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Our Gift to You!Our Gift To Our Advertisers……It’s our constant goal to help our advertisers experience the best return possible from their advertising. Below are some ideas that may help you direct your next advertising campaign. Our able staff can offer creative ideas as well as graphic design to enhance your next promotion.

Let us help you experience a prosperous 2016!

  • Know Your Best Customers

Contrary to what a lot of business owners think, your advertising doesn’t have to appeal to everyone to be successful. In fact, it doesn’t matter if most people ignore it, so long as your very best potential customers – the men and women who are likely to buy the most of your products and come back to you time and time again – notice and respond to your messaging. Find out who your best customers are, and what they have in common, and then target your advertising towards others who are like them in the same way.

  • Give an Incentive for Fast Responses

Most of the people who respond to your advertising are going to do so quickly. After a bit of time passes, people will have forgotten about your offers (unless of course you market to them again, which we’ll discuss in a moment). The best way to take advantage of their immediate interest is to get them to take action right away. Give them some kind of incentive to respond quickly – like an extra discount for the first 50 people to buy, and so on – and you’ll see response rates soar.

  • Test Different Themes and Locations

Even profitable ad campaigns can be improved upon, so don’t be afraid to test new things. Try running different ads based on a new theme, or placing ads in different parts of the publication. You might even experiment with new sizes and visual ingredients. Over time, you’ll develop a sense for what works best for your business, which will help you to make the most of every advertising dollar you spend.

  • Don’t Give up Too Soon

Often, it takes a few different exposures before the public will notice a new advertiser, much less respond to them. This is especially true for smaller ads that are placed in specific sections of a publication. To truly tell whether your advertising will be effective or not, let it run for a few months. After a while, buyers will become more comfortable with your company and start to pay more attention to your messaging.

When you’re looking for an affordable way to reach customers in the North Denver area, try advertising in the Brighton Buzz! Click here for more information!

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Offered by Innovative Real Estate Group

According to Dave Ramsey, reduced competition, motivated buyers and a warm and cheery holiday home, you can sell your home faster and for more money during the holiday season.

Here are 7 reasons to take advantage of the unique opportunities of the holiday selling season:

  1. While there may be less buyers out there, people who look for a home during the holidays are serious … they are ready to buy!
  2. There are fewer homes for buyers to look at during the holidays which means less competition for you … less competition equals more money!
  3. After the holidays the supply of listings increases substantially which lowers the demand for your home … more competition equals less money!
  4. Your home shows better when decorated for the holidays!
  5. Many buyers have more time to look for property during the holidays as opposed to a normal work week.
  6. We will restrict the showings on your home to the times you want it shown. You remain in control.
  7. You can sell now for more money and not have to physically move until January or February … as opposed to just starting the whole process at that time.

Have questions about selling your home? Call today and speak with one of our agents to get the answers you need!

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Innovative Real Estate Group

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Offered by Advanced Urgent Care

It can be frightening when a sudden illness or injury occurs, especially if your regular doctor is not available. When you need care right away the emergency room may seem like a natural choice. However, if it is not a true emergency you might save money and time by going to an Urgent Care Clinic. Plus, you can still be treated by a doctor or physician assistant. True emergencies need emergency room care, but with non-emergencies you have choices.

Nearly 33% of ER cases are not true emergencies. If more people saved the ER for true emergencies the emergency room staff could focus on the individuals who truly need their attention. Urgent Care clinics can treat conditions that should be looked at right away but aren’t as severe as emergencies. Advanced Urgent care, located at 2801 Purcell Street in Brighton, is staffed with physicians, physician assistants, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, radiology technologists and medical assistants. With this qualified staff you’ll still get the same quality care, plus, Advanced Urgent care is open every day from 10am-10pm, including weekends.

Urgent Care can often save patients money and time, which in this day and age is invaluable. The average ER visit can cost a patient a substantial sum depending on your health insurance plan. As a result urgent care clinics have gained the support of most major insurance companies. Private insurances have backed Urgent Care facilities by offering lower copays for an urgent care visit, only about $30-$60 on average. According to the Centers for disease Control and Prevention, the average wait time before you can even get seen by an ER doctor is 1 hour. Wait times can be much shorter at an Urgent Care clinic. Sometimes the emergency room will be the right answer, sometimes it won’t. But knowing the difference can save you time and money without sacrificing your quality of care.

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Advanced Urgent Care

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Offered by Gypsy Rain Salon

Puppies for ChristmasSo you got a puppy for Christmas, well now what do you do with it? Sadly they don’t come with instruction manuals. So you’re asking yourself multiple questions about this new member of the family but the most often missed question is, “does my puppy require grooming?” The answer is YES!

All dogs do require some type of grooming, while some is less than others they all do need grooming. In general they should get a bath, good brush out, toenails trimmed, and if needed, a haircut every four to eight weeks. This schedule will keep all the long haired kiddos looking top notch and slow the shedding of the shedding breeds.
Keeping toenails trimmed is also an important part of the grooming cycle. If the nails grow too long they can alter the bone structure of the foot and they can grow into the pad of the foot which is very painful for the dog.

