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Offered by Cheri Simmons – Simmons Shooting Academy

Overcoming Firearm PhobiaThere can be many reasons we fear guns. Lack of knowledge, no experience or a bad experience can all be contributing factors. So can TV, movies and the media. Girls who weren’t exposed to guns and firearm safety while growing up may find the idea of going to a gun range or taking a firearms safety course intimidating.

The best way to overcome a fear of guns is to start with a basic handgun or firearm safety class. A female instructor led Ladies Only class is a great environment to learn, ask questions and handle firearms and it’s perfect for easing new shooter anxiety. Finding other like-minded women to shoot with, compete with, and learn with is fun and empowering! Just learning that it’s ok to talk about guns is a game changer!

So, just breathe… A gun is just a tool. It’s an inanimate object that is neither good nor bad by itself. At the very least, you should know how to handle a firearm safely if there are firearms in your home. (Even if you decide you don’t like guns.) If you become proficient using it and practice regularly, you may have fun competing with it and it could very well save your life or the life of someone you love one day.

Respectfully Removing Fear, that’s my motto and promise.

Call Cheri today at 303-990-3644 to find out more about our “Ladies Only” intro to Guns Class.

Simmons Shooting Academy

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Simmons Shooting Academy

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Offered by Melissa Rippy, Allstate Rippy Insurance/Allstate

My mom and dad were married for 45 years and together fifty. In the days since he passed, Mom said that sunbeams remind her of my dad. She also came up with the name of the non-profit I am in the process of establishing in his memory, called “Ripbeams.”

On February 3rd, 2018, “Ripbeams” was born. The mission of Ripbeams is to collect handmade beanies, brand them with an orange Ripbeams label and tag (orange is the color of leukemia awareness) and give them to children with Leukemia to hopefully bring them some “Ripbeams” as a reminder to keep the faith along their journey. Each hat is unique, just like my dad.

Our beanie inventory went from zero to over 150 in just over 30 days of collecting them. A local knitting angel, Christi Burge, has made 68 of the beanies herself and another angel has hand sewn each orange Ripbeams label onto each beanie. Dave Thomas and the rest of his local group of woodworking angels, “Toys for God’s Kids”, recently created and donated 65 wooden cars to be given to the children. My dad’s birthday is March 22nd, and albeit one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my life, it was an absolute honor to be able to pass out 65 beanies and cars on his birthday through the Children’s Hospital leukemia unit.

If you sew, knit or crochet, we are gratefully collecting them at the Rippy Agency six days a week. You can follow Ripbeams on-line at:


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Melissa Rippy, Rippy Insurance

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Offered by Brian Holley – Farmers Insurance

There are many who look at insurance as nothing more than a requirement forced upon them by State Laws or mandated by banks and lending institutions who have an insurable interest in property which may be financed. To some, insurance is only an extra expense which must be paid, just like taxes.

I feel the people who have this attitude about insurance are extremely blessed indeed. Perhaps they may have never had a major misfortune in their life. Never had an automobile accident or been in a flood which destroyed their automobile or home. Hopefully they have not had a damaging wind or hailstorm which hurt their property. Or had a rampaging fire which destroyed not only their home, but also their new automobile in the garage. They are truly blessed.

I also realize how fortunate they are in their lives to have never lost a close loved one for whom they were responsible. Or experienced the death of a close family member who also may have been an income provider for the home.

However, our friends and neighbors who have been through such unfortunate events, as many of us have, are blessed as well. It is through struggles and trials we grow and learn more about ourselves and the world around us.

People who have been through catastrophic life experiences and were properly protected with the correct type of insurance have a deep and personal understanding of why it is important to invest in proper insurance coverage with a good company.

On the other hand, there are some who have been through these situations and unfortunately were not properly covered or did not have a reliable company.

Please email or call today so we may review your individual situation to be sure you and your family are properly protected. Let us be proud of our communities and help serve in any way we are able.

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Farmers Insurance

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Offered by Dolan & Associates, P.C.

