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Offered by: Melissa Rippy – Rippy Insurance Agency / Allstate

School is back in session in the 27J School District on August 10th. This means a few things!

  1. You will see more kids on the streets, waiting for the school bus, walking, riding bikes or driving to school. Please be on the lookout for kids and help keep our roads and community safe!
  2. My 16-year old son is getting his license in September so stay off the roads! Just kidding! He’s a safe driver and will have completed online driving courses and several in person before he is licensed. Remember that if your teen driver is a good student, they can earn a Smart Student Discount with Allstate. As parents of teen drivers all know, we can use all of the discounts possible when it comes to insuring teens.
  3. More than half of all teens will have an accident in their first year of driving. This is a major factor as to why insurance premiums are higher for teen drivers since they are inexperienced. Make sure to have the conversation with your teen drivers before the accident occurs. We have a Parent/Teen Driving Agreement outlined for your chat. Email or call or text 303.219.1470 and we will send you a complimentary copy.
  4. Did you know that the Rippy Agency owns and operates Elsie the Little Free Mobile Library Charter #134624? That’s right! Elsie is a 1966 vintage Canned Ham Yellowstone trailer that was converted into a bookstore, then we turned it into a Little Free Library! We had lots of support from our community to help raise funds for her vinyl wrap as seen above. She is parked just north of the AMC movie theater and open at least five days a week. Please bring the kids and/or your family by and take some books for the whole family. We have a little bit of everything inside!
Allstate Rippy Insurance

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Offered by: Colorado Karate Club

Ronnie is an energized four year old attending our Pre-Karate program. Today, as every day when he has class, he is a few minutes early so he can get changed and be ready and on-time. Ronnie always makes his presence felt by everyone, and doesn’t have a shy bone in his body. After coming into the school he pokes his head into the office and loudly announces: “Hello Sensei!” I smile and say back: “Hello Ronnie, how are you today?” He then proceeds to tell me all the adventures he’s had since the last time we saw each other. After a minute or so mom rolls her eyes apologetically, interrupts him with “let’s get you changed”, gives him a little nudge and off they go.

While at the beginning of his Karate training he could be a handful in class, in the past few weeks Ronnie has begun to take his Karate training more seriously. He is now paying attention, getting less distracted, and his technique has also improved. Even better are the reports I get from home of him listening to mom and dad, doing as he is asked the first time, and being nicer to his two year old brother.

Looking at Ronnie in class, I cannot help but to feel proud of him and wonder how much more we may be able to accomplish in the future. Now, don’t get me wrong, he is still as rambunctious and energetic as always, but he is now aware that there are certain expectations of him. He is also proud of himself for getting his next belt, and for the positive feedback he gets from his parents and instructors for a job well done.

Of course Ronnie is not any one student, but a mix of so many of the children that have come to our Karate school over the years. No two students are the same, some are shy, some are extroverted, and some, like myself, somewhere in between. However, what they all have in common is the growth they all experience, each in their own way, children, youth, and adults. And that is the main reason that we exist.

At Colorado Karate Club we are helping to build a better community by instilling strong values of discipline and respect one student at a time.

Come join us.

Colorado Karate Club

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Offered by: City of Brighton Communications

Help conserve water and be rewarded with a credit on your utility bill through the City of Brighton’s new water incentive program. Through September, if you reduce your normal use by 20-percent, you will be credited on your bill. If your normal use falls in a higher tier, a greater credit will be issued. See the table below for how the credits will work:

To be eligible for credit(s), you will need to sign up for the program. To apply, click here. To learn more about the program, visit the Saving Water Incentive page on the City’s website.

The program applies to water consumption through September Credits are applied monthly. Please allow time for credit to be applied (bill statements may not always have the credit reflected). Credit(s) are not retroactive to the time of sign up.

If you need assistance in reducing your consumption, please contact Louis Morris, Water Conservation Specialist, at If you have questions about the program, please call Utility Billing at 303-655-2009.

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Offered by: Tim Roberts – Edward Jones

In just a few weeks, students will be heading off to college – and parents will be getting out their checkbooks. Without a college-bound student in your home right now, you might not be thinking much about tuition and other higher education expenses, but if you have young children, these costs may eventually be of concern – so how should you prepare for them?

It’s never too soon to start saving and investing. Unfortunately, many people think that they have a lot of “catching up” to do. In fact, nearly half of Americans say they don’t feel like they’re saving enough to cover future education expenses, according to a 2022 survey conducted by financial services firm Edward Jones with Morning Consult, a global research company.

