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Offered by: T. Lloyd Worth

There are important steps you can take to help your aging parents find living and health care assistance, as well as to secure financing for the cost of the care.

Many adults have aging parents who need living and health care assistance. There are several resources today that can help them grow old gracefully, either in their existing home or in a facility, along with multiple options for financing the cost of the care.

Living alone
Depending on the independence of your parents, living alone in their existing house may be an option. However, you may need to make several modifications — some of them expensive — to make their home environmentally safe and suitable for an aging person. For instance, important safety features such as a first-floor bathroom, grab bars in hallways in bathrooms, and an emergency response system may be necessary.

If your parent requires assistance with meals or chores, there are several services which can provide support, such as Meals on Wheels, which are free for anyone over 60.

You can also consider an in-home aide if your parent needs additional personal assistance.

Living with Family
Some families choose to move an aging parent into their own home. If you can do this with minimal conflict, this can be beneficial as it avoids having to maintain a second home and of course can be less expensive. If your parent has dementia or other health issues, adult day care can be helpful, as it allows them to socialize with other adults.

Assisted living
If your parents are independent and can care for themselves, they may be eligible to enter a continuing-care retirement community, where they can rent (or purchase) an apartment and be eligible for nursing care, if it becomes necessary. Consider purchasing long-term care insurance, which can help pay for nursing home costs or the cost of
an in-home aide.

Nursing home
If your parents need more extensive care and require a nursing home, research the options extensively. You may need to reserve a space far in advance, as waiting lists are often long at popular facilities.  The government provides limited financial assistance for families paying for nursing home care. Financing long-term care can be a tremendous challenge for many adults.

Financing long-term care
Medicare will only pay the full cost of professional help if a physician certifies that your parent requires nursing care and if the services are provided by a Medicare-certified home health care agency. However, Medicare will pay for nursing home care for the short-term only, with benefits restricted to low-income individuals with limited assets.

You can offset some of these costs, as you can claim a federal tax credit up to $3,000 off the cost of in-home care or day care.

You can use a flexible spending account, too, which helps your pay for a certain amount of covered expenses with pretax dollars.

With the cost of elderly care continually on the rise, financial planning can be an important step in providing adequate support for your parents’ future well-being.

Reach out to Lloyd Worth at 303-558-0214, or for more information.

Worth Financial Partners

This material is for general information only and is not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual. There is no assurance that the views or strategies discussed are suitable for all investors or will yield positive outcomes. Investing involves risks including possible loss of principal.

This material was prepared by LPL Financial, LLC. Securities and Advisory services off ered through LPL Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor, Member FINRA/SIPC.

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Here’s to a wonderful and prosperous year for all of you.

Offered by: Jennifer Bell – Bell Benefits, LLC

As I was thinking about what to write for this month’s article, I started to think about resolutions. When it comes to Medicare, you might need a few reminders as to what your plan could do for you as part of your New Year’s resolutions.

If you have a plan that includes a Fitness benefit like SilverSneakers or Renew Active, don’t forget this gives you a national gym membership to any gym that participates in one of these programs. You just need to show them your benefit card and you’re in!! This gives you access to multiple gyms in the area. It’s really great.

Most Medicare Advantage Plans (not Medicare Supplements) also give you over-the-counter credits on health and wellness products. They usually offer a quarterly dollar amount that has to be used each quarter or it’s gone. This dollar amount can be used in their products catalog and some companies even give you a card to use at a local store. Have you been putting off taking vitamins or supplements? You can use your over-the-counter credits to get them at no cost to you! You can also get items like shower stools, blood pressure cuffs, first aid items, and so much more. If you’re not sure if you have this benefit, I can help you find out.

I hope you all stay safe and healthy. Please let me know if I can help you. 720-626-6524.

Jennifer Bell | Bell Benefits

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Offered by: Susan Kline – The Brighton Buzz

Susan Kline

As the final days of December are making their way into the history books, we’re looking back on 2021 as a transformational year. We’ve moved beyond the time of not having solutions to many overwhelming problems to
adjusting to how we can live with the solutions that have been created this year.

