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Offered by Rev. Joel Kershaw, Brighton United Methodist Church

Brighton United Methodist ChurchThis time of year, flowers and trees begin to bloom reminding us that under the snow and cold lies hope for life. With springtime comes our annual Easter celebration of Jesus’ resurrection bringing the promise of new life in Christ. As an active and faithful congregation in the Body of Christ, Brighton United Methodist Church brims with that new life as we seek to live out our faith in our community. We worship, serve those in need and continually grow in our faithfulness as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our celebration of that new life begins with a spiritual retreat called “24-hours that Changed the World” on March 18 & 19 reflecting on the Passion of Jesus Christ. Then we gather in worship throughout Holy Week to mark the final days and hours of Jesus’ life on earth and finally celebrate His Resurrection on Easter Morning. Take a step and join us for any or all of this powerful journey with Jesus. (see our ad on page 33 of the March issue of The Brighton Buzz for more details)

Now Easter seems like a destination but really is only the beginning of our journey. This Easter our congregation will begin a new season of Bible Study and prayer that will inspire our living this new life to the fullest.

If you are looking for meaning in your life, find it with us, find it this Easter. New people join us every week in this blooming of new life, and we want to invite you. There is no better time than now!

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Brighton United Methodist Church

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Offered by Colorado Karate Club

Several years back, I found myself, just like you today, flipping through the pages of the Brighton Buzz. There I found Colorado Karate Club, and my four year old son was happy and excited to train with them.

As I sat there watching my son in class week after week, I had a thought: what if I started training? I dismissed the thought though. It was a silly idea for someone in her mid 30’s, and four\ young children, right? Yet, after some soul searching, I said to myself… “hey, why not?” So there I went…

At first, I was intimidated, nervous, and felt awkward. Let’s face it, trying anything new as an adult is HARD! We have these preconceived notions, these self limiting beliefs of what we can, and cannot do. Anything that takes us out of our everyday comfort zone is downright scary. But I had taken that most important first step. I had started my journey, and from that moment, my life has NEVER been the same.

Over time, I saw myself develop into a person that no longer feared a challenge. I became more confident, my stress levels as a parent decreased. With every training session I started to grow. I realized that even as adults we are continuously growing, learning, and becoming who we are meant to be.

After many years of training, and having accomplished so much, I see now that life is too short to be afraid of trying new things. It is said that most people go to their graves with their “music” still in them. Could that be you? I hope not. Therefore, I invite you to step out of your comfort zone. Whether it is Karate training, starting a new business, a new career, hobby, or anything else you ever hoped you could do, be willing to take that chance.

So take that first step. Today!

Wishing you great things ahead,
Kyra Arnold, Lead Instructor

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Colorado Karate Club

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Offered by Jan Hepp-Struck

For the past several months I’ve been sharing statistics and demographics about our community and its changing face. But population isn’t the only change going on around here. For several months, city planners, consultants, and interested citizen volunteers have been reviewing the existing plan, and more importantly, gathering resident and stakeholder input as part of updating the City’s Master Plan. The Master Plan is a comprehensive document that will be used to guide a tremendous amount of growth and development over the next 20 years.

The Master Plan update (Be Brighton), has involved delving into what is needed and desired to position Brighton as a unique, sustainable, and inclusive community. The process has included information and study sessions, workshops, lots of discussions and brainstorming, and finally, the compilation of the resulting valuable and informative feedback from the small percentage of residents and stakeholders who took the time to participate. This small but diverse group is an integral part of helping to establish the path forward for our community.

The consultants are now drafting the final version to make it available for public review and comment during the next few weeks. If you haven’t been involved in the process of shaping our future community, there is still a little time to jump in, check out the fi nal preview, and comment before the official City Council final vote. For more about the Be Brighton Comprehensive Plan update, visit to find information about the various topics covered, survey results, dates for upcoming opportunities to review the documents and provide final comment, and more.

For proven expertise in establishing your home value and/or searching for a new or existing home, please call Jan at (303) 520-4340.

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Hepp Realty

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Offered by Melissa Rippy, Rippy Insurance

Slam dunkWhether it’s your children on Spring Break from school or college basketball on TV, MARCH MADNESS is here! Maybe you are fortunate to spend the time with your kids or have some extra time on the couch watching games and managing your brackets. Any way you look at it, it’s always a great time to have your insurance policy reviewed.

When WAS the last time you had a licensed insurance agent review your needs? This should be done any time a change occurs in your life, but annually at minimum! Do you know if the replacement cost of your home has been updated with market appreciation on your homeowner policy? Have you refi nished your basement, upgraded your bathrooms and kitchen? You may have a low premium or your buddy from high school is your insurance agent and has been for the past 20 years, but in the event of a claim, your home may not be insured to value and you may not have enough boards to re-build your home if it is destroyed. Is your cut-rate insurance or high school buddy going to be there to help you re-build?

