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Offered by: Dr. Marcus Gall – Essential Family Chiropractic

I’m very proud to say that five years ago, this month, we opened the doors to Essential Family Chiropractic here in Brighton. We made it our mission to create a culture of health in the community and surrounding areas by helping people reach their God-given health potential, and the impact we’ve been able to see in people’s lives has been amazing! From seeing people get out of pain to losing weight and getting off medications, it’s such a blessing to watch the transformation. But none of it would have happened without the people of Brighton embracing and choosing us for their health care needs.

To say thank you, we are hosting a Block Party at our office. Friday, July 26th, from 3 to 5pm, we’ll be having food, games, inflatables, face painting and prizes for FREE!

Also, in honor of our Five-Year Anniversary, we’ll be offering the first three visits at Essential Family Chiropractic for only $55, including the consultation, exam, x-rays ($40, if necessary), first adjustment ($15), and report of findings from July 22nd to 26th. Limited spaces are available, so appointments must be reserved in advance by calling 303-659-3128.

Thank you so much for letting us be part of your health journey. Here’s to many more years serving the Brighton community!

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Offered by: Ewing Hardscape Supply

As the weather warms up, you’re ready to enjoy summer BBQs and get-togethers, but is your backyard? Here are four ideas to create a stunning backyard hangout.

Permeable Pavers

One of the most important parts of creating a backyard for entertaining is having space for a table, grill and seats. A popular, sustainable paver option is permeable pavers, which help reduce surface water runoff by absorbing it and allowing the water to seep into the ground.

Retaining Walls

Incorporating a retaining wall into a backyard design can improve an outdoor space’s functionality and provides more flexibility.

If your backyard has slopes or is at risk for erosion, a retaining wall could be a good fit. Surrounding a sloping area with an aesthetically pleasing retaining wall will allow you to utilize space that couldn’t be used before.

River and Decorative Rock

Looking to update your backyard without completely changing it? Decorative stones, boulders and river rocks can enhance any existing backyard feature.

River rock, for example, can add an extra element of design or creativity to a water feature. Decorative rock can be added to landscape edging designs to help turf or native plant landscapes pop.

Fire Features

A popular outdoor design element to incorporate are fire pits and outdoor fireplaces. Fire features allow you to utilize your space day and night, giving you more time to enjoy the outdoors. Customize your feature with a variety of shapes and sizes, by using either natural gas or propane, and incorporating different fire glass options.

How can you get these features incorporated into your backyard?

There are great local landscape contractors that can help you design, build and install your new outdoor sanctuary. If you’re looking for inspiration, stop by your local Ewing Hardscape Supply in Brighton.

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Offered by: Thollot Jewelers

For the entire month of July, Thollot Diamonds will be paying top dollar for your old, unworn or out-of-style gold and gold jewelry. This gold buying event is the perfect time to bring in those old valuables and receive either cash back or credit toward your next jewelry purchase at Thollot Diamonds. During the event, customers will receive an additional 20 percent bonus on the value of their precious metals when they accept payment in store credit to purchase something new.

Thollot’s gold buying plan is perfect for customers looking to receive top dollar for their exchanges, going above and beyond basic buying services. For example, many gold buyers will not pay for gemstones and will even charge to remove them. Thollot Diamond’s jewelry designers are actively buying diamonds and will remove them from their settings at no charge, even if you decide to keep them. This is just one example of why Coloradans trust Thollot Diamonds and Fine Jewelry for their gold and diamond exchange needs.

For more information or any questions, please call the store and talk to a staff member at (303) 280-3374, visit our blog at or simply stop by our store for a complimentary evaluation of the items you are considering trading or selling!

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Thollot Jewelers

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Offered by: Kathryn R. Tolison, Esq. & Casey L. Williams, Esq.

