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Offered by: Colorado Karate Club

Some weeks ago I once again participated in a Youtube video with my daughter for her YouTube channel – “Angela Rose.” I take part in some of her videos simply because I enjoy the time we spend together, but also because maybe someone can benefit from some of the things we discuss.

It is always amusing to read the comments a few weeks later. Most of them are positive, but there are always the “haters,” people whose job is to find an issue with something you did, something you said, how you said it, or how you looked while saying it. But my daughter knows, as well as I do, that it comes with the territory. Anyone who does something outside of the norm will encounter the professional critic.

This made me think about how many people actually quit or are discouraged from doing something positive, worthwhile or daring because they are afraid of the criticism and ridicule that will inevitably follow. However, I was also reminded of Theodore Roosevelt when he talked about the “Man in the Arena.” A reflection on those who dare to “get in the fight”, and those whose apparent job is to criticize them when they happen to stumble.

I think that this reflection is more important than ever, especially with today’s social media jungle. So much so that I added a framed copy of that speech to both of our Karate schools for our students to read and understand that they will be surely criticized and mocked if they try, and worse, if they fail at something. But it is in participating, in the trying, and even in the failing, that one ultimately succeeds. If you are not criticized, you aren’t doing enough, so embrace the haters, because their arrival signifies that you are moving forward. Keep going.

“It is not the critic who counts;
not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles,
or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.
 e credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena,
whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood;
who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and
again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming;
but who does actually strive to do the deeds;
who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions;
who spends himself in a worthy cause;
who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement,
and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly,
so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who
neither know victory nor defeat.”

—  Theodore Roosevelt

Colorado Karate Club

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Offered by: Tim Roberts – Edward Jones

There are no shortcuts to investment success — you need to establish a long-term strategy and stick with it. This means you’ll want to create an investment mix based on your goals, risk tolerance and time horizon — and then regularly review it to ensure it’s still meeting your needs.

In fact, investing for the long term doesn’t necessarily mean you should lock your investments in forever.  roughout your life, you’ll likely need to make some changes.

Of course, everyone’s situation is different and there’s no prescribed formula of when and how you should adjust your investments. But some possibilities may be worth considering.

For example, a few years before you retire, you may want to reevaluate your risk exposure and consider moving part of your portfolio into a more conservative position. When you were decades away from retiring, you may have felt more comfortable with a more aggressive positioning because you had time to bounce back from any market downturns. But as you near retirement, it may make sense to lower your risk level. And as part of a move toward a more conservative approach, you also may want to evaluate the cash positions in your portfolio. When the market has gone through a decline, as has been the case in 2022, you may not want to tap into your portfolio to meet short-term and emergency needs, so having suffi cient cash on hand is important. Keep in mind, though, that having too much cash on the sidelines may affect your ability to reach your long-term goals.

Even if you decide to adopt a more conservative investment position before you retire, though, you may still benefit from some growth-oriented investments in your portfolio to help you keep ahead of — or at least keep pace with — inflation. As you know, inflation has surged in 2022, but even when it’s relatively mild, it can still significantly erode your purchasing power over time.

Changes in your own goals or circumstances may also lead you to modify your investment mix. You might decide to retire earlier or later than you originally planned. You might even change your plans for the type of retirement you want, choosing to work part-time for a few years. Your family situation may change — perhaps you have another child for whom you’d like to save and invest for college. Any of these events could lead you to review your portfolio to find new opportunities or to adjust your risk level — or both.

You might wonder if you should also consider changing your investment mix in response to external forces, such as higher interest rates or a rise in inflation, as we’ve seen this year. It’s certainly true that these types of events can affect parts of your portfolio, but it may not be advisable to react by shuffling your investment mix. After all, nobody can really predict how long these forces will keep their momentum — it’s quite possible, for instance, that inflation will have subsided noticeably within a year. But more important, you should make investment moves based on the factors we’ve already discussed: your goals, risk tolerance, time horizon and individual circumstances.

By reviewing your portfolio regularly, possibly with the assistance of a financial professional, you can help ensure your investment mix will always be appropriate for your needs and goals.

This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor.
Edward Jones, Member SIPC

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Offered by: Jan Hepp-Struck, Hepp Realty

With all the new development in our area, chances are good that you are looking at one of the new communities. Purchasing a brand-new home that no one has ever lived in is exciting, but it can come with surprises that can sometimes throw a damper on the joy.

