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Offered by: Scott and Lora Nordby – Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

As we closed out 2020 in the Real Estate market, we saw that despite being a very difficult year for many, home sale prices and home sales ended with record highs again. We saw many families and individuals look to suburban areas and areas further out because of an increase in remote working. We also saw an interest in bigger homes, due to the fact there were more people working from home. Millennials also continued to enter the market, accounting for nearly 33% of home buyers.

Key impacts going into 2021
Many first-time homebuyers had to put o purchasing due to a global pandemic and low inventory, so a lot of these same home buyers will be looking in 2021 to purchase.  This, along with record low-interest rates right now and the remaining lower inventory will spell out a seller’s market and increased sales again.

Many experts and economists are expecting home prices will rise by 3%-5% and sales by 7%, therefore bringing another strong housing market in 2021.

The Rental Market
Renting is still very much in high demand. While interest rates are low for people that can afford to buy a home, there are still a lot of renters in the metro area. If you don’t want to leave your home, but you’re interested in an investment home, now is a good time to talk to your REALTOR® about your goals.

Start Your Move NOW!
With the peak season starting now, if you’re considering buying or selling a home this year, it is a good idea to talk to a REALTOR® who can give you the information you need to help make an informed decision. From determining your goals to finding out the value of your home, a REALTOR can get you on your way to capitalizing on the outstanding real estate market conditions. If you need help or have any questions, contact us today at 303-905-8850 or visit us at

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Offered by: John Wilson, B.S., BC-HIS – Blue Ribbon Hearing & Tinnitus Center

Hearing loss can occur at any time, at any age. Some people are born with it. Others lose their hearing from disease, illness, trauma, or noise exposure. For some, the stigma of hearing loss is enough for them to deny they have a problem. For others, having witnessed a family member or loved one battle with hearing problems later in life is incentive to treat their own hearing loss sooner rather than later.

Thoughts on Hearing Loss

When a person loses hearing, it means some part of their auditory system has been damaged. Hearing loss can be temporary or permanent. The most common temporary loss is from earwax blocking one or both ear canals. Fluid in the middle ear and trauma to the tympanic membrane, or eardrum, may cause hearing loss that lasts as long as the fluid is present or until the eardrum heals. Permanent hearing loss can occur when the trauma to the eardrum does not heal, long term infection damages the middle ear bones, or the hairs in the inner ear (cochlea) or auditory nerve become damaged. Damage to the auditory processing portion of the brain from an aneurysm, dementia, stroke, or traumatic brain injury can also cause hearing loss.

Sometimes a person with hearing loss will respond to questions or comments by saying something that does not make sense or is humorous. Most of the time, a person who mishears will respond appropriately to what they thought they heard, but not to what was actually said. Lack of hearing does not mean lack of intelligence. Making fun, chastising, or belittling a person who respond incorrectly can create emotional scars and lead to strained relationships.

Because permanent hearing loss usually occurs due to permanent damage to part of the auditory system, wearing hearing aids does not make the hearing perfect. Without hearing aids, some things may be impossible to hear. With the help of hearing aids, many more sounds and words will be audible and understandable, but hearing will not be perfect. Individuals with hearing loss may need more time to process what is said, so slowing down when speaking will help. Individuals who get help with hearing loss sooner rather than later benefit more from hearing aids.

Preventing hearing loss is always better than treating it. Avoiding loud noises, wearing hearing protection, and not putting objects in the ear, along with living a healthy lifestyle, all decrease the likelihood of having hearing loss. If you decided to ignore all the professional advice you have ever heard to not use cotton swabs in your ears, make sure you only use them on the outermost part of the ear canal to avoid pushing the wax further back in the canal or damaging the eardrum.

At Blue Ribbon Hearing & Tinnitus Center, we provide all the services and products you need for protecting and testing your hearing, as well as every form of daily wear hearing aids on the market. And if you suspect you have earwax, we can easily look inside your ear using one of our video otoscopes and show you what we find on the monitor. We love helping people hear and want to prove to you we are “Dedicated to Your Best Hearing.”

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Offered by: United Power

Brighton, Colo. — United Power is now accepting scholarship applications for its 2021 awards. This year, the cooperative will award more than $20,000 in scholarships to outstanding students in its service territory. The United Power Scholarship Committee will select eighteen high school seniors based on a combination of grades, test scores, extracurricular activities and a brief essay.

United Power’s scholarship recipients for 2021 will be announced during the cooperative’s Annual Meeting & Director Election in April and recognized in its monthly newsletter later this summer. The scholarships available are:

Basin Electric Power Cooperative Scholarship, awarded to a student pursuing any post-secondary education at an accredited institution.

United Power Colorado College Scholarship, awarded to a student attending a public Colorado university or college. Two scholarships will be awarded.

Lois Lesser Education Scholarship, awarded to a student pursuing a degree in education.

Bill Berens Memorial Scholarship, awarded to a student pursuing a degree in engineering at a Colorado university or college.

Tri-State Generation & Transmission Scholarship, awarded to a student pursuing any post-secondary education at an accredited institution.