It’s amazing the backdrop of everything we do is orchestrated by a pandemic that changes its definition almost daily. Mutations of the disease have notable qualities that almost always become the director of our everyday activities.

Many positive things have happened in 2021 and we’ve begun to make the effort to bring a more likable normalcy back to our lives. Proceed With Caution might be a good catch phrase to use while expressing the enthusiasm we all have for opening up our lives.

We, at the Brighton Buzz, are thankful for the year we’ve had and the collective progress our business community has experienced. We look forward to 2022 and know our knowledge learned from this year will help us to reap more benefits in the coming year.

We’re Wishing Everyone, a Very Happy New Year!


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Offered by: Scott and Lora Nordby, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Innovative Real Estate

After an astonishing 114 consecutive months of year-over-year home price gains, existing home sales eased two percent on a seasonally adjusted annual rate between July and August 2021. Have rising home prices finally become too much for homebuyers? Not yet. The median existing-home sales price rose 15% year-over-year, according to The National Association of REALTORS (NAR), largely due to a continuing dearth of available homes for sale. Existing supplies nationwide are at a meager 2.6 months on hand, which means that at the current sales pace, supplies would
end quickly.

Most impacted by slim inventories and rising prices are first-time buyers who accounted for 29% of sales in August, down from 30% in July and down from 33% a year ago in August 2020. So, what does this mean for you – the homebuyer who may feel discouraged?

Lawrence Yun, NAR’s chief economist, said that “potential buyers are out and about searching, but much more measured about their financial limits, and simply waiting for more inventory.”

With winter approaching, housing sales tend to slow, especially with holidays pending. This affords buyers more opportunity to purchase a home “in the off season.” In addition, when buyers are pushed to their limits, they begin
to withdraw from the hunt, leaving sellers with fewer showing and offers.

Stay firm. Don’t “offer over list price” or try to compete with all-cash offers from corporate buyers. Eventually, prices will come down, and near record-low interest rates will continue to be available for some time to come.

If you are thinking of selling your current home and buying your next home or are just curious about the current market value is, our premiere home valuation site is a great starting point. Visit for a free instant estimate or call us at 303-905-8850 for a more in-depth look.

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Offered by: John Wilson, B.S., BC-HIS – Blue Ribbon Hearing & Tinnitus Center

As a parent who understands the way that sounds and music strengthen the auditory pathways in the brain, I have done everything possible to make sure my children have the opportunity to take music lessons and practice regularly.  The physical and neurological connections that are made in the brain and body while listening to and performing music can last a lifetime. Musicians develop an ability to separate sounds made by different notes and different instruments which leads to a much stronger auditory system.

With all four of my children having taken lessons, for the past decade this time of year has been a time of piano recitals. After working hard to learn their songs, my children and the other students display their mastery of their musical pieces by performing for other students and their friends and family members. We typically gather in an auditorium or church and some perform basic songs with sheet music in front of them, while others perform complex classics from memory.

Last year was different however, as the lessons and recital were conducted over the internet using video due to COVID-19. Each student who performed in the recital had a camera film them as they played and the video and audio were transmitted over the internet to all those who wanted to watch and listen.  The music was beautiful and it was encouraging to see so many people working on their talents. However, due to the inferior quality of the microphones recording the music, the varied connection and transmission quality of the signal, and the low quality speakers found on computers and mobile devices, the quality of the sound was less than it would have been in person.

By contrast, last week we were in an auditorium with a grand piano. The quality of the live music was clear, crisp and vibrant. There was no problem with a faulty microphone picking up the sound, poor transmission quality of the video, or poor output from a small computer speaker. The music could be both heard and felt.