Of course, it’s not always easy to set aside money for college when you’re already dealing with the high cost of living, and, at the same time, trying to save and invest for retirement. Still, even if you can only devote relatively modest amounts for your children’s education, these contributions can add up over time. But where should you put your money?

Personal savings accounts are the top vehicle Americans are using for their education funding strategies, according to the Edward Jones/Morning Consult survey. But there are other options, one of which is a 529 plan, which may offer more attractive features, including the following:

  • Possible tax benefits – If you invest in a 529 education savings plan, your earnings can grow federally income tax-free, provided the money is used for qualified education expenses. (Withdrawals not used for these expenses will generally incur taxes and penalties on investment earnings.) If you invest in your own state’s 529 plan, you may receive state tax benefits, too, depending on the state.
  • Flexibility in naming the beneficiary – As the owner of the 529 plan, you can name anyone you want as the beneficiary. You can also change the beneficiary. If your eldest child foregoes college, you can name a younger sibling or another eligible relative.
  • Support for non-college programs – Even if your children don’t want to go to college, it doesn’t mean they’re uninterested in any type of postsecondary education or training. And a 529 plan can pay for qualified expenses at trade or vocational schools, including apprenticeship programs registered with the U.S. Department of Labor.
  • Payment of student loans – A 529 plan can help pay off federal or private student loans, within limits.

Keep in mind that state-by-state tax treatment varies for different uses of 529 plans, so you’ll want to consult with your tax professional before putting a plan in place. Despite these and other benefits, 529 plans are greatly underutilized. Only about 40% of Americans even recognize the 529 plan as an education savings tool, and only 13% are actually using it, again according to the Edward Jones/Morning Consult study.

But as the cost of college and other postsecondary programs continues to rise, it will become even more important for parents to find effective ways to save for their children’s future education expenses. So, consider how a 529 plan can help you and your family. And the sooner you get started, the better.

This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor.
Edward Jones, Member SIPC.
Investors should understand the risks involved of owning investments. The value of investments fluctuates and investors can lose some or all of their principal.

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Offered by: Jan Hepp-Struck, Hepp Realty

What a diff erence a few months can make! In my May market update I spoke of navigating through uncharted waters and that is still the case, but the winds have shifted some since then which has had some impact on our housing market. The biggest factor—earlier in the year interest rates were predicted to stay under the 4% mark through the end of 2022. But that was before persistent inflation forced rates past that prediction and into the low to mid 5% range on the average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (Freddie Mac) in June.

According to and economic experts, the nearly two percentage point difference between the initial prediction and the actual rate increase is a game changer. That difference, while it may not seem like very much, extrapolates out to about a 20% increase in a monthly mortgage payment on a median-priced ($447,000) home. economists are now predicting a little cooling on home price increases and a slight slowing in home sales because potential buyers on the lower median income curve have been forced out of the equation. Economists remind us, however, that while this may sound like reason for concern, the reality is that because of the explosive sales numbers from last year, the current market is still starting at a residual higher price point, and there is no reason for panic because even if prices do fall, over all the market is still on track for an historically good year, and we’re a long way from a crash.

There is some welcome news for buyers though because all these factors should lead to a boost in available inventory, potentially upwards of 15%, an increase from the prior prediction of less than 1% (

For proven expertise in establishing your home value and/or searching for a new or existing home, please call Jan at (303) 520-4340.

Hepp Realty

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Offered by: Joseph A. Lucero DDS Inc.

I would like to announce my return to the Colorado Front Range and Eastern Plains area. Although a lot has changed in the past twelve years that I have been away, I still sense a very peaceful welcoming from all the longtime and newer residents of these communities.

After seven years of professional training in the Midwest and five years of private practice experience in the San Luis Valley, I am beyond excited to be back and opening a state of the art prosthodontic dental clinic. The new comprehensive dental clinic is located in Lafayette Colorado, in the area of Arapahoe Rd and N95th St. Come and make us your dental provider, our address is 2575 Park Ln, Suite 101, Lafayette CO 80026, our doors are open.

My dental practice specializes in implants, dentures, and full mouth reconstruction, however we offer complete dental care to everybody. My focus is to provide our patients a 21st century digital approach to maintaining a healthy, youthful, aesthetic smile. We accept most insurance and help our patients make wise decisions about their most valuable asset in life. Opportunities are everywhere with a gorgeous, well maintained smile.