We have had another busy year and many great opportunities to serve clients and our community. We sponsored the Second Annual Senior Law Day for Adams and Broomfield Counties that was held on June 8, 2019. We nearly doubled our attendance from last year and had more sponsors than we could have expected. Casey and Ellen served on the Planning Committee again this year and Zack presented at the event. We are grateful to all of our community partners and sponsors.

Casey was again featured in a 9News interview and provided information about elder law and resources for seniors, their families, and their caregivers. She is grateful for the opportunity to get important information out to the public, especially those who may not otherwise receive it.

Casey continues to serve on the Colorado Supreme Court Probate Rules Committee and has contributed to many important legal and policy changes in probate and elder law. She is also serving as the Co-Chair for the Adams and Broomfield Bar Association’s probate section and will start working on the 2019 Senior Law Day in August.

This was a very successful and productive year for our family law team also! Katie was selected as a Top 100 Family Lawyer in the State of Colorado from the American Society of Legal Advocates and was acknowledged as providing exceptional and outstanding client service by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys. With the hard work and support of her fantastic team, Katie maintains an excellent 10 out of 10 AVVO rating-an accomplishment for the family law team she is very proud of.

The family law team continues to serve others through their involvement with Metro Volunteer Lawyers and Katie also continues to provide volunteer service through her work with the Brighton and Commerce City Police Departments.

We are grateful for the continued support and hard work from our team members—thank you Zack, Ellen, Cindy, Carla, Sarah, Randi, and Hunter! We could not do this without you! To our clients and other community partners, thank you for another great year and we wish you a blessed summer and safe and happy Independence Day!

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Tolison & Williams

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Offered by: Scott & Lora Nordby – Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Current headlines don’t really do a lot of justice for buyers and sellers in the real estate market. For example, the average home sale price just hit an all-time high in the Denver Metro Area, at $533,371. When buyers and sellers read that headline, it shapes how they set expectations about their experience.

Buyers may be inclined to jump at the first house that meets most of their needs, and possibly regret not looking at more houses during their search. Sellers, on the other hand, may feel like the new record indicates that they, too, should price high and get in on that kind of high-selling action.

The problem with both of those scenarios is that it flies in the face of conventional wisdom. According to DMAR (the Denver Metro Association of Realtors), the market is beginning to cool. Average days on market went from 6 days in 2018 to 12 in 2019. Inventory was up 35.89% compared with 2018, as well. These stats spell a cool down.

So how do you set realistic expectations in a slowly shifting market?

Know Your Goals

You won’t know when you’ve found what you’re looking for if you don’t define what it is. For buyers, that means a list of what’s important and what are deal breakers. For sellers, it means being comfortable with your listing price and the strategy to get it sold quickly. If your neighbor’s home went under contract in 3 days, but had more upgrades and a lower price point, your sale may not perform the same way. Having all the information will keep you prepared.

Listen to Your REALTOR®

Your REALTOR® wants you to have a great experience. When they say the price needs to come down before you list, ask questions and listen to the answers. Sellers may get attached to a certain price point and find themselves disappointed when the offers don’t come pouring in. Buyers, on the other hand, may find themselves hyper-focused on a neighborhood, feature, or style of home that just doesn’t exist. When they’ve exhausted all of their options, they may become discouraged.

When your REALTOR® asks questions to expand your search, change strategy, or lower your price, be sure to engage in that conversation and ask questions until you understand.

Follow the Plan

There are a lot of moving parts to buying and/or selling a home. From competitive bidding situations to seasonal shifts in activity, your REALTOR® will set the tone and explain the strategy. Sometimes you get 4 offers at your first open house. Other times the offers trickle in over the following few days. You may make an offer on the first home you see, or it may take several outings. Be patient and you will reap the rewards.

If you are ready to buy or sell this spring, give us a call! We’d be happy to answer any questions and get you moving! Call us today at 303-638-6229!

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New brand for Brighton/Adams County agricultural area

Offered by: City of Brighton Communications Office

Together the City of Brighton and Adams County have finalized a name and logo for the agricultural area that is the focus of the District Plan; a joint city and county plan to preserve prime agricultural land, encourage local food production, and promote agritourism in the south Brighton area.