United Power Youth Leadership Scholarship, awarded to a student pursuing any post-secondary education at an accredited institution, who also shows strong involvement in community service activities and a record of youth leadership.

United Power also dedicates book scholarships to a student from each high school within its service territory. This year, United Power will distribute eleven book scholarships, including one “at-large” selection.

Book scholarships for 2021 include: Brighton, Eagle Ridge Academy, Erie, Frederick, Fort Lupton, Mead, Prairie View, Riverdale Ridge and Weld Central. A book scholarship is also available for one mountain student.

Scholarship applications are now available on our website and may be either mailed to United Power or submitted online. To download a United Power scholarship application, go to

United Power is a member-owned, not-for-profit electric cooperative delivering electricity to more than 97,000 meters at homes, businesses and farms in Colorado’s north-central front range. For more information about the cooperative visit or follow on social media at or

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Offered by: Karen Mealy – Cruise Planners

It’s been almost a year since COVID-19 brought the travel industry to its knees. Like many other small businesses, we’ve all been in survival mode with many not able to continue. Some, like us, are still hanging on even though the calls and emails we receive are mostly spam and scam nowadays.

I look at my business like my life. For the last many months we’ve been surviving. We’re blessed for that, of course, because it could be so very much worse. But we’re stagnant…not moving forward and not growing. I look back on the last year and think of all the things we had planned to do, both home and traveling. We were supposed to take a family cruise to celebrate milestone birthdays. The deck and backyard never got the makeover we wanted. I lost touch with friends. We put life on hold and as a result every day has been stagnant and gloomy instead of bright with the joyful anticipation of things to come.

2021 is the time for everybody to change all that. For me, of course, it’s being able to travel. Travel is starting up again, though slowly. Airlines, tour companies, hotels and all-inclusive resorts are opening their doors in some countries. Domestic travel is possible now. International travel is determined by country. Cruise travel will hopefully be possible late spring, early summer, but you can book future cruises now. Of course, you should be aware of the CDC guidelines before starting any travel. ( And always make sure you are aware of the cancellation policies before booking anything. Travel insurance is your friend, so I strongly suggest you consider taking advantage of it. If you’re worried, start small. Perhaps a weekend road trip to visit an outdoor attraction. Plan the bigger trips for latter in the year, or even 2022. But book now while both prices and demand are lower.

2021 is the year we take our lives back. It’s the year to thrive, not just survive. Jump-start living again. Put a few goals on the calendar and plan for them. Not just the mundane household maintenance chores, but something fun and family oriented too. As restaurants open, plan luncheons with friends or family you haven’t seen for a while. Anything to look forward to.

And yes, plan for travel, because it’s coming back. And like each of us, it will be stronger than ever having lived through COVID.

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Offered by: Trinity Orthondontics

Trinity Orthodontics provides cutting-edge, orthodontic treatment from the #1 Invisalign doctor in Colorado. Dr. Bryan Nelson has over 30 years’ experience and is a renowned leader in modern orthodontics.

Trinity Orthodontics

What is Modern Orthodontics?
Modern orthodontics uses high tech digital imaging to plan precise treatment by creating custom plastic aligners or wires to move teeth more efficiently.  This results in superior results in less time. Dr. Nelson’s mastery of digital case planning, and his partnership with Invisalign, puts Trinity at the forefront of modern orthodontic treatment.

What is Invisalign?
Invisalign is a removable clear aligner, used instead of traditional brackets and wires, to move teeth precisely and comfortably.  They use proprietary Smart Track material – a superior, patented plastic designed for better tooth movement.  This material also allows doctors to use attachments for difficult cases and improve the patient’s unique bite.

Invisalign Attachments are Important
Dr. Nelson’s expertise in using attachments puts him at the highest level of orthodontic advancement. Attachments are small, composite dots that are placed on the teeth to help the aligners move teeth. They serve as anchors, making the aligner work more effectively, and they can accommodate the use of rubber bands. Appliances allow Trinity to successfully treat very difficult cases with Invisalign. Trinity is also able to treat young kids with Invisalign, alleviating the need for bulky, uncomfortable appliances traditionally used.

Trinity Orthodontics is F.A.S.T., Few Appointments Straight Teeth –
12 months average treatment time.

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Offered by: Mackenzie Reshew, CPNP~ Brighton Pediatrics, P.C.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes for everyone, including kids and teens. Stay at home orders, quarantine, wearing a mask, online schooling, limitations or cancellation of sports and social events and a new illness that is likely affecting people you know or love. Each of these alone, much less together can take a significant toll on you and your child’s mental health.

During these difficult times it is more important than ever to check in with your child. Create a safe space to discuss their feelings and talk about the things that may be bothering them. Ask about their feelings and how they are coping with any changes in school, social activities or at home.

Some signs of depression and other mental health issues in children and teens include:

  • Feeling sad, hopeless or increased irritability or anger
  • Changing sleep patterns-especially increased sleep or fatigue
  • Decreased motivation
  • Decreased interest in favorite activities
  • Isolation or an increased desire to be alone
  • Changes in appetite or eating habits
  • Younger children may have increased “bad behavior” or new fear of being alone

If you are concerned your child may be feeling depressed or is struggling to cope with the changes and stressors in their life, please reach out to their primary care provider to discuss these concerns. If you are concerned that your child may harm themselves or others you should take them to the Emergency Department or a Crisis Center. You can also contact Colorado Crisis Services at 844-493-8255.