Insurance is unlike any other product out there, in that you pay for it and hope you’ll never have to use it. Allstate offers rewards for policyholders that do not have claims on their home or auto policy, as well as the only money-back guarantee on auto claims in the insurance industry.

Stop the madness and call or stop by the Rippy Agency!

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Melissa Rippy, Rippy Insurance

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Offered by Michael A. Dolan, Attorney and Counselor at Law

Think back to the first time you left your first born with a babysitter. One of you wanted to go out for dinner and a movie. You found someone you could trust to watch the baby, made your dinner arrangements, and proceeded to write down every possible instruction you could think of for the babysitter: Things like what to wear, what to eat, when to go to bed, how to reach you, etc. You reluctantly left your house and the fi rst thing you did when you got to the restaurant was call home to see how things were going.

If we think about it, most people will take more time to put together instructions for their family just to go out for dinner and a movie, than will take the time to put together instructions for their family for when they are going to be gone for a lifetime. And, after your death, you can’t call home.

Are your children really ready to receive their inheritance? If you want them to grow what they receive, instead of blowing it, you should look for ways to pass on all that hard-earned wisdom you accumulated over your lifetime. Families that don’t repeat the same mistakes generation after generation live better, more prosperous lives than the preceding generations.

Passing along your wisdom with your financial wealth in your estate plan is critical to your family’s long term success. Effectively passing on wisdom can be a challenge in today’s fast paced electronic world. Opening up communication among your family members so that your wisdom can be transferred is a great way to begin this diffi cult process. Get started now because it can make a difference for your family for generations.

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Dolan & Associates

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not the educated seller
Part 1 of the Creating Multiple Offers Series

Offered by Greg Portlock

Over the next few months, I will be writing a series of articles to help you get multiple off ers when you sell your home. Although I want these to be useful and thought provoking, they are insights from over 23 years of selling homes, and should be just part of an overall marketing plan that hopefully I will play a part in creating for you. Most of my clients get me involved sometimes months before they go on the market and I love when they do because it helps build trust in our relationship and confidence through a well-planned process.

“Sellers are getting mulitiple offers for more than asking price”. Chances are this is not news to you. It’s happening all the time in this amazing sellers’ market. It almost seems like you could just fall into that situation no matter what you do or who you hire to do it. Sometimes that can happen, however I don’t believe in leaving something that important to chance. Multiple offers is what creates leverage for you the seller. Not only do they get your price up, they give you the ability to ask for the most favorable terms for you. I’m calling this series of articles Creating Multiple Offers.

The first item I want to talk about is condition. Buyers want to buy a home that is “move in ready”, and they will pay top dollar for it. It’s amazing how much this important item is overlooked. I’ve never heard of someone not writing an off er on a home because it was in too good condition, however the amount of off ers you get can be limited because of maintenance issues. This should be on the top of the list for people selling and wanting to be in the driver’s seat. What about painting, carpet or repair allowances? The truth is lenders don’t like them, and you have to give 40% more than you would pay just to do it. For instance, if the cost of repainting the outside of your home costs you about $3,000 you would have to give them a $5,000 allowance for it to mean anything to them, because they would want custom paint colors and or upgraded paint or whatever. This goes for carpeting, windows, roof, and any other repair items. Getting these things done up front will get you more offers for a better price, and put more money in your pocket in the end.

Where do you find the time, money, or resources to get this done? One way is to find trusted contractors to get things spruced up, and if money is tight maybe they will take the money after you close and still do a great job. Since this is not a fairytale, I have a real solution for you. My “Refresh To Sell” program, where we bring in proven contractors, and we get these things done and you pay me back at closing. You can call me for details, but it’s very straight forward. Most importantly make sure your home is ready for sale before you put it out there. Over the next few months, I will be talking about the best time to sell, as well as the best way to present your home to the market, to ensure you get multiple offers.

Call us at (303) 521-7325.

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Re/Max Momentum | Greg Portlock

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Offered by Dick Maul, MX Paca Pants Ranch

Worms are Super HeroesWorms are super heroes for your houseplants, garden, lawn, and trees. Why you ask? Earthworms eat organic material such as grass clippings, sticks, vegetable scraps, cardboard, manure, and pretty much anything that is not meat. Their excrement, called worm castings, is rich in microorganisms, producing a constant source of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous ready for plants to use. When mulched into the soil, the microorganisms create a balanced ecosystem at the root which will not wash away into streams. Worm castings build up the soil and hold seven times more water than regular dirt. Best of all, worm castings are 100% natural and completely free of potentially hazardous chemicals. You can let the children help spread it and it will not hurt them or your animals.