This experience reminded me of what so many people have said about wearing hearing aids: Nothing sounds as good as normal hearing. However, the quality of hearing aids makes a significant difference.  The quality of microphones, receivers (speakers), processors, and technology found in the hearing aid, along with the fit of the devices, all make a significant difference as to the quality and clarity of sound the listener experiences. For this reason, we now offer the EVOLV AI family of hearing aids, the latest, most advanced technology to help our patients hear and understand speech, and deal with background noise.

So, if you or someone you know is struggling to hear and understand during this holiday season, please call us to find out how we can help with hearing loss and tinnitus!

Merry Christmas from Blue Ribbon Hearing & Tinnitus Center.

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Offered by: Premier Pediatrics Joseph Smith M.D.

Premier Pediatrics has started COVID-19 vaccination clinics for children ages 5-11. Here are some observations about COVID-19 and vaccination in children in this age group:

  • Over 1.9 million children ages 5-11 have been infected with COVID-19 resulting in over 8,300 hospitalizations
  • Of these, nearly 2400 children have had the most serious complication of COVID-19, Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C), resulting in nearly 100 deaths in this age group
  • MIS-C can occur even after mild, initial COVID-19 infection
  • MIS-C is seen most frequently in the 5-11-year age group (with the 0-4-year age group being second)
  • Vaccination in the 5-11-year age group can prevent greater than 90% of cases of MIS-C
  • Myocarditis is rare after vaccination, is mild, and individuals recover from this (no myocarditis was seen in the 5-11-year age study group)
  • Myocarditis after COVID-19 infection or MIS-C is much more frequent, severe, and long-lasting
  • With over 7 billion doses of vaccine given, the COVID-19 vaccines are no longer considered a “new” vaccine
  • The number one concern that parents have about the vaccine is potential “long-term effects” from the vaccine. NOTE: No vaccine in the history of all vaccines has ever had long-term effects that have been substantiated (all vaccine negative effects happen within the first couple of weeks, usually are brief, and resolve completely – COVID-19 vaccines are not expected to be any different)

For questions about COVID-19 vaccination or to schedule a vaccination for your child age 5-11, please call now!

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Offered by: Melissa Rippy – Rippy Insurance Agency / Allstate

The Rippy Agency is thrilled about our newest addition – Elsie The Little Free Mobile Library! Our agency purchased a
vintage trailer that has been converted into a library. Our first event was partnering up with non-profit Let Your Light Shine to invite clients to come inside of Elsie and pick out a book as they picked up a box of food as well. Our next event is scheduled at Adams City High School for their Winterfest on December 1st. Children will be receiving holiday gifts and also be able to pick out a book. Then we are partnering with Almost Home on December 21st to serve the clients of our Brighton community. If you have books you would like to donate, we accept donations of all kinds of books for all ages. You can drop them off at the Rippy Agency Monday through Friday from 8:30am – 5:30pm.

One of our favorite events to share with our clients is PIE & GRACE. This year we gave away a total of 195 pies that were bigger than your face! If you didn’t get a pie from your insurance agency this year, call the Rippy Agency so you can next year!

We also have 51 children on our Angel Tree this year. These are local schoolchildren and families that have provided their wishes and we are trying to fill them. For some of these children, the gifts they receive from our tree are the only ones they will open. Thanks to those of you who have adopted kids to brighten their holiday. Happy Holidays to you all!

We hope you have a Happy and Safe New Year!

Allstate Rippy Insurance

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Offered by: City of Brighton Communications and Utilities Department  

The holidays are near and that means homemade meals. But what do you do with your used cooking oil? Disposing it down the drain or toilet can coat sewers and cause “slow drains,” blockages, back-ups and even expose you to the pathogens in raw sewage.

Turns out, cooking oil can be made into fuel and you can help make that happen. The City of Brighton’s Utilities Department is working with RecycOil to keep used cooking oils and greases out of sewers and landfills by diverting them into biodiesel production to be sold back as clean, renewable fuel. To recycle your oil, make an appointment by calling 303-655-2093 to drop-off your used cooking oil at the City’s Wastewater Treatment Plant located at 325 N. Kuner Rd.