Please visit our website at

Brighton Pediatrics

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Offered by: Joseph M Smith, MD

Weight gain in children has been a concern during the current pandemic. Many have experienced the “Quarantine 15” with an increase of 15 or more pounds often noted over a short amount of time. Contributing factors include remote learning, stress eating, and loss of opportunity to be physically active as regular athletic activities have been put on hold and gyms have been restricted.

An unwanted and unneeded increase in weight can lead to pre-diabetes, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides, and fatty liver. Also, too much weight can make it harder to weather a COVID-19 infection.

Maintaining a healthy weight is possible, even during a pandemic! Start by creating a daily routine. Program time into your routine where you can be physically active every day. Get outdoors and walk or hike. Plan your meals in advance and stick to your meal plan. Avoid snacking throughout the day. Protein containing foods can give you energy while avoiding the swings in blood sugar that other foods can cause. And a healthy sleeping pattern can lead to healthier habits during the day.

If you or your child are concerned about their weight, call us at 303-655-1685 and schedule an appointment. We can discuss strategies for diet, lifestyle, and exercise that can help your child get back on track!

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Offered by: Roome Paget, Gray Guy Handyman Service

I admit to being old and somewhat set in my ways. The “old” has given me respect for doing things right. Never mind right the first time, if it’s right there is no second time.

It is easy to overlook “micro changes” in our everyday environment. But, most the time, small repairs are easier and less expensive than big repairs. A good example, re-caulking a shower before the wall behind it is damaged. Once in a while, take a look around your home like it is a property that you are considering buying. The little things will stand out and you can plan on fixing them.

Timing, both by the calendar and finances has to be considered. If the bathroom is flooding, it is not the right time to discuss paint color for the walls. Sometimes a “quick patch” repair needs to be done to allow for budget planning and a future fix.

There are the small, but important, maintenance items like regular furnace air filter replacements and annual smoke alarm battery replacements that need to be done. Smoke alarms need to be replaced when they are 10 years old. The manufacturing date is printed on the back of the alarm. If there is no date, it is way over 10 years old. Some air filters are rated as 90 days. During winter and summer high use times once a month, 30 days, is more realistic.

There are jobs that should be done by licensed professionals in the skilled trades i.e. electricians, plumbers and contractors. ey are the ones with the training and experience to keep your property and your family safe. I do turn down potential jobs that should be done by a licensed pro. You can find licensed professionals in THE BUZZ.

Then there are the cosmetic changes, the ones that usually have a “but” in the sentence. The faucet (or light or toilet) still works, “but”… You are not required to explain just give a call and I’ll do the job for you. You always talk the owner, the same guy who does the clean up and washes the truck.

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Offered by: Julie Hernandez, Planks of Color Studio

Hello neighbors, I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Julie Hernandez, and I am a married mother of two that LOVES to craft and everything DIY. I have been working from my own garage, cutting lumber, sourcing local materials for the last year to create my business Planks of Color Studio. Planks of Color Studio strives to provide not just an excellent product, but an extraordinary experience.

Planks of Color Studio offers crafting workshops in your home for your friends and family. When you host a private workshop in your home you do not have to worry about anything other than table space and snacks! I provide everything needed to create a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece of home décor for you and your guests including set up and clean up! If a crafting workshop is something that is not in the books at the moment, we also offer take home kits! Take home kits can be completed easily at home following the included step-by-step instructions. Every month a new take home kit is released and is perfect for a night together with friends.

The projects offered are for all occasions, ranging from holidays, to celebrations and major accomplishments. They strike a beautiful balance of eye-catching elegance and pronounced simplicity. This blending of elements provides you with a beautiful piece of decor that is sure to spark up conversations and brighten up your home.

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Offered by: Dolan & Associates, P.C.

One important thing you need to remember when planning your estate is that estate planning is not about documents, it’s about results. While documents are a critical part of an estate plan, having the right documents does not mean you have an effective estate plan.

For things to work effectively upon your disability or death, there are many other important questions that need to be addressed. Here are some examples. Do you have a clear vision for what you want your plan to accomplish upon your disability or death? Are your assets organized in a fashion that they can be easily gathered and identified by your family? Do you have a system to keep your documents up to date until they are needed, both from a personal and legal perspective? Does your family have the information and knowledge necessary to implement your instructions, and retain control of matters, upon your disability or death? Are your assets titled correctly so that your estate planning instructions will control where the assets end up? Does your plan protect the inheritance received by your family members from their creditors or from being lost in a divorce?

All of these questions are important considerations when planning your estate. Also, reviewing your estate plan on a regular basis is critical. Now that things have settled in after the holidays, we encourage you to take the time to look closely at your estate plan to see if you are comfortable with your answers to these questions.

If you would like additional information regarding how to develop an estate plan that works effectively for you and your family, visit www.EstatePlans to sign up for a complimentary virtual educational workshop.

Dolan Associates