Premier Pediatrics

The sun is out and hopefully so are we. As we are spending more time outdoors now that the rain has stopped, we need to remember sunscreen. Ultraviolet radiation is the cause for the three major forms of skin cancer and both UVA and UVB rays can cause damage. Recent studies show that the number of cases of melanoma has increased by 250% since the 1970s.

The best protection is a “Broad Spectrum” sunscreen that protects from both UVA and UVB rays. SPF greater than 50 likely does not offer any additional protection. Products with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide are best and should be applied 15 to 30 minutes prior to going outdoors.

In kids younger than 6 months, it is best to avoid sun exposure. If you have to be outdoors with young infants, minimize time spent in sun, put them in sun protective clothing and use sunscreen on areas of exposed skin.

The UV rays are strongest between 10 am and 4 pm and rays can bounce off water, snow, sand and concrete. Don’t forget to use sunscreen on cloudy days too, up to 80% of the rays will break through cloud cover. Remember to re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours for the most protection and help kids to make sure small spots such as ears and necks are not missed.

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Offered by Brighton Pediatrics

Fever is one of the most common reasons children are sent home from school. A fever, no matter how high, is almost never dangerous. It is a signal for underlying infection or inflammation. The overwhelming majority of fevers in school age children are caused by viral infections. Most of these are one of the thousands of viruses that cause the common cold, sore throats and viral pneumonia. The lag time between exposure and illness for these infections is usually several days, and children can shed virus for as long as 2 weeks. Excluding kids from school is not a practical method for preventing spread of these viral infections.

If your child has been sent home from school with a fever, they should be evaluated by a medical provider and if it is a virus, they should return to school with instructions to wash their hands frequently. If your child has a minor bacterial infection such as strep throat or bacterial pneumonia, they should wait to return to school until they have been on the antibiotics for more than 24 hours.

Please see for more information about treating fever and viral illnesses.

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