When Bill and Jane learned of Bill’s illness they sought legal advice. The lawyer they spoke with told them to put everything in joint tenancy, because “it is simple and avoids probate.” They weren’t comfortable with that advice and sought advice from a counseling-oriented attorney who took the time to learn more about them, their estate, and their goals. Bill’s primary objective was to protect Jane after he died. Under Bill’s plan, their savings, his life insurance, and the home would be put in trust. This would protect the assets for Jane and help Jane protect her own assets as well.

After Bill’s death, Jane began volunteer work to keep her mind off her loss and it became a fulfilling passion. She met David. They connected immediately, and she fell in love. He proposed. She accepted. Her family noticed that his focus suddenly turned toward a keen interest in her finances. Blindly in love, she did not.

Bill’s plan left his assets in trust for Jane. A requirement of receiving benefits was that upon remarriage she must obtain a prenuptial agreement protecting her assets. The assets Bill left her were protected, but she needed to take action to protect her own assets. David was enraged when she told him that she was required to have a prenuptial agreement to preserve the assets for her children. Realizing that half of the assets were held in trust, and that a prenuptial agreement would prevent him from receiving the balance upon her death, David lost interest in Jane. While Jane was sad, she also had a comforting feeling that Bill was still protecting her even after his death. Jane had wondered if the planning she and Bill had done was worth the effort. All doubts were now gone.

If you would like to learn more about an alternative estate planning process that is producing great results for families, please visit: to sign up for a complementary educational workshop.

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Dolan & Associates | Estate Plans

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Offered by Raegan Clemens – Majestic Materials

Spring is here! Time to sweep the floors, clean out your closets, reorganize that pantry, amend your soil… The list goes on. While we do not clean houses, Majestic Materials can help you blend the perfect soil amendment for your landscaping and gardens. During the dry winter months, soil loses moisture and nutrients that keep your plants healthy. A healthy blend of amended soil can help keep your landscaping vibrant all-season long.

Before finding the perfect amendment ratio, we need to determine what type of soil you are working with. Here in Colorado, the soil is either sandy or dense with clay. Sandy soil is easy to identify, with its gritty texture. When you squeeze the soil in your hand, it will crumble easily. With clay soil, you will notice it compacts when you squeeze it in your hand. While too much sand or too much clay is not good for growing plants, there are easy amendments to make your soil the consistency you need.

If you have a clay-like consistency to your soil, your landscaping can struggle with drainage, permeability, and even interfere with how deep the roots can grow. It is recommended to mix in organic compost gradually. Topping the clay-like soil with mulch can also assist in moisture retention. A dense clay soil can take a few years to really see the change in consistency. For a quick fix, try a raised garden bed for optimal soil conditions and plants that will flourish.

Is your soil filled with sand? Water and nutrients are easily washed away in sandy soil. Adding organic compost can help retain the moisture in the soil, providing a more direct source of nutrients. Topping the soil with mulch will help retain water and nutrients as well. When amending soil, it’s all about moderation. With many composts high in salt, mixing in too much could lead to further issues.

With the simple addition of compost and mulch to your soil, you can take your soil from unusable to unbelievable. Mulch is a versatile landscape product, providing style and protection. With it’s moisture retention properties, mulch reduces how often you need to water. Compost is the key player in soil amendments. It improves soil tilth and drainage. It can loosen heavy clay soils and rebuild soil structures. You can be sure the compost will gradually release nutrients, while encouraging vigorous root growth.

Now is the time to get started on your spring landscaping and Majestic Materials has the supplies you need to make the proper soil amendments today!

Majestic Materials

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Majestic Materials

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Offered by Wes Bear, Owner/Instructor – Concealed Carry Workshop

There have been a lot of questions about the Constitutional Carry bill that is working its way through the Colorado legislature this year. It should be noted that similar bills have been brought before congress in previous years and have been voted down. The governor of Colorado has made it clear he would not sign it again this year.

What is Constitutional Carry? If this bill becomes law and you are a Colorado resident and you are legally allowed to purchase and possess a handgun, then you could carry it concealed anywhere you can now legally carry a handgun. Currently, the right to carry your gun concealed ends at the state border, there is no reciprocity.

