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Offered by Jessica Ahmed, Licensed Acupuncturist

Tips to Minimize Stress and Maximize Wellbeing
The holidays are an opportunity to connect with family and friends, take a restful break from work and experience gratitude for our gifts in life, but often we are so stressed out that we can’t fully enjoy ourselves. For this reason, it may be the most important time of year to keep up exercise, diet and wellness routines, but it is also the easiest time to stray from healthy habits.
With a little planning, you can indulge without wreaking havoc on your health. Here are a few suggestions:

Diet and Exercise: If you love great food as I do, holidays are a time when even more exercise is necessary to maintain your weight (trying to lose weight this time of the year is very challenging!). Sneak in 10-minute bursts of extra exercise throughout the day if you are too busy to extend your current workouts. Fill up on vegetables, water and protein before holiday parties so that when you inevitably indulge in high-calorie, starchy and fatty foods, you can control your portions.

Herbal Medicine: A couple of great holiday formulas to have on-hand are Cold Quell and Curing Pills. Cold Quell contains powerful immune-boosting, antiviral and antibacterial herbs, which can help prevent trips to the doctor when you catch a cold in its early stage. Curing Pills ease digestive disturbances from indulging in too much food, alcohol and holiday pies.

Acupuncture: Increased holiday stress can lead to irritability, moodiness, digestive disorders, tense muscles and pain. Acupuncture helps you better deal with stress by relaxing the nervous system, reducing muscular tension and triggering the release of endorphins, your body’s pain-killing and stress-reducing hormones.

Breathing and Alone Time: Being around family every moment of the day can be stressful even if you get along famously. Try to take periodic breaks so you can be alone and focus on deep breathing, even if it is just a five-minute escape to a locked bathroom or to run an errand.

Cultivate Gratitude: Take a moment to be thankful for someone or something in your life. Fancy presents are fun, but happiness often stems from feelings of gratitude, so try writing down five things for which you are grateful each day for a week (or a month, or indefinitely!). Consider expressing this gratitude in your community by volunteering, or simply finding opportunities to express kindness and compassion in your everyday life.

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Offered by Brighton Criminal Defense Attorney Gregory R. McMahon

Your privilege to drive depends on your driving record. The Colorado Department of Revenue will suspend your driving privilege if you get too many tickets and points. The Colorado Department of Revenue on its website gives specific information regarding how many points you may accumulate without risking your driving privilege.

Minor Driver 17 & Under
Within any 12 months | Points Requiring Suspension: 6 or more
At any point while under 18 | Points Requiring Suspension: 7 or more

Minor Driver 18-21
Within any 12 months | Points Requiring Suspension: 9 or more
At any point while under 18 | Points Requiring Suspension: 12 or more
At any point between ages 18-21 | Points Requiring Suspension: 14 or more

Adult 21 & Over
Within any 12 months | Points Requiring Suspension: 12 or more
Within any 24 months | Points Requiring Suspension: 18 or more

You are required to have automobile insurance. However, if you are pulled over, and simply left your valid insurance card at home, the charge will be dismissed so long as you can produce in court a valid insurance card that proves you had insurance on the day you were ticketed. I suggest that you keep a copy of your insurance card inside your car as well as a second copy in your wallet or purse to avoid this.

You have a duty to report an accident to the police. A colleague of mine told me of one of her cases where the driver hit the curb, and the tire was pulled from the rim. The driver left the car on the side of the road and went to seek help. Unfortunately, this person was charged with failure to report an accident, a 12-point offense. Time will tell how that case turns out. I had a former client who hit a deer and received the same failure to report an accident charge. Luckily, that case worked out. Play it safe. If you are involved in any type of accident, you should report it.

The information in this column is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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Greg for the Defense

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Offered by Family Bible Fellowship

It has been over two years since the birth of Family Bible Fellowship. During this time we have met publicly we have been seeking what kind of “ministry” or “church” the Lord desires us to be. This has been an interesting journey for us and we have come to some conclusions on that topic.

We have seen that what binds us together is our relationship to Jesus Christ and our doctrine. This does not mean we all agree on every theological point but we do agree on the most important points.

We have seen the value of intimacy, mutual accountability, encouragement, fellowship, sound teaching, and learning to love one another with all of the different baggage we each bring to the table. We want to maintain and cultivate these values.

We have seen that we are not a program based church. Therefore, what we offer as a ministry is a family worship service. We see great value in this approach. We are committed to putting our energies into settings where we keep the family together as a group and allowing all of the church body to learn to interact with one another. The older teaching the younger is very important and the younger learning to interact with the older is just as important.

We have seen that God is love but also God is just, righteous, holy, to name a few of so many attributes. We are not willing to boil God down to just one attribute, we want to see God in all the fullness of His glory. In His grace and truth.