See you soon,
Joseph A. Lucero DDS

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Offered by: Jennifer Bell – Bell Benefits, LLC

For anyone looking into the details of Medicare, the first thing that happens is eyes go crossed, tempers start to flare, and headaches begin. The confusion of Medicare is real. You are not alone.

There are essentially two types of Medicare Insurance plans available to everyone: a Medicare Supplement or a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Now of course there are those who might have a special circumstance where they also have access to retiree benefits, V.A. Benefits, or Tricare for Life. If this is you, it’s good to know all of your options and then make a decision. For the rest of you, here is a brief summary of the two types of insurance options you will be looking at.

Medicare Supplement plans will pay second to Medicare. This means Medicare is your Primary Insurance. The doctors, clinics, and hospitals that you go to would need to take Medicare in order for your insurance to work there. The nice thing about this is the insurance provider on your Medicare Supplement card does not have an additional network for the provider. You can go to anyone who takes Medicare. There is an additional monthly premium when you have a Medicare Supplement plan and little out-of-pocket costs as you need services.

With a Medicare Advantage Plan, you would choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP) who would be your gatekeeper. This PCP would refer you to other specialists for other needs you may have.  The insurance company for your Medicare Advantage plan would determine which providers you could go to in their network. A lot of these plans do not have an additional premium. Instead, they take over for Medicare and Medicare pays them to manage your healthcare. These are the “pay as you go” type of plans with copays and coinsurance responsibilities when you need services.

Hopefully that helps with the basics. I’m always happy to help you compare plans and options for you.

Just give me a call or a text: 720-626-6524

Jennifer Bell | Bell Benefits

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Offered by: Dr. Eric Anderson DC and Heidi Anderson at Brighton Clinic of Chiropractic

Are you experiencing tightness and loss of movement? We had the pleasure of working with a couple of ladies last week at Todd Creek. Both of these energetic ladies are golfers and both showed us their golf swing. They discussed with us where they felt tightness, causing reduced movement while swinging a club. It was interesting that both ladies had tightness in their low back and hip region. Tightness like this will affect your golf game, preventing a full, smooth, swing.

Even though golf is considered to be a low-impact sport, it is associated with various injuries to the hip, low back, elbow, wrist, arm, hand and shoulder. Tight muscles will put a golfer at a higher risk for injury which are usually related to poor mechanics or a day of overexertion. Summer heat can add to these challenges.

At Brighton Clinic of Chiropractic, we specialize in Mechanical Motion Therapy (MMT). MMT is a combination of moving through a specific range of motions with instrumentation therapy, which produces rehabilitation of the proprioceptors in the muscles and tendons. The MMT golf protocol improves balance and increases coordination of the muscles involved with the golf swing. This will lead to a greater range of motion and a happier golfer on golf day!

For more information on MMT therapy or other protocols that are available, call 303-993-6092.

Please visit our website at

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Offered by: GCR Tires & Service

GCR Tires & Service in Brighton has some very exciting news to report this August. One of their most revered employees, Scott Tolman, (a 30 year veteran) was in a near tragic automobile accident February 25th this year. This came as horrible news to everyone at GCR, not to mention all of their customers who had depended on Scott for all these years.

There is an upside to this story, however. Even though Scott sustained serious injuries and underwent several surgeries, his heart for continuing to work and lots of physical therapy will allow him to return to light duty work again August 1st. The GCR Brighton location is pleased to say, “Welcome Back, Scott!” and know those making countless inquiries during his absence will be happy to see him as well. His past contributions to the business and his efforts to make this comeback are greatly appreciated.

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Offered by: Mountain View Family Dental

It’s here! The new, revolutionary tooth whitening system that can erase years from your looks in a single 45 minute visit. Zoom whitening, developed by Philips, is the #1 patient-requested professional whitening treatment, capable of safely brightening your teeth by up to eight shades. In fact, it’s the #1 patient-requested professional whitening treatment, owing to even results, amazing convenience and minimal tooth sensitivity following the treatment.

Zoom whitening doesn’t require trays, wearing strips for days or other hassles. All we do is apply Zoom whitening gel to your teeth during the appointment, and activate it using a special Zoom light for three 15-minute sessions. The advanced gel gently penetrates the sub-micron pores of tooth enamel to break down stains and eliminate years of discoloration.

Curious if Zoom is right for you? Call us to find out. For a limited time you can use the coupon on current ad in The Brighton Buzz and experience a new, brighter smile in minutes.

Mountain View Family Dental Brighton