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Offered by: Tolison & Williams, Attorneys at Law

Wow, another year has flown by, but it was indeed a memorable one! We are grateful that we managed to stay safe and healthy and were able to continue our high standard of service for our existing and new clients. We recently celebrated our 8th Anniversary and look forward to many more years of success and service in this great community.

The family law team has had another productive year and helped many clients navigate a variety of issues and unique challenges that many families faced during the pandemic. We are proud to report that Zack and Carla had an exceptional year. Maintaining client relationships, attending mediation and trying cases over a computer comes with its own challenges and Zack and Carla rose to the occasion-not only did Zack litigate more cases than he would in a typical year, he and Carla were unbelievably successful. We are so proud of the work they do!  is year Katie was once again selected as a Top 100 Family Lawyer in the State of Colorado from the American Society of Legal Advocates and was acknowledged as providing exceptional and outstanding client service by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys. She was also recognized as a Thomson Reuters Super Lawyer for 2020. With the hard work and support of her fantastic paralegal, Cindy, Katie maintains an excellent 10 out of 10 AVVO rating an accomplishment she is very proud of.

The elder law team was busier than ever, partly due to the devastating realities of COVID-19.  The pandemic also got a lot of people thinking about their estate plans (or lack thereof), and Casey and her team have been happy to help many families get their Wills, powers of attorney, and health care documents in place and provide at least a little peace of mind during these uncertain times. While we want people to do their estate planning regardless of a pandemic, this time is a good reminder for all of us to try to get our “ducks in a row” to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Casey was voted “Best in Brighton” and “Best in Aurora” for her probate and estate planning work over the last year, and was very honored to receive the recognition.

Casey and Katie have both continued their community service efforts over the last year. Casey continues to serve on the Co-Chairperson for Senior Law Day, serve on the Colorado Supreme Court Probate Rules Committee, and as the Co-Chair for the Adams and Broomfield Bar Association’s probate section. Katie continues to provide pro bono legal
services through Metro Volunteer Lawyers and is in her third year of work with the Brighton and Commerce City Police Departments as a volunteer Victim’s Advocate.

We are grateful for the continued support and hard work from our team members—thank you Zack, Cindy, Carla, Dana, Sarah, and Taylor for your dedication to our team, community, and clients. To our clients and other community partners, thank you for another great year and your continued support. From our family to yours, we wish you a safe and healthy summer and happy Independence Day!

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Offered by: Susan Kline – The Brighton Buzz

Susan Kline

As these summer months go by, it seems as if our journeys into our new normal are progressing somewhat similarly to how we adapted to our lives changing with pandemic restrictions. Everyone is dancing to their own music! While our fears of getting a deadly disease have largely abated, the rhythm for our new normal evolution is at a variety of different speeds. Quick, quick, slow is a feeling that permeates our everyday activity pace which accommodates all of our collective journeys into normalcy.

One thing for sure, it’s a wonderful blessing we’re able to go on this journey! As many of our local businesses are more
freely open, there looms a problem of hiring staff to serve the additional business. We will be adding a Now Hiring Section to the magazine to list available jobs in our area. Soon, the additional unemployment payments will end and I’m sure our distribution communities will benefit from hiring locally. Please call 303-404-2000 if you’d like to advertise your available job openings in The Brighton Buzz.

This July, The Brighton Buzz is celebrating our 16th year in publication. We would like to thank all of our wonderful
advertisers who have kept our dream alive to publish our monthly community magazine and bring their valuable
resources to this North Eastern Metro Denver area!

Celebrate A Safe & Happy July 4th!

~ Susan

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Offered by: United Power

Charger Part of Co-op’s Growing EV Charging Network

Brighton, CO – United Power announced Tuesday its second electric vehicle charging station is now operational and available for public use. The new charging station is located at the Market Street Mart in Keenesburg, filling a gap in available charging options for rural electric vehicle owners and drivers between Brighton and Fort Morgan. Both cooperative charging stations are available on the ChargePoint network.