Worm castings can be used several different ways. For new sod, after the ground is prepared, spread a thin layer of castings (1g/80sf) before you lay the sod. For existing lawns, aerate the lawn, then spread a top cover of castings (1g/80sf) directly on the grass, and water normally. For existing plants, spread a layer (1/4-1 cup) of castings around the base. For new plants, mulch castings into the soil (1 part castings to 3 parts soil) before planting.

Castings are an eco-friendly, sustainable, and natural chemical-free way to help you reduce your water usage, have healthy plants, and great vegetables.

Call MX Paca Pants Ranch 303-655-8273 or go to for more ways to use Worm Castings.

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Offered by Paul Cucunato

Spring time is upon us, and the winds of the season are already setting records. We have much more in store for us in our beautiful and unpredictable Colorado climate. Are you prepared and protected for the storms ahead? Most people know the advantages of having Comprehensive Coverage as part of their insurance package on their car. If a hail storm comes through and puts hundreds of dents on your car, you are covered. That is always a great feeling of reassurance.

Your home is a much bigger investment than your car. Are you sure you have the right coverage on your biggest asset? Have you taken the time to look at your coverage, review it, and ask questions? Even better, has your insurance agent been part of this review and taken the time to meet with you and explain your coverage and any gaps you might have? Do you know if you are covered for replacement value or actual value if your roof is damaged? If the answer is yes to these questions and you are fully covered, confi dent, and informed- good for you. If the answer is no, I would like to assist you in this endeavor. I can review any policy you have- not just policies issued by State Farm. I would be happy to assist you and help ensure you have the protection you need.

We may like surprise parties, surprise visits from loved ones, and surprise gifts! No one likes to be surprised by not having the protection they expected by their homeowners policy when they need it most. It is imperative you are sure your homeowners policy is current on the values and coverages that you need and want.

At my office we take the time with each one of our clients to explain the outlying risks that you are exposed to. Our commitment to our community is to ensure you are educated, informed, and that\ you have protection you understand. Give me a call today and let’s get together. The coffee is on and we are here to work with you and assist you.

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State Farm

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Offered by Dreamscapes Landscape Center

We are excited to announce partnering with the Adams County Master Gardeners to present classes and host question and answer booths throughout the growing season. All Colorado Master Gardeners receive intensive, research-based training through Colorado State University. Training covers several topics including soils, plant identification, turf, plant diseases and pests. After training, Master Gardeners volunteer time back to their county to assist home gardeners with horticultural questions. Almost every county in Colorado has Master Gardeners and we are pleased to be working with Adams County to help you make your yard even more beautiful!

Upcoming Dreamscapes University Classes taught by Adams County Master Gardeners:

Basic Landscape Design
Saturday, March 19, 10am, Cost $5/person
Learn basics of landscape design including space usage and proper plant placement.

Question and Answer Booths–FREE
From April through July, Master Gardeners will be at Dreamscapes one Saturday a month hosting a question and answer booth. Bring your pictures, plants and questions for them. Specifi c dates and times to follow.

Future classes will be offered monthly throughout the growing season.

Call Dreamscapes at 303-288-8877 to sign up for classes or to find out about future classes.

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Dreamscapes Landscape Center

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Offered by Academy for Dental Assisting Careers

Academy for Dental AssistingAcademy for Dental Assisting Careers founders always knew they wanted to start a business that gave back to hometown communities and have a positive impact on other people’s lives. One of their goals is to take a motivated person with little or no dental experience and teach them the “basics” of Dental Assisting. “We offer a quality and affordable education for people who are eager to either start or expand a dental assisting career.”

Success was found 6 years ago with 1 location and 1 class. Today ADAC has 4 locations and 8 different weekend certification courses for new and practicing Dental Assistants and Lab Techs. Their continuing educational courses help expand dental assistants skills and earning power. Academy for Dental Assisting Careers classes are taught within a dental facility by actively practicing Certified Dental Assistants, Hygienists, EDDA’s, Dentists and Lab Technicians. Training is both classroom and extensive hands on.

With high school seniors making decisions for the future, people looking for a career change or recently unemployed, many people are turning to a quick, vocational education as a way to improve their earnings prospects.

The 8 Saturday only, accelerated dental assisting program gives graduates the ability to enter the dental profession with confidence. They gain valuable knowledge and Certifications in the Basics of Dental Assisting, Dental Radiology and CPR. Academy for Dental Assisting Careers is Approved and Regulated by the State of Colorado Occupational School Board and active members of American Dental Assistants Association. ADAC has been Chamber nominated for Best Small Business of the Year and is Gold Star Certified by The Better Business Bureau.

Call us at 303-774-8100 for more information or visit us at