While new builds are all different depending upon the builder, price-point, type of community/development, etc., there ARE standards in new home construction that form the baseline for what’s included, and what is NOT included, when you purchase your home. But beyond that, depending upon the type of home you are purchasing—whether a semi-custom build, or one that is already built—there will be costs over and above the purchase price. The only question is to what extent.

Most homes in this price range are going to start with “builder-grade” (lower cost/less desirable) interior options for carpeting, vinyl flooring, paint (often one-color flat paint throughout), cabinetry, countertops, backsplashes, electrical outlets, lighting, and faucets. They may or may not include an appliance package, but if it does, they often don’t include a refrigerator or washer and dryer. In terms of the outside, if a back patio is not part of the actual home structure, then it’s very possible that your home could come with nothing more than a small cement pad at your back door. Whether or not your new build comes with any sort of fencing or landscaping is going to depend upon the type of community and whether those amenities are required by the governing HOA.

From that baseline, new construction sometimes offers the ability to upgrade as part of the build – for a cost, but if not, you will be on your own once you’ve closed. The long and short is that even if you are purchasing a new construction home in a community that’s got great marketing and makes it all sound so simple, it’s best to have a realtor in your corner helping you navigate through the process, so you aren’t surprised once the contract is signed. I’ll get into more detail over the next few articles.

For proven expertise in establishing your home value and/or searching for a new or existing home, please call Jan at (303) 520-4340.

Hepp Realty

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Offered by: Goat Bubbles Bath & Body LLC

My name is Nikki Rolando and I’m the owner of Goat Bubbles Bath & Body LLC (AKA MNR Goat Bubbles).

I’ve been a knitter/crocheter for 15+ years and in 2019 was invited to a fibereista group held at Janie Akerlands home where she raises Alpacas, Cashmere goats and a beautiful Angora rabbit for fiber to spin into yarn. One day we had a fun lesson on making goat milk soap. I had so much fun that I went home and made more for myself and even taught my daughter and sister in law how to make it. It went from that to the idea of selling it to friends and family then to the idea of “I could make all sorts of luxurious bath products with goats milk!”

I started doing my homework on other products and got into making goat milk bath bombs that I call “goat bombs”! and wonderful goat milk body butter. After talking to several people about it, I was asked if I had a website and of course I had to get on that right away haha! I started my website in October of 2019 and after a few years decided I needed a store to carry all my products. Here I am today with a store front. I have some other ladies who have brought in their beautiful items as well that are not made with goats milk, however they’re just as wonderful! Come visit and I hope to see you soon!

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Offered by: Dr. Eric Anderson DC and Heidi Anderson, Brighton Clinic of Chiropractic

I was at a nutrition conference years ago when the presenter was asked a question from one of the doctors in the audience regarding the company’s Omega 3 Fish Oil products. The question was challenging the dosage levels of EPA and DHA stating they were too low. The presenter paused for a moment and then stated what he does know is that God put those specific levels in the Tuna fish and if it’s good enough for the fish then it’s good enough for the person that gets nutrients from the fish. This statement was followed by some laughter, but reinforced the amazing power behind supplements made from whole food sources.

There are thousands of nutritional supplements out there and most, unfortunately, are not high quality or reliable. Many are high potency, synthetic substances isolated in a laboratory somewhere and are only Food Grade. There is not enough time to research all the different nutritional supplement companies that are out there. Standard Process is the company I have trusted for decades and has been around since 1929.  They are Professional Grade (AKA: Pharmaceutical Grade) which means what you read on the ingredient list is what you are getting versus Food Grade products where the ingredients are listed, but each pill or capsule isn’t exactly the same.

For my patients, I choose products I can trust and rely on so that I get predictable results. Being from natural whole food sources the dosages look low, but since it is in its whole food form it is more readily available and absorbable. Vitamins are complexes and not a single ingredient based off what the public has been led to believe. If you are taking supplements, make sure they are Professional Grade, whole food (you will see food listed on the label) and organic if possible. If you have questions, call us at 303-993-6092.