So with Christmas right around the corner, please consider paying a visit to your local groomer for your furry friends both new and old. If you have any questions about grooming and upkeep or need an appointment call Gypsy Rain Salon.

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Gypsy Rain Salon

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Offered by 4th Avenue Orthodontics

4th Avenue Orthodontics were awarded 2015 “People’s Choice” award for “Business of the year”! We were honored to accept this award at the Brighton Chamber of Commerce annual luncheon. Our nomination brought many votes and testimonials from past and present patients and parents. We appreciate the community support not only from this Brighton area, but also Fort Lupton, Keenesburg & Hudson. We strive to make the experience of every single patient a memorable one. Our “warm atmosphere” applies towards Dr. Sabott’s quote to all patients when they are done with treatment. “Now that you’re out of braces, does not mean you’re out of my life”, when you become a patient of ours you become part of our family!

We are excited to meet many new patients and families in 2016. We offer “complimentary” exams, so why not come and meet the Business of the year Dr. and staff! Something here at 4th avenue orthodontics is that we have a “unique” pearl of an orthodontist in Dr. David G. Sabott. He was chosen in January 2014 by his peers in the orthodontic world to hold a seat on the American Board of Orthodontists. There are a mere 8 orthodontists in the country chosen for this board and each orthodontist commits to an 8-year term. These orthodontists have perfected their profession and have several duties to perform at the various dental universities mentoring the young orthdontists entering the profession.

Invisalign is a big part of our orthodontic practice. This is the “invisable” way to straighten any smile. Adults and teens are great candidates for this type of treatment. Dr. Sabott is a “premier” provider for Invisalign. Check out our website @ for more information about our practice.

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4th Avenue Orthodontics

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Offered by Jessica Ahmed, Licensed Acupuncturist

Acupuncture offers safe, effective and natural treatment of many ailments, but people are often leery of trying it for the first time because they don’t know what to expect. Here are answers to several common acupuncture questions, and please feel free to be in touch with additional inquiries via phone (listed below), or email me at

Q: What is acupuncture?
A: Acupuncture is a system of health care, developed in China approximately 3000 years ago, which uses very fine, sterile, stainless steel needles to affect change in the body and alleviate problematic symptoms.

Q: How does it work?
A: There are a number of ways to explain how acupuncture works, including that it: relaxes muscles and connective tissue/fascia; reduces inflammation; stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s feel-good, pain-killing neurotransmitters; improves blood circulation; impacts the lymphatic and immune systems; stimulates pain inhibitory nerve fibers.

Q: What happens during a session?
A: After filling out a health history form, we’ll investigate the uniqueness of each person’s health complaints, and then check the radial wrist pulse and look at the both sides of the tongue for diagnostic information. I’ll insert the needles, and then let the person relax for a period of time on a comfortable table. The whole process takes around an hour. I may incorporate additional therapies, such as Chinese herbs; moxibustion, a heat therapy; and cupping, the use of suction cups on tight muscles in order to increase blood flow to the area and reduce pain.

Q: Does it hurt?
A: People tend to be afraid of needles. Someone once asked me if acupuncture needles are like sewing needles, which would be very painful! The needles I use are more like a hair. In addition to being extremely thin, they are also filiform, which means they come to a smooth point rather than a jagged edge, the latter of which would be necessary to cut the skin for a shot or blood draw. Acupuncture is so comfortable that sometimes new patients are surprised I have inserted the needles, since they might not even feel them.

Q: How many treatments will I need?
A: In general, the longer you have had a particular condition, the longer it will take to treat. For example, a person who has had chronic back pain for 20 years will likely need several sessions to feel a difference, as well as periodic maintenance treatments, whereas someone who pulled a muscle a week ago may only need one or two treatments for complete relief. Most people feel an immediate sense of relaxation, with treatments having a cumulative effect over time.

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Brighton Acupuncture

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Offered by Dr. Jim Campbell

Yay! The HOLIDAYS are coming, right? Maybe. What I’m hearing is: “Doc, all I want for Christmas is to feel better!”

I just heard this wish from one of my new patients, I’ll call him “Jack”. The year 2015 has not been great for Jack. His low back pain started earlier this year when he injured his back shoveling snow. Self-care and self-medicating with over the counter pain relievers gave him some short term relief. Jack thought everything was better until later in the spring when he reinjured his back helping a friend move some furniture. That’s when Jack felt burning pain go down his leg and in his foot. He had to miss work for a few days. He reached for prescription pain killers and muscle relaxers followed by cortisone injections. He still did not get relief. His pain is worse now that the weather has turned real cold and Jack took another look at one of my Buzz articles and gave me a call. I am happy to say, Jack is on the way to having more mobility and less pain and a happier holiday season!