The name Historic Splendid Valley is a reference to the founder of the City of Brighton, Daniel F. Carmichael. According to his March 3rd, 1911 obituary in the Brighton Standard Blade, despite a difficult, drought-stricken year, Carmichael “took a fancy to the place and determined there should be a town here that would be a credit to the splendid valley of the Platte.”

Historic Splendid Valley already lives up to the name “splendid.” Visiting the area, one passes rows of cabbage, corn, onions, and more; bustling berry patches offering u-pick opportunities; beehives buzzing on open space properties, and farm stands offering seasonal produce and local products. All of these activities take place against the backdrop of the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, with the South Platte River flowing alongside. The vision for the future of the area includes farm-to-table restaurants, bed and breakfasts, working lands, food storage, and processing facilities, and more as part of a freestanding community that grows a significant portion of the region’s produce.

“This brand helps to develop the identity of an area that has been a priority for agricultural preservation for over a decade,” said Anneli Berube, Ag Innovation Specialist for the City of Brighton and Adams County. “It is the hope of the city and the county that this brand will provide local farmers, business owners, and others with a tool to promote the area’s unique products and experiences.”

District Plan Commission Chair Alan Hale added, “As we work to ensure the protection of additional prime farmland, this brand will also be a reminder of the importance of agriculture to our history, and to our future.”

Next steps for this project include developing a marketing and public relations plan to guide the use of the new brand, and implementing a wayfinding signage program for the area. The Historic Splendid Valley brand will help to realize the future of this area as a destination for agritourism and local food.

Find out more about Historic Splendid Valley on-line at:

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Offerd by: Willy Strohmeier – Colorado Karate Club

At our Karate school, just as with most Traditional Karate dojos, students recite the Dojo-Kun, or “rules of the training hall”, at the end of class. The Dojo Kun begins with the phrase “Seek Perfection of Character.”

Colorado Karate Club | Brighton Karate

So this past week I asked our newer students what did it mean to “Seek Perfection of Character”? The discussion went as follows:

Me: What does it mean to seek perfection of character?

Students: To be good, to do your best, to be kind to others.

Me: Well, those are positive things, but who knows what is Character?

Students: It’s a person…. It’s who we are.

Me: Very good, you see, character are the qualities, habits, how we act, and all the little “things” that make us who we are. Now, are these character qualities, these habits, always good?

Students: No, they can be bad too.

Me: That is correct, we can have parts of our character that are good, and some that are not so good, and some that may be bad. But, can we change our character?

Students: Yes!

Me: That’s right, we can always get better, and be better. But is this only for Karate?

Students: No.

Me: Correct, of course we must get better at Karate, but where else can we get better?

Students: At home… At school… At the grocery store… With our friends…

Me: That’s right, we must try to improve and be a better person everywhere we go. And little by little our character, who we are will be better. That’s what it means to seek perfection of character.

Even as adults, sometimes, we forget that growth does not end when we stop getting taller, or that learning is not finished when we graduate from school. So we like to remind our students of all ages that in the martial arts, and life in general, it is like pushing a cart uphill, we are seldom sitting still, either we are moving forward, or we’re sliding back.

Therefore, having the mentality to always look for ways to do better and to be better, will keep us consistently moving forward. That’s what I wish for our students and for you.

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Colorado Karate Club

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Offered by: Richard W. Martin, M.D. – Brighton Pediatrics

Measles is one of the most contagious of all infectious diseases. Measles begins with runny nose, cough, red eyes, and fever followed by a bumpy red rash that starts on the face and spreads to the trunk and arms and legs. The measles virus can remain suspended in air for hours. Because measles is so contagious, high immunization rates (at least 95%) are needed to prevent the spread of the disease. The measles vaccine first became available in 1963. Almost everyone born before 1957 has had measles.

