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Offered by Brighton Criminal Defense Attorney Gregory R. McMahon

It is certainly understandable that if you had never served on jury duty and a summons were to appear in your mailbox, you might not be happy. However, I urge you to see your jury summons in a different light. But first, let me explain how you might be selected.

The state of Colorado website explains: “Each year, the Judicial Branch receives lists of all registered voters and all holders of driver’s licenses and non-driver identification cards throughout the state, as well as records from the Colorado Department of Revenue. The lists are merged, duplicates and names of deceased citizens are removed, and the resulting list is divided by county location.” Then, names are randomly selected from the list as needed.

Now to the positive aspects of being a juror. First, it is an educational experience that you might actually enjoy. Prior to attending law school, I served on two juries. Both experiences gave me new insights into how our court system works. Second, jury duty can provide a break from the daily grind. Finally, it is your chance to make certain that the trial is fair, the guilty are convicted, and the innocent are found not guilty. Remember that innocent people are sometimes accused of a crime. It is your duty to weigh both sides and decide. When called to jury duty, you are the most important persons in the court.

Comments or suggestions? Please contact me at, or click here for more information.

The information in this column is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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Offered by Tax Smart, LLC

aae_solar_logoHave you ever heard of a Win-Win-Win-Win situation? Well, this is it! Very few people have taken advantage of the HUGE 30% Federal Tax Credit for installing a solar energy system on their home. You may have thought it was too expensive, but the truth is that it is too expensive NOT to install one. A properly installed system can save you thousands of dollars over buying electricity from the power company.

AAE Solar, located in Boulder is offering a high quality system with 0% down that will offset your current electric bill. You’ll also get a 30% tax credit and a rebate from your local power company if installed this year (WIN)! You will actually SAVE money over the life of the system (WIN). It will increase the value of your home (WIN). And the power company is required to buy back any excess energy you create (WIN AGAIN)!

Tax Smart recommends finding out more about this valuable commodity which can help off set your tax liability. Don’t give all your money to the IRS and Power Company.

Call us today to find out more about the tax credits at 303-731-1021 or to find out more about how a solar energy system can save AND make you money, call Nicole Moore at 720-641-3031.

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Offered by Rich Germaine, Owner and President of Joyful Noise Music School, Inc.

Why have your child play a Music Instrument?

  • Unlike competitive team sports, students in school band or orchestra can always participate. No one sits on the bench waiting for a chance to play.
  • Students who participate in school music programs are 52% more likely to go on to college and graduate.
  • According to a recent study .conducted by neurologist Dr. Frank Wilson, when a musician plays, he/she uses approximately 90% of the brain. Wilson could find no other activity that uses the brain to this extent.
  • The study had also shown students who took more than 4 years of music and the other arts scored 34 points better on the verbal portion of the SAT than those who took music for less than a year.
  • A recent Rockefeller Foundation study discovered that music students have the highest rate of admittance to medical schools. Music scholarships are also a great source of funding for a college education.
  • When a child succeeds at the diverse tasks required to play an instrument, self-esteem is enhanced.
  • As a student begins to understand the connection between practice and the quality of performance, self-discipline becomes self-enforcing. It may then be a short jump to making a connection between self-discipline and performance in life.
  • Students in band or orchestra develop higher cognitive skills and increased ability to analyze and evaluate information. They also learn about teamwork and conflict/resolution skills required for success in the modern workplace while enjoying the healthy, positive activity of band and orchestra with friends.

For more information about Joyful Noise Music School, please click here!

