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Offered by: Danielle Maroney – Thollot Diamonds & Fine Jewelry

COVID-19 has undoubtedly shaken up several wedding proposal plans but one thing is for sure, the pandemic hasn’t kept EVERYONE from popping the question. When the quarantine is finally behind us, plenty of couples will emerge from their period of isolation with a ring on their finger. While couples move tentatively into what is ubiquitously being called the “new normal,” Thollot & Co. are seeing an interesting trend: Couples are increasingly seeking out jewelry that is as original as the situation in which they find themselves.

“It’s a little like a tattoo; something that will represent forever but will also commemorate a time and place, ” A young woman named Taylor states emphatically, her partner providing confirmation with his agreeing nod.

When you bring your dreams of a custom piece to Thollot & Co., an experienced team of designers will talk through your ideas and desires to give you an idea of what your design could become. A computer designed image is created so you can examine your creation from multiple angles with the option to continue tweaking to your liking. From the design, a resin model is created which you can try on to be sure that your piece turns out exactly how you’ve envisioned it. Responding to requests from customers to be more hands-on throughout the creation process, Thollot & Co., created their unique “Pour Your Heart Into It” experience where you’ll have the option to participate in casting your piece with the guidance of a seasoned jeweler in the Thollot & Co. workshop. Capture the experience on video when you first reveal your dream piece crafted with your own hands!

“During the shutdown, many people are taking time to sort through their old heirlooms and unwanted jewelry,” says Owner Joy Thollot. Incorporating gems or other aspects from what you already have is a great way to create something one-of-a-kind, or bolster your budget and simply trade it towards an all new design. A 20% bonus value is applied if you trade your items toward something new.

A one-of-a-kind engagement ring, the perfect matching wedding band, a restyled piece using an existing gemstone, or any masterpiece you can imagine, Thollot & Co. offers many options for what to do with precious pieces of family history. With the price of gold reaching toward an all-time high, customers are being pleasantly surprised with how much their unwanted and broken jewelry can fetch.

In these challenging times, celebrating the momentous occasions of life is more important than ever. The Thollot & Co. family has been here to make those moments special and now we are honored to provide a one-of-a-kind experience to go along with the pieces that celebrate life’s journeys.

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Offered by: Melissa Rippy – Rippy Insurance Agency / Allstate

The Fourth of July is also known as Independence Day, July 4th, and/or America’s Birthday. It has been a federal holiday in the United States since 1941. This day commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence that solidified the colonies of America to fight for independence from Britain. Independence Day celebrations go back to the 18th century and the American Revolution.

There are many activities and traditions that occur during July 4th celebrations: fireworks, hot dogs, hamburgers, watermelon, music, sunshine and spending time with family and friends. Don’t forget to leave the fireworks to the pros! The Rippy Agency insures a family that once had a bucket full of fireworks in the garage and thought they were safely extinguished… Turns out they were not, and the entire home nearly burned down! Fortunately, Allstate was able to provide temporary housing for them while their home was being rebuilt.

Did you know that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of deaths for teens? From Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day Weekend, July is part of the 100 Deadliest Days of Summer as teens take to the road. Teens have the highest crash rate of any group and there is an increase of 26% of accidents compared to other months of the year. 60% of teen crashes today are caused by distracted driving. Did you know that the top distraction for teens in car crashes is other passengers and not those caused by texting or talking on the cell phone?

Enjoy a safe 4th of July and Summer! Please call or text 303.219.1470 for a safe driving kit for teens.

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Susan Kline

As we’re very close to our annual celebration of the 4th of July, I began contemplating the relationship between peace and freedom. We constantly hear about unrest/violence both nationally and globally. Working toward peaceful solutions to these inequities is the true answer to protecting the freedom we all love so much. Below are some thoughts to ponder relating to this subject… giving us guidance to incorporate more peace into our lives’ solutions.

“Let us not accept violence as the way of peace. Let us instead begin
by respecting true freedom: the resulting peace will be able to satisfy
the world’s expectations, for it will be a peace built on justice, a peace
founded on the incomparable dignity of the free human being.”

Pope John Paul II

“One day we must come to see that peace is not merely a distant goal
that we seek, but that it is a means by which we arrive at that goal. We
must pursue peaceful ends through peaceful means.”