About 2 in 1,000 children in the United States with measles die from complications of the disease and about 1 in 1,000 develops encephalitis (inflammation of the brain), often with permanent damage. The mortality rate is higher in children who are immunocompromised or severely malnourished.

Fortunately, the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine is highly safe and effective. The first dose is usually given at 12-15 months of age and the second dose at 4-5 years of age. Side effects are mild. About 1 child in 10 develops a fever, usually about 6 to 12 days after the vaccine, but usually feels well otherwise. About 1 child in 20 develops a rash that quickly fades. Rarely, the fever can trigger a febrile seizure, which does not cause any lasting harm. Medical conditions that prevent giving the MMR vaccine are rare. The vaccine virus is not spread from one person to another. Despite anecdotal claims to the contrary, numerous, well conducted scientific studies have shown conclusively that the MMR vaccine is not a cause of autism.

Thanks to the MMR vaccine, measles was nearly eradicated from the United States by 2000, but cases have increased rapidly in recent years due to outbreaks in areas with low immunization rates, with a record of over 700 cases so far this year. We hope that renewed immunization efforts will prevent further outbreaks.

Please visit our website at:

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Brighton Pediatrics

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Offered by: Janine Lechleitner, CPNP – Premier Pediatrics

“Eat, sleep, swim, repeat.” “Life is cool by the pool.” “So much water, such little time.” However you say it, summer means water fun! But that fun can turn to tragedy in a matter of seconds. According to the Center for Disease Control, there are approximately 10 deaths every day from unintentional drowning with 2 of those deaths being a child 14 years or younger. Drowning is the 5th leading cause of unintentional death in the US, with many occurring when children are not expected to be in the water.

The lack of ability to swim, barriers to prevent unexpected water access, and close supervision while in or near water along with failure to wear life jackets, alcohol use, and seizures increase the risk of drowning (CDC).

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC recommend the following water safety tips:

  • Swim lessons starting at one year.
  • Stay within arms reach whenever child is near water.
  • Never leave a child alone in a bathroom or in care of another child even for a moment.
  • Assign an adult “water watcher” who will pay constant attention to children in water.
  • Wear life jackets as appropriate.
  • Always swim with a buddy.
  • One-to-one supervision for anyone with a seizure disorder.
  • Learn CPR.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption before or during swimming, boating, or any water activity.
  • Know the local weather conditions and forecast before swimming or doing any water activity.
  • Install 4-sided fencing around home pools.

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Premier Pediatrics

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Offered by: Dan Cochran – The Haven Team, Keller Williams

Buying a home is a big financial investment – perhaps the biggest one you’ll make in your life. Be sure to do your homework and carefully evaluate how you want to live and how much you can comfortably afford.

Home ownership can be very rewarding if you are properly prepared, know what to expect, and make informed financial decisions.

Maybe it is time to start making your money work for you. When comparing buying a $350,000 house vs paying $1,800 a month for rent, the break-even point is only 1 year and 11 months. Here is what that means:

Break Even

In our Rent vs Buy calculator, we compare the total cost of buying vs the total cost of renting over a period of time. The “Break Even” point is the time it will take for the cost of buying a home to become even with the cost of renting a home.

Rent Gain

The “Gain” we use is the Buy Costs vs Rent Costs. If Rent Costs are less for your chosen period of time, then it is a better deal for you to rent for that time frame; a Rent Gain. The higher the Rent Gain amount, the more you are saving over buying.

Buy Gain

If the Buy Costs are less for the chosen period of time, then it is a better option to buy; a Buy Gain. The higher the Buy Gain amount, the more you are saving over renting.

I would be more than happy to assist you with a Rent vs. Buy comparison. Or, if you are interested in knowing what your current home is worth, feel free to contact me to complete a free home market analysis for you.

Please reach out to me with any questions about real estate. I would be honored to be your real estate professional. Please visit us on-line at: or call Dan Cochran at: 303.709.3501