Please visit our website at

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Offered by: Enhanced Glamour Day Spa

People often forget that our skin is our largest organ and our immune system’s first line of defense. That is why it is so important we work to keep it healthy, especially when suffering with acne. For the most part, acne is an inherited, inflammatory skin condition. When we have acne, our immune system sends white blood cells to the pores to try to fight the infection, causing pus to form inside the pore. The chronic inflammation of the skin is a sign that our immune system is in a constant battle with the P. acnes
bacteria, which can not only be painful, but can also cause scarring and damage to the skin.

Treating acne can be complicated and expensive, so we wanted to ensure we had the proper education to treat acne as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. With a 90% success rate and an affordable skincare line, we knew Face Reality was the right choice for our spa and clients. Our esthetician, Salena, became a Certified Acne Specialist with Face Reality and is ready to use her knowledge to help you clear and heal your skin from the inside – out, in just 3-6 months.

Our acne bootcamp will consist of treating inflammation internally with diet changes and supplements, adjusting lifestyle choices that may be contributing to the exasperation of your acne, and creating a custom in-spa and at-home treatment plan for your skin’s specific needs.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing a client’s confidence boost as their skin clears up. We believe everyone deserves to love and feel comfortable in their skin. This isn’t just an external journey, it’s an internal one too.

If you’re ready to take the journey with us, to glow from within, book a free consultation with Salena today!

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Offered by: Susan Kline

Susan Kline

It seems like 2022 has literally flown by! It’s hard to believe we’re already into September and the opportunity it brings to experience a number of seasonal changes. From the hot sunny summer, we change into slightly cooler weather and the warm feeling Fall colors bring with the changing leaves. Schedules change as the kids are back to school and constantly busy with after-school activities. Football season begins and weekends are busy with favorite team’s game celebrations. While activities ramp up, there is a feeling of a Fall season cloak around us that says Welcome Home!

While putting together this issue, there was a realization of many new businesses opening their doors in the Brighton community. We’ve highlighted a number of them throughout the magazine and urge you to stop by and see what’s happening in your community. We’ve also included quite a few local activities that you’ll want to put on your calendar. This Northeastern Metro Denver area is definitely growing!

As always, we encourage you to read through the entire issue and use the resources to enhance your month of September.

Enjoy Your September!

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Offered by: Scott and Lora Nordby, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Colorado Real Estate

As a homeowner, you may consider your property to be an investment. You’re putting money into it that you hope to get back when you sell. But there are other ways to invest in real estate that will give you a nice profit. It’s just a matter of finding the best way to do it that is comfortable for you and your budget.

Start with a starter home. First-time and lower income homebuyers have great opportunities to build wealth through buying a home and living in it long enough to build equity. There are many government supports that will help you gain wealth more easily, such as lower down payment requirements on mortgage loans, lower interest rates, and lower property taxes.

Build equity. Equity is the percentage of the home that you own VS the amount the bank owns. There are four ways to build equity:

  1. Down payment. You gain instant equity when you put a down payment. If you put 20 percent down, your equity ownership is 20 percent. The larger your down payment, the less you’ll pay for your loan in terms of interest rates.
  2. Purchase price. You can gain instant equity by buying your home below the market. Homes don’t typically sell below market unless there is some sort of problem, such as poor condition, lack of updates, short sale or foreclosure. You’ll have to invest in updates and repairs to bring your home up to neighborhood standards, so make sure the cost of the home plus improvements keeps your home competitive among similar homes.
  3. Paying down principal. As you pay your mortgage, little goes toward reducing the principal while a lot goes to paying interest.  e longer the term of your loan, the less quickly you’ll build equity. But as your salary increases and housing costs rise, your mortgage will appear less formidable. If you can, put extra money toward paying down your principal.
  4. Time. Historically, home values beat inflation by one or two percentage points, which means the market will go up in price, giving your home more equity without your doing anything further. Your goal should be to build enough equity in five or so years that you can rent out your home and make a profit.

Buy, hold, and lease. Real estate seldom goes down in value, and if it does, it soon recovers, as proven by the Great Recession. Your goal should be to pay off your mortgage so that you own the home outright. If you want to buy another home, the debt on the home you already own won’t count against you as much as you may think – especially if you already have the home leased. To see if you qualify to buy a second home, the lender will see if your proposed rent is enough to cover weeks or months that the property may go unrented. There may be lag-time between renters and you also need a little time to clean up, repaint, make repairs etc. before your renter moves in. You can also pull money out of your first home with an equity line of credit to put down on another property.