What is reciprocity? Reciprocity is an agreement between states to accept each other’s concealed carry permits. As of the writing of this article, a Colorado concealed handgun permit allows you to carry in 36 other states. There is legislation (National Reciprocity) in the United States congress that would cause a concealed carry permit issued by any state to work similar to your state issued driver’s license. This is a good thing.

The key point is that there is no permit involved in Constitutional Carry, therefore no reciprocity. If you want to carry concealed anywhere but Colorado you would still need to acquire a valid concealed handgun permit.

Concealed Carry Workshop encourages you to contact your state & federal congressmen and ask them to support both Constitutional Carry and National Reciprocity. Let them know what you expect of them if they want your vote next election.

As always, the Concealed Carry Workshop is ready to provide you with the training, knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to become a more confident, competent, and responsibly armed American. For more information, please contact me at 303-548-4646 (call or text) and/or visit Concealed Carry Workshop on the web at:

Concealed Carry Training

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Offered by: Emily Wilson, Co-Owner – FirstLight Home Care

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month, and FirstLight Home Care is honored to support the needs of those affected and their families. Parkinson’s disease is a movement disorder that impacts an estimated 1 million people across the United States and up to 10 million around the world. Because it’s a progressive disease, its symptoms continue and worsen over time; prompting many living with Parkinson’s to seek long-term assistance managing normal daily activities.

The most common symptoms of Parkinson’s include tremors; slowness of movement; rigidity or stiffness of the limbs and trunk; and postural instability or impaired balance and coordination. For many people living with the disease, symptoms can be unpredictable, which makes Parkinson’s difficult to anticipate and manage. Support for those with Parkinson’s helps these individuals maintain their independence and protect their quality of life.

FirstLight caregivers can help them manage and live with the disease with:

  • Assistance with basic daily activities such as bathing and hygiene, meal preparation and eating assistance
  • Support with walking and mobility, as well as transfer and posture
  • Medication reminders, to help maintain the treatment regimens that are so critical to managing physical symptoms
  • Transportation to help keep every doctor’s appointment, social engagement, event or other activity
  • Household duties, such as light housekeeping and laundry
  • Companionship to help battle the anxiety and depression that often comes with the disease, including visits for conversation and company and participation in recreational activities
  • Live-in services to support people who need around-the-clock care
  • Respite care to provide relief to the family caregivers who are so integral to the ongoing support of those living with the disease
FirstLight Home Care

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FirstLight Home Care

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Offered by: Kyle Bullock, ATLAS CPAs & Advisors PLLC

Many of the tax changes affecting individuals and businesses for 2017 were related to the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 (PATH) that modified or made permanent numerous tax breaks (the so-called “tax extenders”). To further complicate matters, some provisions were only extended through 2016 and are set to expire at the end of this year while others were extended through 2019. With that in mind, here’s what individuals and families need to know about tax provisions for 2017.

Retirement Contributions Limits Announced for 2018
Cost of living adjustments affecting dollar limitations for pension plans and other retirement-related items for the tax year 2018 have been announced by the IRS. Here are the highlights:
In general, income ranges for determining eligibility to make deductible contributions to traditional Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs), to contribute to Roth IRAs, and to claim the saver’s credit all increased for 2018. In addition, the contribution limit for employees who participate in 401(k), 403(b), most 457 plans, and the federal government’s Thrift Savings Plan is increased from $18,000 to $18,500. However, contribution limits for SIMPLE retirement accounts for self-employed persons remains unchanged at $12,500.

Traditional IRAs
Taxpayers can deduct contributions to a traditional IRA if they meet certain conditions; however, if during the year either the taxpayer or their spouse was covered by a retirement plan at work, the deduction may be reduced, or phased out, until it is eliminated, depending on filing status and income. If neither the taxpayer nor their spouse is covered by a retirement plan at work, the phase-out amounts of the deduction do not apply. Here are the phase-out ranges for 2018:

  • For single taxpayers covered by a workplace retirement plan, the phase-out range is $63,000 to $73,000, up from $62,000 to $72,000.
  • For married couples filing jointly, where the spouse making the IRA contribution is covered by a workplace retirement plan, the phase-out range is $101,000 to $121,000, up from $99,000 to $119,000.
  • For an IRA contributor who is not covered by a workplace retirement plan and is married to someone who is covered, the deduction is phased out if the couple’s income is between $189,000 and $199,000, up from $186,000 and $196,000.
  • For a married individual filing a separate return who is covered by a workplace retirement plan, the phase-out range is not subject to an annual cost-of-living adjustment and remains $0 to $10,000.