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Offered by Jan Giuliano

Summer is in full swing! In fact, later this month children will be going back to school. It’s hard to believe that August is here. But one of the things I love about Brighton is all the wonderful farm fresh produce available this time of year. If you haven’t visited a local farm recently, now is the time to do it! You’ll fi nd many who have been in the area for ages and still providing wonderful produce, great service and super prices. Here’s a short list to some of them:

Berry Patch Farms
13785 Potomac Street, Brighton, CO 80601, 303-659-5050

LuLu’s Farm
14831 Brighton Road, Brighton, CO 80601, 303-659-3300

Palizzi Farm
6th & Bromley Lane, Brighton, CO 80601, 303-659-1970

Palombo Farm
11500 Havana Street, Henderson, CO 80640, 303-287-0134

Petrocco Farm
14110 Brighton Road, Brighton, CO 80601, 303-659-6498

If you’re looking for Raw Milk Dairy Cow Share look no further than Johnson’s Acres located at 16381 York Street, Brighton, CO 80602. Explore your area for more wonderful products! Our thanks and appreciation goes out to all the businesses in Brighton. Call us, Frank and Jan Giuliano, Academy Mortgage for your mortgage needs (303-450-1650).

Click here for more information about The Giuliano Team at Academy Mortgage Corporation.

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Offered by Michael A. Dolan

Bill and Jane’s daughter has struggled since the accident. She was only 13 when it happened, but it was clear she would be disabled for the balance of her life. Now 23, she is dependent upon government assistance for her survival and medical care.

Bill and Jane thought they did not need estate planning. Why not just put everything in joint tenancy, because “it is simple and avoids probate.” Thinking about their disabled daughter, they sought guidance from a counseling-oriented attorney who took time to learn more about them, their estate, and their goals. Their primary objective was to protect their daughter after they died. The attorney worked with them to put together a plan that would place their savings, life insurance and home in a trust for their daughter, following their deaths. This would prevent the assets from disqualifying their daughter from the benefits she is receiving from government programs. As a result, the inheritance can pay for things the government programs do not cover, providing additional comfort to their daughter.

Estate planning can and should be more than avoiding probate and saving taxes. A properly designed estate plan can provide many additional advantages that protect your family. Most of these protections are ignored in cookie-cutter form-driven estate plans. Individuals should look closely at all of the benefits a properly designed estate plan can provide to them while they are alive, and provide to their spouses and their families after their death. Does your estate plan address all of your family’s issues?

Click here for more information about Dolan & Associates, P.C.

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Offered by Melissa Rippy, Rippy Insurance

Allstate-Rippy-InsuranceOur Agency Owner Melissa Rippy is a board member with three of our many local non-profits, one of which is the Brighton Legacy Foundation, a volunteer run board that promotes the spirit of philanthropy while improving the quality of life for all residents in Brighton through awarding annual grants and scholarships. For more information, check out Rippy Insurance was one of the proud sponsors of the Legacy Poker Run with all proceeds to benefit the Brighton Legacy Foundation. This event took place on July 25th, involved five stops and attracted a great turnout and lots of fun prizes.

School will be here before we know it, and as such, we would like to announce that we are teaming up with one of our community partners, the Richard Lambert Foundation, for a BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLY DRIVE during the month of August. We will both be drop locations and collecting new or gently used CLEAN backpacks along with school supplies that will be distributed to children in our community that need our assistance.

The Richard Lambert Foundation ( is a local non-profit family grief and healing center offering individual and family counseling.

Now that school is almost back in session, we will be seeing more of our teens on the road again. If you have not taken the pledge to “X the Txt” and not text and drive, we encourage you and your family members to stop by the Rippy Agency to take the pledge. Whatever you do, please, please don’t text and drive.

Click here for more information.

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Offered by Hearthside Dentistry

Hearthside DentistryThe Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) is pleased to announce that Christina O. McMillon, DMD, FAGD, of Broomfield, CO, received the association’s Fellowship Award during the AGD 2015 annual meeting, which took place June 18 to 21 in San Francisco.

The AGD Fellowship Award is presented to dentists who seek to provide the highest quality dental care by remaining current in their profession. To earn this prestigious honor, Dr. McMillon completed 500 hours of dental continuing education, passed a comprehensive written exam, and fulfilled three years of continuous membership in the AGD.

As a Fellowship Award recipient, Dr. McMillon joins more than 6,600 active AGD Fellows who have gone above and beyond the basic requirements to care for their patients’ oral health. “We are proud to honor Dr. McMillon for her commitment in reaching this lofty goal,” says AGD Immediate Past President W. Carter Brown, DMD, FAGD. “She has distinguished herself professionally among her peers and is a role model for both her fellow dentists and the Brighton community.”