The ideal time to lease your home is if you can rent it for more than you’re paying in mortgage, taxes, and insurance. You also need some savings that will cover the mortgage while the home isn’t rented, as to pay for repairs that may come up.

To help you decide if leasing is a good idea, talk with your Berkshire Hathaway HomesServices Colorado Real Estate professional. They will have comparables for other rentals in the area, so you’ll know how good the market is for homes like yours and how much you can expect to get for your home.

Whether you’re looking for your first home, forever home, or your next rental investment, you’re ready to meet one of our Forever AgentsSM to help find the perfect home for you. Contact us now at 303-905-8850 or visit

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Offered by: Wellyssa’s Well

Past Life Regression: I was having problems with my life. It felt like I had no control. I knew that whatever was going on had nothing to do with this life. So I went to Wellyssa. In my past life regression I had a yoke upon my neck, a heavy burden and bondage. Wellyssa removed the yoke and we discussed how that had been affecting my current life and my health, as I had been having pain in my neck. After the regression it came out that I had a lymphoma cancer on my neck. I had been to the doctor many times because I didn’t feel right, but after my session with Wellyssa, I insisted that they recheck me. Then Bam, they find cancer. Now Wellyssa is working with me on my healing and has shown me how to run healing energy for myself, so I can continue my own healing. Between the energy work and my cancer treatment I have beaten this cancer. She is amazing. I would recommend a past life regression or healing work with her any day. Bear M. Jan 2019. (Follow up 1/2022: Bear is cancer free.)

Chakra Healing/clearing: I did not realize how scattered my Chakra energies were until I started working with Wellyssa. Because of her healing work for me, and my personal follow through with the exercises she gave me between sessions, my Chakras are finally clear and working properly. My energy flow is way more noticeable, it feels more free flowing, and my intuition is stronger. Thank you Wellyssa! Shannon C. 2020 (Note from Wellyssa: Shannon had substantial damage to her Chakra system due to both physical and emotional wounding. It took several sessions to complete the deep healing and realignment that was needed, but Shannon stuck with it, and had a successful outcome.)

Soul Retrieval: Wellyssa performed a chakra clearing and soul retrieval on my 9 year old daughter, over the course of two sessions. I brought her is because she was having constant irritable stomach and the doctors found nothing medically wrong with her; additionally she had become increasingly agitated, very emotional and sometimes I just didn’t know what to do for her. While clearing her chakras Wellyssa was able to see that there was a soul fragment that was hiding out in my daughter’s 2nd chakra. Wellyssa was able to remove it from that chakra and reintegrate that fragment back into it’s proper place. After this treatment, my daughter’s inner frustration was much calmer, and her stomach problems are gone. My daughter felt relief and a sense of security. My daughter told me that she “felt forgiven.” I don’t know where that came from, but it was a remarkable statement from her. This was a very replenishing treatment for my daughters mind and body. Katy F. April 2022.

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Offered by: Integrity Insurance – Lisa Asmussen

I have been offering Medicare coverage for 5 years in Colorado. My services not only include education about Medicare and completing enrollment in the plans of choice by Medicare members, but many other products too. I provide dental insurance and health insurance for those under 65. There are opportunities for savings with the current subsidies available, many people without coverage may qualify for low or no cost coverage. Do you need dental insurance? I do that!

Other products that can offer protection and, in the end, hopefully savings along with peace of mind are cancer insurance, hospital indemnity and travel insurance. According to the National Cancer Institute most cancers are diagnosed after age 50. The mortality rate among men is greater than women. In 2018 there were 18.1 million new cases of cancer, that number is projected to rise to 29.5 million by 2040. For less than the cost of a nice dinner out you could protect yourself and your loved ones from the devastating costs associated with a cancer diagnosis.

Before traveling, especially internationally, double check your health insurance. Travel insurance can fill in the gaps if you find your coverage is not adequate while you travel!

The annual enrollment period for Medicare and health insurance is coming soon. A new player is coming to the Colorado, Medicare market. Watch for Devoted Health to make waves going into 2023. Reach out for individual assistance, never any cost to you.

Integrity Insurance