We have seen that this kind of church ministry will not necessarily attract the crowds and we are OK with that. We have seen that while there are many churches that can and do offer programs for every age but that is not our calling. It is not a bad thing that these churches offer these programs but neither is it a bad thing that we do not. We are simple. We do not offer things like a Sunday School or youth group, if you need programs and want that, we are not able to offer that. There are ministries that can but we are not going to replicate what they are doing. We believe in the whole family being in worship together. This presents a different model and understanding of what the church is to be thus will only appeal to people who see the benefit of this kind of worship.

There are a lot of different kinds of churches. Some good. Some not so good. All desiring your attendance. Yet common sense tells us that people go to different churches for different reasons and no one church can be all things to all peoples. We see that and accept that and see that for us here at Family Bible Fellowship God has directed us to be a home based ministry.
So what does that mean practically for us in what kind of church we are? It means fellowship, the young learning from the elderly, gaining depth in Scripture, and a family environment.
If this is something you would like to explore we would love to invite you to contact us. Our greatest desire is to see you come to know who the Jesus of the Bible truly is and that He would transform your life.

Questions to ask when choosing a church:

  • Is this a church where my family will be regularly fed by God’s Word?
  • Is this a church where I am convinced the care of my soul will be a priority?
  • Is this a church where my family will experience meaningful Christian fellowship and accountability?
  • Is this a church where I can serve God’s people and use my gifts for its benefit?

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Offered by Brighton Smiles, PC

Research has shown that Sleep Disordered Breathing (SBD)- induced oxygen deprivation is a major contributing factor to childhood health disorders such as ADD/ADHD, Chronic Allergies, Aggressive or Bullying Behavior, Mouth Breathing, Poor Academic Performance, Daytime Drowsiness, Snoring, Morning Headaches, Dark Circles Under the Eyes and more.

The Healthy Start System™ is an all-natural appliance therapy which address the root causes of SBD by promoting the proper growth and development of the oral cavity, the jaw, and the upper palate. When these areas develop naturally with the Healthy Start System, the child’s airways open, and many symptoms of SBD disappear.

The Healthy Start System will not only address SBD, but it can also straighten teeth, and can prevent the need for braces in about 9 out of 10 kids! Best of all, when treatment with Perfect Start begins early, the perfect smiles that it creates will never relapse.






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Offered by Advanced Environmental Consulting

Advanced Environmental Consulting, LLC (AEC) offers a full range of professional and trusted services related to environmental compliance. We have extensive experience in all phases of asbestos management services. These include sampling, abatement design and project monitoring, and abatement clearance monitoring and testing including air, ambient, and OSHA regulations.

AEC was founded as a small family business serving in Colorado as of January of 2013. AEC has over 11 years of project management experience and we are dedicated to providing the highest level of personal commitment as well as technical expertise to your project. With this experience, AEC can offer clients qualified assurance to homeowners, contractors, or regulatory agencies when dealing with different environmental contaminations and various cleanup procedures.

AEC’s team has extensive expertise working on contruction and environmental remediation projects regarding residence, commercial, municipal, and governmental agencies as well. Please call today to find out more about how we can help you solve your environmental compliance needs at 303.257.8994.

With this active real estate market, very often radon or mold mitigation can mean the difference between selling a property or not. Call us and we’ll help you make that deal/dream come true for you.

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Advanced Environmental Consulting

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Offered by Jan Giuliano

What’s a better gift for the holidays than a new home? Here are some things to keep in mind as you embark on this process during the holiday season:

Be mindful of Your Holiday Spending: Now may not be the time to give that new car or 90-inch flat screen TV for a gift. Make responsible purchases. Don’t let poor budgeting result in losing your dream home.

Be in the Know: Know your credit score, which can affect your interest rate-both of which are key when shopping for a home loan. Avoid financing major purchases. Lenders may request a last-minute credit check before the loan closing to ensure that no new debt has been incurred. Be sure to work with a knowledgeable and reputable lender who can make the process more efficient.
Scoop Up a Deal: Year-end may be a smart time to buy! Sellers don’t typically look to sell during the holiday season due to the wintery weather and busy time of year. A seller who is actively seeking to sell during the holidays may be willing to aggressively negotiate on price. Demand tends to decrease during the holidays, so there can be less competition from other buyers. Take advantage and negotiate a better price.

Holiday Hours: Certain government agencies may be closed during the holidays, so work with your Loan Officer to ensure that deadlines are met. The loan process and paperwork can be overwhelming, make sure your lender keeps you informed so there are no last minute surprises. Academy Mortgage will be closed November 26 – 29, December 24 – 27, and January 1.

Let Academy Mortgage help you navigate the process: Call Frank and Jan Giuliano at 303-450-1650.

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The Giuliano Team at Academy Mortgage Corporation

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Offered by Michael A. Dolan

Estate planning is more than avoiding probate and saving taxes. A properly designed estate plan can provide so much more to protect your family. Most of these protections are ignored in cookie-cutter, form driven estate plans. For example….