“United Power has made a commitment to providing innovative technologies that are beneficial for members,” said Energy Programs Director Joel Danford. “This installation not only helps us continue to fulfill that commitment but also keep pace with the emerging trend toward electric vehicles.”

The Keenesburg charging station is a 62.5 kW direct current (DC) fast charger available for anyone who has set up a ChargePoint account. Anyone can set up a ChargePoint account using the mobile app or an activation card available through the mail. The charging station was installed with the help of a grant from the Colorado Energy Office’s Charge Ahead Colorado program.

United Power has invested in several educational resources for members interested in electric vehicles. The cooperative launched its Choose EV web portal in June, providing a wealth of information about both electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. It also hosted a live webinar for National Drive EV Week to provide additional education and alleviate common concerns and hesitations about purchasing an electric vehicle.

The cooperative installed its first charging station at its Coal Creek office in 2019. United Power leadership continues to look at the electric vehicle landscape and consider programs that will offer the best benefit for members, including additional charging locations in its growing network.

“We have made a consistent effort to invest in electric vehicle resources for members over the past couple years,” said Mark A. Gabriel, United Power’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Our goal is to provide the right opportunities and the right programs that make electric vehicles practical and accessible for more of our members, especially those who live in rural communities.”

United Power is a member-owned, not-for-profit electric cooperative delivering electricity to more than 97,000 meters at homes, businesses and farms in Colorado’s north-central front range. For more information about the cooperative visit or follow on social media at or

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Offered by: City of Brighton Communications

The Brighton Youth Commission (BYC) is recruiting for open positions on both the Commission and the Brighton Youth Corps of Volunteers. Interested applicants can apply at The deadline for applications is Friday, June 18 at 5 p.m.

The BYC is a body of 22 youth and six adults who are appointed by City Council to study and investigate matters impacting youth in the City of Brighton. The BYC plans and implements projects addressing these matters, like Suicide Prevention Education Awareness Knowledge (SPEAK) Week, a mental health awareness program that is youthled and youth-driven. To be eligible for the Brighton Youth Commission, you must either attend a 27J school or live within the city limits of Brighton. The Commission is also focused on building youth-adult partnerships. In order to accomplish this, six adult members typically serve on the Commission. The commission is also recruiting adult members who live in the city limits of Brighton.

The Brighton Youth Corps is a group of young adults ages 10 to 19 dedicated to serving the City through volunteering and community service. Members of the Youth Corps focus heavily on building strong leadership skills and personal growth. The Brighton Youth Corps meets once a month. To be eligible for the Brighton Youth Corps, you must be 10-19 years old.

In-person interviews will be held on Thursday, June 24 from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. If you are unable to attend, you must notify Tawnya Russell, Manager of Brighton Youth Services, by June 20 — please email or call 303-655-2123.

If you have questions, please contact Tawnya Russell at or call 303-655-2123.

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Offered by: Colorado Karate Club

As a young child, I wasn’t the most athletic of kids, a little on the chubby side actually. My mom’s friends would walk up to me and pinch my fat cheeks exclaiming how cute I was. An already grumpy kid that I was, the unwanted attention annoyed me even more.

My older brothers were more athletic than me, they integrated our school’s soccer team, track and field, and others. Me, on the other hand, had the honor to make captain of the chess team three years in a row. While I did try out for the other sport squads, I just never made the final cut.

In Karate however, I found something that I could do without having to “make the team”. I developed at my own pace, and progressed according to my own efforts and capability. In time, I came to excel at Karate, just as my older brothers had done before me. But most importantly, I enjoyed it, and thrived doing it… Many years later, I still do.

To me, doing well at Karate was like the fly of a bumblebee. People wonder how a bumblebee can fly with such tiny wings and a large body. Similarly, one would ask, how could someone excel at Karate when they are not physically

The problem, I think, is that we make the wrong assumptions about the bees and about people. For a bumblebee it would be impossible to fly like a bird does. Instead, this oddly shaped insect has to flap its wings over two hundred
times per second in order to get some lift. Same objective, different approach.