Roth IRAs
The income phase-out range for taxpayers making contributions to a Roth IRA is $120,000 to $135,000 for singles and heads of household, up from $118,000 to $133,000. For married couples filing jointly, the income phase-out range is $189,000 to $199,000, up from $186,000 to $196,000. The phase-out range for a married individual filing a separate return who makes contributions to a Roth IRA is not subject to an annual cost-of-living adjustment and remains $0 to $10,000.

Saver’s Credit
The income limit for the Saver’s Credit (also known as the Retirement Savings Contributions Credit) for low- and moderate-income workers is $63,000 for married couples filing jointly, up from $62,000; $47,250 for heads of household, up from $46,500; and $31,500 for singles and married individuals filing separately, up from $31,000.

Limitations that remain unchanged from 2017
The catch-up contribution limit for employees aged 50 and over who participate in 401(k), 403(b), most 457 plans and the federal government’s Thrift Savings Plan remains unchanged at $6,000.
The limit on annual contributions to an IRA remains unchanged at $5,500. The additional catch-up contribution limit for individuals aged 50 and over is not subject to an annual cost-of-living adjustment and remains $1,000.

For questions or more info on this complex topic, please contact The ATLAS CPAs. The ATLAS CPAs & Advisors office is located at: 21 North 1st Ave., Suite #200 in Brighton. You can also reach Manager Kyle Bullock by phone at: 303.659.3951.

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ATLAS CPAs & Advisors

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Call Today for a Free Phone Consultation | 720-392-1040

Offered by: Gary L Hulett, CPA

Gary L. Hulett, CPA | Brighton CPAJust because you are new to the area doesn’t mean you have to settle for a tax chain store to prepare your return. Anyone can be a paid tax return preparer as long as they have an IRS Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). However, tax return preparers have differing levels of skills, education and expertise.

There are various types of tax return preparers, including certified public accountants, enrolled agents, attorneys, and many others who don’t have a professional credential. You expect your preparer to be skilled in tax preparation and to accurately file your income tax return. You trust him or her with your most personal information. They know about your marriage, your income, your children and your social security numbers – the details of your financial life.

Most tax return preparers provide outstanding and professional tax service. However, each year, some taxpayers are hurt financially because they choose the wrong tax return preparer.
Whether you have a regular 1040 tax return or a Small Business Corporation tax return, I can help you. My business is built upon the personal relationships I have with individual tax clients, small business owners and self-employed professionals such as yourself.

As a home-based CPA, I work remotely from my home. I am available all year long if you have questions and I never charge clients a fee for asking questions.

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Offered by Tim Roberts, Edward Jones

It’s tax-filing season again – which could mean you’re in line for a refund. What should you do with the money?

What to do with your tax refundYour decision can depend on the size of your refund. Last year, the average tax refund was about $2,760. If you got that much this year, and you applied it to an IRA, you’d already be halfway to the annual contribution limit, although this limit is higher if you’re 50 or older.

You also could use your tax refund to pay down some debts. The lower your monthly debt load, the more money you’ll have to invest for the future.

Or you could use your refund to help build an emergency fund to pay for unexpected costs, such as a major car repair. You’ll want to keep your emergency fund in a liquid, low-risk account.
Here’s one more possibility: Use your tax refund to add new investments that could help fill some gaps in your portfolio.

A tax refund gives you a chance to improve your overall financial picture. So take your time, evaluate your options and use the money wisely.

This is Tim Roberts, your local Edward Jones financial advisor at 129 S. 4th Ave, Brighton, CO 80601. (303) 659-2301
Member SIPC

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Tim Roberts at Edward Jones