It’s important to also be mindful of the container to store your used cooking oil.  The City is giving away free fat trappers and replacement bags to properly catch cooking oil and grease. To get free fat trappers and replacement bags, call 303-655-2093.


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Offered by: Wayne’s Electric, Inc.

In those early days, Wayne’s focus was primarily on residential service and light commercial work. The company continued to grow steadily and overcame the economic challenges of the time. In the early 1980s, WEI moved into the oil and gas industry arena working on several of the local refineries for (at the time) Amoco Oil. This work helped to sustain the company while many other small contractors were experiencing slowdowns, or closing their doors.

In the middle/late ’80s, WEI became the electrical contractor of choice for one of the largest grocery retailers in Colorado. Store maintenance and remodels became a big part of WEI’s work picture and opened the door for further growth. Wayne’s Electric was soon known as the premier contractor for grocery and retail store electrical construction and retrofit.

Over the last 47 years, Wayne’s Electric crews have been involved in many different types of electrical construction. From the smallest residential service calls to the largest of the retail big-box stores, Wayne’s Electric is there to meet the needs of your projects.

A shortlist of the types of projects Wayne’s Electric has participated on: Retail Stores, health care facilities/hospitals, aviation facilities, schools, concert and entertainment venues, military facilities, renewable energy installations, and oil/
gas production. Wayne’s Electric has also recently expanded their residential department and is excited to bring Sam Smith (formerly the owner of Divine Lighting and Electric) on board to serve the needs of local residents.

Wayne’s Electric, Inc. is licensed in many states across the Midwest United States, and is proud to be a Women Business
Enterprise (WBE) Colorado corporation as well as a founding member of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Independent Electrical Contractors Association. For 47 years they have relied heavily on hiring electricians and support staff from the community, and are thankful for the incredible talent the area has provided.

Please allow Wayne’s Electric to assist you with your next electrical project. Call Sam at (303)659-7481 today!

And, if you have interest in a career with us – We’re hiring!

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Offered by: Colorado Karate Club

There’s a well known saying that “If you see a turtle sitting on top of a fence post, you know it got some help getting there.” I was recently reminded of this fact some days ago while having dinner with a good friend.

I met Miguel back in the early or mid 1990’s while I was still a young competitor in my early 20’s. He was a referee at Karate tournaments and owned three Karate schools in the Colorado Springs area. Being both of us of Hispanic heritage, we became quick friends.

Miguel is a wonderfully outgoing and attentive gentleman, always ready to lend a hand. So when I mentioned my intention to open my own Karate school back in 2005, he immediately inundated me with books, articles, and documents on the subject. Any time we’d meet at a Karate event he would march toward me, huge smile on his face, ready to share what he learned at the latest business seminar he just attended.

My Sensei in Peru taught me Karate, but having a business mentor was instrumental to the success of my Karate school, Colorado Karate Club. My friend Miguel took me under his wing from the start, sharing his knowledge, giving advice, and inspiring me to follow in his footsteps.

At our latest meeting over dinner in the Springs, I stopped, and said, “I hope you know how thankful I am for all the help you have given me over the years. I truly appreciate it.” He looked at me as if he had no idea what I was talking about. But quickly recovered and said, “yes my brother, it is always a pleasure.” You see, I don’t think he thought he was doing anything special by helping me (and others.)  That is just who he is, and I have been fortunate to cross his path.

If you have something to share, know that there are many out there, ready and willing to learn. Like with Miguel, your experience and knowledge may be invaluable to someone out there. To me, my friend gave me (and still gives me) much more than knowledge, his friendship and mentorship is something I will always cherish and appreciate.

That is why, anytime I feel like I have accomplished something of value, I know that I am that turtle on the fence post, and hope that I will always recognize it and show gratitude for the contributions so many have made in my life.

(Sensei Miguel Serrano is a 7th Degree Black Belt, Founder and Chief Instructor at the United States Karate Academy in Colorado Springs, CO.)

Colorado Karate Club