Are you ready for the Holidays? The pressure of family, friends and social obligations can be overwhelming this time of year especially if you are not feeling good. Low back pain, headaches, sinus pressure, fatigue along with numbness and tingling can put a damper on the season.

The real cause of your pain and discomfort may have happened years ago. Temporary relief might come from over the counter pain medications. Stretching may help. Ice or heat may also provide temporary relief but they don’t correct the underlying cause of the discomfort.

Gentle chiropractic adjustments, Cold Laser Therapy, Applied Kinesiology muscle balancing, custom orthotics and nutritional support, can help relieve your pain and discomfort but you are unique and you may need a different combination than someone else. I have been finding the keys to pain free living for over 30 years for thousands of hurting people like you.

Are your discomforts interfering with your holiday season?

Let me help you take the pain out of the holidays. It is human nature to try and tough it out or think that “maybe it will go away”. Don’t let your pain be the Grinch that steals your joy from this season!

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Beyond Basic Health

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Offered by Brighton Pediatrics

Cold and flu season is here! And with it comes a lot of respiratory illnesses. One common illness in young children is bronchiolitis. The best known virus that causes this is RSV, but several other viruses may cause it too.

The symptoms of bronchiolitis are similar to a common cold, but the virus can also infect the small airways in the lungs, resulting in a lot of mucous and inflammation in the chest. This results in wheezing, which is a whistling sound when a child breathes. Along with the wheezing, there may be tugging or pulling of the muscles between the ribs and below the ribcage, also known as retractions. This is in addition to standard cold symptoms such as fever, runny nose, congestion, and cough.

Because this illness is caused by a virus and not bacteria, treatment with antibiotics is ineffective. Many other treatments for bronchiolitis (such as albuterol or steroids) have also been shown to be ineffective. The mainstay of treatment for bronchiolitis is supportive care, which includes rest, drinking plenty of fluids, and Tylenol or ibuprofen for any fevers or discomfort. Parents may also use a humidifier, place saline drops or sprays into the nose, and use a bulb suction to clear the nose when congested.

If your child has wheezing or retractions, won’t drink any fluids, or has fever over 100 F for 3 days or more, you should have them seen by a doctor as soon as possible for further evaluation. Seek immediate treatment for any severe signs of breathing difficulty such as deep retractions, lethargy, or blue color to the lips or face. For further information, please visit our website at

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Brighton Pediatrics

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Offered by Bonnie Baxter

Family owned and operated, Johnson’s Acres has been providing wholesome raw milk to the Brighton and surrounding communities since 2005 from cows that are 100% grass fed and 100% loved!!

Dr. Temple GrandinWe had the privilege of welcoming Dr. Temple Grandin to the farm on Oct 31st, 2015 for a tour. Dr. Grandin is an autistic woman who is known world wide for revolutionizing the meat industry regarding livestock handling and care and humane slaughter. She has been named one of the 100 most influential people in a 2010 issue of Time Magazine. She has appeared on shows such as 48 hours, 60 minutes and 20/20 and has been featured in People Magazine, the New York Times, Forbes and US News and World Report. Having her tour our farm was indispensable! Dr. Grandin gave us tips on training our cows (almost like training dogs) with a reward system (cows love to eat bananas!) and helped us to better understand cow behavior (did you know that cows remember things FOREVER???).

Our cows at Johnson’s Acres get to roam on 20 acres of pasture, lay in the sun, drink clean water and are handled with love and respect. We milk our cows twice a day, sunrise and sunset. Our cows are completely hormone and antibiotic free.

Visit us at to find out more about getting this perfect food…. raw milk from pasture fed cows. The way Mother Nature intended!!!

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Johnson's Acres

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Offered by Brighton Criminal Defense Attorney Gregory R. McMahon

You don’t have to drive to Denver! The first snow of the season has come and gone. The temperature is dropping. Ski resorts are opening across Colorado. Ready or not, the holiday shopping season is upon us. Those of us fortunate enough to live in Adams County sometimes forget how much is available right here in our own backyards. It is not necessary to drive long distances to access a range of businesses, shopping centers, restaurants, and professional services. The ads in this issue of The Brighton Buzz can help you to get started with your search.

By working with businesses and other professionals here in Adams County, you can benefit from both the environment and your pocketbook. Less driving equals less air pollution. Remember that you may need to visit a professional’s office several times…gas is expensive, and your own time is valuable. Also, many local businesses offer convenient free parking.

Regarding professional services, of course, you should not retain an attorney or any other professional just because of location. You still need to do due diligence: ask trusted friends for recommendations, check out professional credentials, check with the BBB, and take any other steps you deem necessary.

One final note: please celebrate the holiday season responsibly by not drinking and driving. Be aware that you will be arrested if you are pulled over and your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is 0.05 or greater. That charge is called Driving While Ability Impaired. If your BAC is 0.08 or higher, the charge becomes Driving Under the Influence, which is an even more serious charge. Be safe this Holiday season and in 2016.

The information in this column is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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Greg for the Defense