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“The well-being and the hopes of the peoples of the world can never
be served until peace – as well as freedom, honor and self-respect – is

Ralph J. Bunche Excerpts taken from

Whether you’re seeking freedom from civil inequities, the coronavirus
pandemic, economic turmoil, or any number of things that are holding you
back in your life, we wish you the strength and courage to see your way to
improved living this July.

The Brighton Buzz is celebrating our 15th year in publication with this
issue! We greatly thank our advertisers and readership for going on this
journey with us!

Enjoy A Safe & Healthy July,


Happy 4th of July

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Offered by: Scott & Lora Nordby – Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

It’s been well over two months since the stay-at-home order was imposed and now that we are beginning to emerge from our homes, many people are investing in improvements, upgrades, or a whole new home! Whatever you decide it’s important that you consider the return on investment (ROI) of any improvement or upgrade. Here are the top three upgrades that give you the most bang for your buck.

Bathroom Remodel
In most cases, a minor master bath remodel can do wonders for your own space and your ROI. Consider investing in a new tub, tile surround, floor, toilet, sink, vanity and fixtures and get 102% of your investment back when you sell.

With the weather warming up, this is a perfect way to invest in your home, get some activity, and practice social distancing! Trimming back overgrown trees, adding some flowers, and re-sodding dead patches make an enormous difference in how much you enjoy being in your yard. Investing in your landscaping generally pays you back, dollar-for-dollar. Plus, having solid curb appeal will make all the difference when you’re ready to sell.

Let’s face it, we’ve all spent a lot of time in the kitchen, which means we know all-too-well what can be improved. Everything from cabinet pulls to refacing the cabinets itself can make a boring kitchen look brand new. If you want to go a step further, replacing the sink and countertops can make a big difference. Adding some new paint or drapes can complete a update and make you a lot happier and you can recoup about 98.5% of your cost.

Of course, any investment in your living space pays dividends in your own enjoyment. Rearranging furniture, new paint or curtains, or even a new bedspread can add fresh life to your home. And after all that work, you may find that you love your home even more! If you’re considering a change, though, call us at 303-905-8850 to speak with a REALTOR®. We’ll make sure you talk with someone who is knowledgeable about real estate and your local market, and can help you make the decisions that are best for your family.

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Offered by: Anneli Berube, Ag Innovation Specialist

In the midst of unprecedented times, the farmers of Historic Splendid Valley have forged on to continue to grow produce and flowers, raise goats and chickens, and so much more to maintain the food and agricultural products for the community.

“Spring on the farm is normally the most optimistic time for a farmer. It is the time when we finally get into the fields and have a fresh start, so to speak – a time when we plan to hopefully correct all of the mistakes we made last season, a time of hope for a better year than the previous one, kind of a fresh start,” explained Robert Sakata of Sakata Farms.

Despite moving forward, local producers are facing a myriad of challenges because of the COVID-19 crisis. The uncertainty of demand and market channels and the effects of social distancing on farm visitation have already forced some farms to make adjustments.

Berry Patch Farms is planting two new strawberry fields this year to help ensure the safety of employees and the public to pick certified-organic berries in the summer. Only in its first year of production, Minoru Farm has already pivoted from its model of selling at farmers markets to include Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm shares.

“With the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for knowing where your food comes from has increased, along with the public’s realization of the importance of supporting small local businesses. I got the message that I needed to step up and offer what I could,” said Jade Sato of Minoru Farm.
Sonflower Ranch was set to offer spring tours for preschoolers and first-graders, but it has been canceled because of the pandemic. In response, the farm is offering self-guided, no-contact tours for families looking for something to do close to home.

Farms have also had to make extensive changes to operation guidelines, ranging from increased food safety trainings to acquiring protective equipment to keep workers safe.

Changes in operations also extends to how farms are selling their products. Palizzi Farm is exploring a produce drive-up service and local delivery options. Sakata Farms mentioned potential opportunities to support food pantries and food banks as the season goes on. Red Daisy Farm is providing an opportunity to grow-your-own. In response to postponed weddings and other events that provide much of the demand for their flowers, Red Daisy is offering cut flower garden kits. Many local residents have already stepped up to ensure these local farms are supported.

“My experience over these past months is that we live in an amazing community that wants to support each other,” said Taylor Drew of Forever
West Farms. “I have witnessed so much kindness in the local food community and it inspires me.”