As a Karate practitioner, I could not rely on my natural ability to progress in my training. Instead, Karate required other things first, discipline, focus, perseverance, and determination. With that as a base, everything else came later in its own time.

I see this with my own students, but I also see it in everyday life. Those folks who have the mental strength to outwork their competition and to stay on task when things are difficult. Those are the folks who succeed, even against all odds. People wonder how they got there, and the answer is that, like the bumblebee, they flapped their wings furiously while many others tried to glide to their goals.

To my students I say, be more like the bumblebee, work hard, be consistent, and find a way to achieve your dreams, even if it requires a whole different approach. Not only are you more likely to succeed, but you actually become
a much stronger individual through the journey. And that’s what I wish for you as well.

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Offered by: Jan Hepp-Struck, Hepp Realty

If you’re like most hopeful homebuyers, you know whether you prefer to buy a move-in ready property or a fixer-upper, and if the latter, what level of “fixing up” you’re willing to take on. But in a tough market like the one we’re now experiencing, with limited inventory and crazy high price points often exceeding appraisal value, buyers who are willing to re-evaluate their requirements and broaden their search to include properties needing work, are having a higher level of success.

This shift has been especially true for millennial buyers who, according to a recent survey by Angi (formerly Angie’s List), purchased a home requiring varying degrees of renovations, though only 42.4% of them began their home
search with that intention.  These buyers cited price point as the primary driver but the unspoken driver behind rising price points is, of course, the disparity between supply and demand.

Move-in ready homes, especially in desirable neighborhoods, are always going to be more expensive than properties in need of renovations.  The survey also highlighted that buyers (46% of respondents) who didn’t exceed their budget on the purchase price of properties needing renovations did ultimately end up exceeding their overall budget within the first year because of the renovations.

The exploding cost of lumber, currently up more than 200% over a year ago (Forbes), is certainly a factor. For those unaware, the pandemic driven labor shortage has resulted in a shortage of lumber, and the cost is projected to continue climbing for the foreseeable future as we head into the home building/renovation season.

For proven expertise in establishing your home value and/or searching for a new or existing home, please call Jan at (303) 520-4340.

Hepp Realty

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Offered by: Tim Roberts – Edward Jones

June is Effective Communications Month. And it’s a good idea to recognize the importance of good communications because it plays a role in almost every aspect of living – including your finances. You’ll want to clearly communicate your financial goals to your loved ones – and you’ll want to hear theirs, too.

Let’s look at some of the communications you might have with family members:

Your spouse – You and your spouse may have different thoughts about a range of financial topics – how much to save, how much to spend, the level of debt with which you’re comfortable and so on. Try to reach some type of consensus on these issues. However, in regard to investing, you don’t necessarily have to act in unison all the time. You each may have different investment styles – one of you may be more aggressive, willing to take on more risk in exchange for potentially higher returns, while the other would rather invest with an eye toward mitigating risk, even it means accepting a lower return. Of course, there’s nothing stopping each of you from pursuing your individual investment strategies in your own accounts – IRA, 401(k) and so on. Still, if you are going to work toward common goals – especially toward a shared vision of your retirement lifestyle – you each may want to compromise in your
investment choices. And this accommodation is even more necessary in your joint accounts.

Your parents – If you may someday be involved with your parents’ financial plans – which is highly likely – you should know in advance what to expect. This may not be the easiest conversation to have, but it’s an important one. So, for example, ask your parents if they have a durable power of attorney, which allows them to designate someone to manage their financial affairs if they become physically or mentally incapacitated. You might also inquire if they have protected themselves against the potentially enormous costs of longterm care, such as an extended nursing home stay. If not, you might suggest that they contact a financial advisor, who can o er solutions. Once you begin communicating about these issues, you may well want to go further into your parents’ estate plans to determine what other arrangements, if any, they have made. If it seems that their plans are not fully developed, you may want to encourage them to contact an attorney specializing in estate planning.