Mary and Bill left their son John a substantial inheritance. John had grown up, gotten married, completed college, and had a good job. Then came the accident. As John was rushing to work on a wintery morning, he lost control of his car and crashed into a school bus full of children. Many were hurt. John was sued and found negligent. The resulting claim far exceeded his auto insurance limits, and even after the insurance paid $1,000,000 to those injured, he was staring at a court judgment of more than $3,000,000. His assets would have to go to pay the amount due. John was looking at bankruptcy. Then he learned the good news.

Bill and Mary had sought legal advice before their deaths. The first lawyer they spoke with said they did not need estate planning because their estate was worth less than the estate tax exemption. He told them to put everything in joint tenancy, because “it is simple and avoids probate.” They weren’t comfortable with that advice, and sought advice from a counseling oriented attorney who took the time to learn more about them, their estate, and their goals.

Their primary objective was to protect John after their deaths. So Bill and Mary left their assets in trust for John, not directly to him. As a result, John was able to keep his inheritance. While they never thought this would happen to their son, their foresight was now going to pay off.

Bill and Mary had sometimes wondered if the planning they did was worth the extra time and effort. Clearly it was.

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Offered by Melissa Rippy, Rippy Insurance

On behalf of the Allstate Rippy Agency, we offer our sincere congratulations to Shelby Oliver, Development Coordinator with Almost Home. The Rippy Agency nominated Shelby to receive a limited edition “Purple Purse” to help promote awareness of Domestic Violence, and she was selected as this year’s recipient. Last year, the Rippy Agency nominated City Councilwoman Joan Kniss, who received the first Purple Purse from our agency. For more information, go to or #PurplePurse.

November is a special time of year to be with family and reflect on the year that is coming to a quick close. It is also a time for celebrating all that we have accomplished!

The Rippy Agency will be celebrating our second year of business in Brighton on November 1, 2015. We have been blessed to meet so many of you over the past two years, and sincerely appreciate the opportunity for our community involvement through the agency. We are planning an open house and thank you event, scheduled for November 7th from 1:00pm – 3:00pm, held at 220 Pavilions Place in the Brighton Pavilions. We will have snacks, prizes and more and would love for you to join us!

Allstate offers protection for your home and automobiles, but did you also know that we offer life insurance and financial products? In fact, we have some new products that have come out recently. If you would like to join us for an ice cream social to learn more information, please join us Tuesday, November 10th from 6-7 pm. Space is limited but you can reserve your spot by emailing Rick Sanchez at

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Melissa Rippy, Rippy Insurance

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Offered by Jan Hepp-Struck

Last month I talked about the fact that Brighton is growing rather quickly and that, whether one likes it or not, our city has become a suburb of the Metro Denver area. There are definitely tell tale signs of growth all around us—over crowded schools, a second much larger King Soopers grocery store, a variety of new businesses and developments coming in, and of course, new homes being built. But what does that look like in terms of the community and how the make-up of the community is changing?

One might be surprised to learn, for instance, that from 2000 to 2015 the number of households within Brighton city limits has increased nearly 41% (from 6,859 to 11,565). If you include what is considered the whole Brighton Area Market, the number of households has more than doubled at a rate of nearly 56% (16,920 to 38,234). 2015 numbers are estimated according to ESRI, based on U.S. Census data.

The influx of new households is predominantly younger, and primarily families with young children. The median age of Brighton residents is approximately 33. Brighton’s current population is comprised of 39% aged 0 to 24, 29% aged 25 to 44, and 22% aged 45 to 64, and 10% 65+, estimated for 2015 according to U.S. Census Bureau and the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG).

Brighton is growing, but the population is, for the time being at least, getting younger, creating both challenges and opportunities for a bedroom community evolving into a thriving gateway community.

For proven expertise in establishing your home value and/or searching for a new or existing home, please call Jan at (303) 520-4340.

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Hepp Realty

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Offered by Brian Margolis

Many homeowners will be dusting off their dining room tables this month to prepare for Thanksgiving, one of the most cherished holidays of the year. The dining room becomes the focal point where family and friends will share their achievements, indulge in great food and time together, and talk about dreams for the New Year. The dining room, which may be ignored for most of the rest of the year, now becomes the “family” room and a place of togetherness

All of us on The Margolis Team wish you and your family a wonderful time of thanks. We hope you enjoy this special holiday and take the time to slow down and be thankful for what we all have.

We are thankful to our loved ones who allow us to work the long hours and on Sundays to help other families find their new homes and places for holiday gatherings.

We are also adding to our family. If you are interested in real estate and want to join the #1 real estate company in the United States and the world, Keller Williams, please give Brian Margolis a call at 720-352-0454.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Margolis Team