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Offered by: John Wilson, B.S., BC-HIS – Blue Ribbon Hearing & Tinnitus Center

While the last two months have been difficult with the shutdown due to COVID-19, Blue Ribbon Hearing & Tinnitus center has continued to be available for our patients on a very limited basis to ensure they have the opportunity to experience better hearing. While we know we will see more changes to policies and procedures in the future, we will continue striving to provide the best hearing aids, with the best customer service, at the best possible price.

Going forward, our office will continue with policies and procedures designed to help protect the health of our patients. We will see patients by appointment only to ensure we have the proper time to clean and sanitize between appointments. In order to accommodate emergency situations, we keep a limited number of appointment slots open for individuals who need immediate attention on short notice. When you schedule an appointment, we will explain other applicable procedures.

Now, based on some recent experiences of my patients and colleagues around the country, I would like to share some important tips.

  • When communicating with a person with hearing loss, please be patient. Many people have become stressed and overwhelmed being together for extended periods of time. Speaking more slowly and more clearly can help. If a person does not understand what you are saying, try rephrasing as opposed to simply speaking louder. You should not disengage, say “nevermind,” or criticize an individual who asks you to repeat. Such behavior causes seen and unseen emotional and psychological stress. Be compassionate.
  • If you are wearing a mask and speaking to someone who is hard of hearing, again, be patient. The speech of anyone wearing a mask will be muffled. The clarity sounds of speech, the consonant sounds that make up the beginning and ending of words, are the sounds that are muffled most by masks. Individuals with normal hearing can struggle to understand someone wearing a mask. It may be impossible for someone with hearing loss to understand the distorted speech coming from someone wearing a mask.
  • There are special masks that are designed for those who regularly speak to individuals with hearing loss. The masks have a clear insert that allows speech cues to be seen even when the mask is on. The speaker’s words may still be muffled to the hearer, but visual speech cues can help improve understanding.
  • Wearing a mask can be very difficult with hearing aids that fit behind the ear. These problems include discomfort or soreness as well as an increased likelihood of losing a hearing aid. The loops of the mask can pull the device out of a patient’s ear and fling it. Wearing a mask that ties behind the head as opposed to looping around the ears causes fewer problems. Custom in-the-ear devices are not a problem with masks. Our latest hearing aid technology includes a feature where you can find your lost hearing aid via your smartphone app.
  • Hearing aid technology exists that can help to hear someone wearing a mask. One patient came in and was complaining about how hard it was to understand anyone wearing a mask. We used the app on his iPhone to make changes to his programming, specifically the higher frequencies muffled by the mask. After making the changes he could easily understand me through my mask. We were able to save the changes as a custom program called “Mask.” After that, anytime he was speaking to someone wearing a mask, he could simply switch to the “Mask” program.
  • The latest technology allows us to make programming changes remotely. For patients that need programming changes but who were not able to make it into the office due to quarantine or other reasons, we are able to make programming changes remotely.

Again, please be patient with others during this time. And remember to support the small local businesses that are an integral part of our community, because the greatest economic stimulus in our community comes from our customers and patients.

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Offered by: Sean Rector – Sylvan Learning Center

Online learning can be daunting and overwhelming, and some students may need help catching back up with their work or keeping up and on track with their classes. Sylvan Learning of Broomfield offers programs for every student that will help kids catch up, keep up and get ahead in their learning during school closures and be ready to succeed when schools re-open. What sets Sylvan apart is focused, live 1-on-1 online instruction and interaction with either fully licensed educators or instructors that have degrees in their subjects. These online sessions, in combination with Sylvan’s already proven philosophy that learning should be personal, gives kids the confidence they need to succeed, through individual, adaptive learning plans that adjust in real time using advanced technology, even as schools remain closed.

Sylvan Offers Something for Everyone!

Sylvan has programs designed to help beginning learners progress all the way through to their college education, with Reading starting in Pre-K, and Writing and Math starting in Kindergarten. We also offer Test Prep for SAT and ACT, as well as personalized sessions for Homework Support or Study Skills. Every session is individualized to meet the specific needs of your child and to help them grow and succeed in school! Programs are customized to meet students where they are at and help them grow to become confident and successful learners, from pre-K kids just starting their academic adventure to adult learners who need to brush up on skills!
Even in an uncertain time like this, we need to continue to put forth positive thoughts around learning for kids. Your child has worked so hard to reach this point of the school year, and we can work together to ensure they are caught up and on track, continuing the momentum from this last school year. Sylvan Learning of Broomfield is here to prepare your kids and make sure they succeed when school resumes!