Your grown children – Just as you talk to your parents about their estate plans, you’ll want to discuss the same topic with your own grown children. Let them know who you have named as a durable power of attorney, what’s in your last will and testament and whether you’ve established a living trust. If you’re already working with a financial advisor and an estate planning professional, make sure your children know how to contact these individuals. Of course, you don’t have to confine your communications to estate plans – if you want to help your children  financially, such as loaning them money for a down payment on a home, let them know.

By talking with your loved ones about key financial matters, everyone benefits. So, keep those lines of communication open.

This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor. Edward Jones, Member SIPC.

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Offered by: Christy Romano, Events Coordinator, City of Fort Lupton

If you’re looking for something fun to do this July 4th, come see us! We’re celebrating Independence Day – and community – July 4th the right way with food, fun, and fireworks in person. Fireworks, Ninja Warrior Course, bounce
houses, Fire Hose Water Slide, Petting Zoo, People Puller Tractor Ride, food trucks, beer garden, Car & Bike Show, live DJ, and evening concert with rising country music star, Kimi Most. Registration and a small fee are required for the Car & Bike Show, and the Ninja competition starting 4:30pm. All other activities are FREE!

Community celebrations are coming back from a long (uninvited) slumber this year with special meaning. I think for those of us in public service roles in particular, we have spent months planning for how best to serve everyone and bring back what made our communities so strong to begin with – each other! Fort Lupton has always taken great pride in offering progressive events that attract a regional crowd, yet maintain that ‘hometown vibe.’ The July 4th Independence Day celebration is the perfect time to celebrate community…it’s our comeback tour starting on July 4th.

If you’re ready to get out and have some family fun, we welcome you to make our hometown, your hometown July 4th!

Ft Lupton 4th of July Independence Day Celebration

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Offered by: Jennifer Bell – Bell Benefits, LLC

A lot of people can be nervous about the retirement years. It’s a whole new phase of life, an unknown. Retirement brings with it navigating Social Security, Medicare & finally using our retirement accounts. It must feel so strange to be putting money away your whole life and then all of a sudden being at the age where you get to live on that investment.

I will never claim to be a Social Security expert, but I have a lot of folks ask me about the best time to start taking Social Security income. I tell people to always consider what makes you most comfortable. If you take it early, you have a reduced monthly benefit forever. If you wait and take it at full retirement or later, you are increasing your monthly income for the rest of your life. You have to decide what monthly income you are willing to live on for the rest of your life.

I look at it from a monthly perspective because my bills come every month. Others look at it as a total lifetime benefit and will take it early so they are getting more money over the course of their life.

When it comes to Medicare, if you are receiving Social Security income benefits, Social Security will deduct your Medicare premium from your income each month. If you are not receiving Social Security benefits then you will receive a bill for Medicare and will need to pay them directly.

As always, I am more than happy to help you with your Medicare questions and can even help with some of your Social Security questions. I’m just a phone call away, 720-626-6524.

Jennifer Bell | Bell Benefits

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Offered by: Susan Kline – The Brighton Buzz

Susan Kline

As June approaches, it feels like a universal “re-opening” of our lives both in business and personally. it’s exciting to see most of our restrictions lifting and many of the things we enjoy about Summer coming back!

Our Issue is filled with Summer Activities and resources for all your projects, needs and wants this June. Read through the entire issue to start making your Summer plans.

Schedule of Brighton Buzz Listed Activities

  • Summerfest – Sat. June 5th, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. at Carmichael Park, 650 Southern St., Brighton, CO
  • Sonflower Ranch Spring Shindig – June 12th & June 13th, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Tee Up Fore Hope – June 18th at Todd Creek Golf Club
  • Fort Lupton Independence Day – July 4th at Community Park
  • Blues Blast – July 12th at The Armory
  • Flix and Kicks All Summer Long at Carmichael Park

One other very important day to remember in June is Father’s Day, June 20th. On this first day of Summer please take special care to celebrate the Fathers in your lives. Show your appreciation for all they do!

All The Best This June!

– Susan