Dr. McMillon graduated from the University of Louisville School of Dentistry in 2010 and currently practices dentistry in Brighton, CO. She lives in Broomfield, CO with her husband, James, and their 2-year-old daughter, Liliana.

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Offered by Jan Hepp-Struck

Hepp-RealtyWe’ve all seen the signs “For Sale by Owner” or those from DIY online companies. While on the surface it might seem like a good idea, and might even be okay for some, for most, it’s not. In May of 2010, at the forefront of the proliferation of DIY home selling/ buying services, Forbes published a blog article listing five reasons why most people still need a real estate agent. As it turns out, those five reasons are still completely relevant today.

Accessibility/Convenience. Both the Buyer’s and Seller’s Agent are fully focused on the industry and have the necessary connections and knowledge base to develop a solid strategy to streamline the process.

Negotiations. Having an advocate with intricate knowledge of real estate law and negotiation techniques increases your advantage to ensure your best interests are represented and you get the best deal possible.

Contracts/Legalities. A good realtor understands the ins and outs of real estate law and can prevent costly mistakes or omissions.

Accountability. Because they answer to a licensing body, a reputable agent is bound by common law to represent their client’s best interests in a fiduciary relationship, or face professional repercussions.

Costs vs. Savings. Buyers looking to purchase a “by owner” home are most likely looking for a deal, and may expect to benefit from your savings of no realtor’s commission.

For proven expertise in establishing your home value and/or searching for a new or existing home, please call Jan at (303) 520-4340 or click here for more information.

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Offered by Jim Vincent, Farmers Insurance

Farmers InsuranceThe weather gets warm, the sun’s beating down and what do we think about doing? We think about having a breeze blow in our faces, while enjoying on of our “summer fun” toys! Boats, jet skis, motorcycles, ATV’s or even traveling down the road in an RV can make the summer exciting, but, for those that own these great recreational vehicles, liability from unforeseen accidents can be daunting. When you are out in the water, the trails or the open road, you should be thinking about enjoying Summer with your Friends and Family – not whether you have the right insurance policy.

Farmers gets it. That’s why Farmers developed special policies for you and your toys. We not only offer coverage for your toys we also offer coverage for personal property, towing and assistance, even for your trailer.

If you currently own or are contemplating buying a boat, jet ski, motorcycle, ATV or RV, stop by or give us a call and check into what exactly is covered in each of these policies and the options that are available to you. There are many options for each policy as well and medical and uninsured other party coverage that should be looked at before you hit the water, trails or the highway.

The most important part of a relationship with an insurance agent is the trust that they have your best interest and safety in mind. The pairing of a truly committed agent and a great company like Farmers Insurance, makes figuring out your best insurance options easy while gaining the confidence that the most valuable things in your life are protected. Stop in or Call us today for an estimate and evaluation of all your insurance needs. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business and look forward to working for you.

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Offered by Nick Kline

Easton BJJNext month, world class martial arts are coming to Hilltop Village on 136th and Colorado Blvd. Easton Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was the first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) school in Colorado opening in 1999, and it has grown into 7 academies across the front range, including Thornton. Head instructor, and Thornton native, Nick Kline is excited to bring his instruction to his hometown. Nick began training Jiu Jitsu in 2000, and started teaching in 2005 following strong performances in numerous tournaments against international competition.

Easton BJJ Thornton will focus on self-defense oriented classes for adults and kids. BJJ uses leverage, which enables smaller technical practitioners to defeat much larger opponents. It is also grappling based, so students can defend themselves without punching and kicking. This is becoming increasingly important due to the fact that many schools have zero tolerance policies for
physical aggressiveness.

BJJ also offers a tremendous workout that increases strength, flexibility, and mobility. BJJ training will push you physically and mentally, but you will never have more fun doing something so difficult.

See you on the mat!

For more information, please click here!