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Offered by: Mackenzie Reshew, CPNP – Brighton Pediatrics, P.C.

During the summer there tends to be an increased need for physicals as parents prepare their children for school and fall sports. Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, there is still uncertainty what the coming school year and sports seasons will look like. Despite these uncertainties, it is still recommended to continue routine child and adolescent well visits. These well visits are important to stay up to date. Well checks include routine vaccines, continued weight monitoring, and performance of routine screenings such as development, hearing, vision, and mental health screenings. The American Academy of Pediatrics does recommend continuing with routine well child/adolescent care at this time. We advise you to schedule these appointments early to avoid last minute time crunches.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic our office has made some changes so that we can help minimize spread of infection and keep our families as healthy as possible. Currently, we have designated waiting rooms and exam rooms for non-sick visits, such as physicals, and separate designated rooms for sick visits. We are currently scheduling all well visits in the morning and all sick visits in the afternoon and having all healthy families use a different entrance than sick families. Additionally, we continue to utilize rigorous cleaning measures and we are wearing masks for every patient encounter.

Our evening hours have been suspended for now, but we will continue to assess the COVID19 pandemic recommendations and resume the evening hours when we feel it is safe for our families and staff. We have made these changes to help support the safety of our families.

Please feel free to call our office for questions or concerns regarding physicals, well child care or the current coronavirus pandemic.

For additional information, please visit our website at:

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Brighton Pediatrics

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Offered by: Family Eyecare of Brighton

Time to see the world again with Family Eyecare of Brighton! To accommodate those of you who have waited so patiently for your non-emergent care, we are finally returning back to normal business hours, Monday through Friday. It has been difficult without you, and we would like to extend a big “thank you” for standing by us during these unprecedented times.

We will be following the proper protocols, as identified by the American Optometric Association, and have outlined our plan to keep our staff and patients safe outside our normal sanitizing and disinfecting practices below.

  • When coming into the office, in accordance with CDC recommendations, please wear a face mask of some kind.
  • For children or those needing assistance, we welcome ONE family member or companion to accompany the individual (while also wearing a mask), but ask all others to come alone.
  • We will continue to practice strict social distancing in our waiting areas, optical dispensaries, and exam rooms.
  • If you have an appointment, but have been sick or in contact with someone who has been sick, we ask that you reschedule all non-emergent visits for a later date.

As always, our priority is the safety of everyone who enters our practice. If you would like to schedule your annual exam or have any other eye care needs, please give us a call at 303.654.7933. We can’t wait to see you again!

193 South 27th Ave. • Brighton • 80601 • 303.654.7933
(Located on the Corner of 27th & Egbert)

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Family Eyecare of Brighton

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Offered by: Lisa Asmussen – Integrity Insurance LLC

After working and paying into Medicare, most people are entitled at age 65 to Part A at no cost. This is because you or your spouse already paid the Medicare tax(10 years) when you were working. (This is part of the FICA deduction on your paycheck.) If you did not previously work or did not work long enough, you can still get Part A but you may have to pay a premium. If you delay you may owe a late enrollment penalty along with that premium.

Medicare rules for signing up can be difficult to understand. It is important to determine your eligibility and enrollment periods, so you can take advantage of the Medicare benefits you’ve earned. Even if you are continuing to work and have employer group health insurance don’t overlook the need to understand your coverage options and enrollment periods. Planning 6 months ahead of your 65th birthday, is not too early to make a plan. The late enrollment penalties can be avoided by meeting enrollment deadlines including the initial enrollment period for Parts A and B and getting Part D for prescription coverage.

You will not be automatically enrolled in Medicare at age 65 unless you are already collecting Social Security. I can share the enrollment steps and what to expect. Your situation is unique, you need personalized assistance based on your current coverage and plans for the future.

I have regular Zoom presentations open to all, on many Medicare topics as well as health and wellness topics. Find me on facebook and online at:

Contact me today if you have any other questions or need help enrolling.

Not connected with or endorsed by the United States government or the federal Medicare program. This is an advertisement. Calling the telephone number in this advertisement will connect you to a licensed producer/agent.